Blush Novelties Real Nude Ergo Mini

After I reviewed the Real Nude Suko by Blush Novelties way back when Scandarella was in its infancy, I vowed that I’d try another piece from the line someday. At the time, I hadn’t experienced anything quite as squishy or real feeling. Even now, with a bunch of super realistic Vixskin in my collection, I still have a soft spot for my Suko. That’s why, when Too Timid offered me the chance to review the Real Nude Ergo Mini, I couldn’t say no.

Real Nude is Blush Novelties’ dual density silicone line. Lovely, semi-realistic dildos with a firm core and a soft, pliable outer layer. The way the squishy stuff yields when squeezed, just for the hand (or orifice of your choice, of course) to meet the resistance of the inner core really does feel like squeezing an actual penis. Well, in my opinion, it does. It really does feel like skin being pressed into erectile tissue to me.

However, because the outer layer of silicone on the Real Nude Ergo Mini is quite thin, I reach that resistance much quicker. It feels harder than the Suko and therefore less realistic. That’s not a problem, though, cos it’s still a great little dildo.

Most of the dildos I review are bigguns, chosen cos I like em that way. The Fella prefers them smaller, and the Ergo Mini is right up his alley. I mean, it’s not a short dildo, but it is slender. From the tip of the softly defined head to the edge of the suction cup base it measures up at 7.25” in length. Around 5.5” of that is insertable. Not a bad size for thrusting by hand, or for slipping into a harness.

Girth wise, it’s a wee little thing. The widest insertable point is just around the smooth curve of the glans and it’s a shade over 4”. The rest of the shaft is a shade under 4”.

Like I said above, it’s a semi-realistic dildo. It is dick shaped, but the colour is bold (mine is ‘violet’ though I would call it pink myself), and the penile features are very subtle. The head is barely there with a soft curve that flows into the shaft. And the balls? They’re represented by a tiny bump right at the base. There are a few veins on there but with the softness of the silicone, they’re pretty much undetectable in use.

Something that really impressed me about the Suko was the suction cup. It’s still one of the best I’ve ever used. I expected the same thing from the Real Nude Ergo Mini but, alas, it’s actually rubbish. It sticks well enough but doesn’t like to stay stuck. Every time I’ve tried it on a smooth surface it’s plopped off. At the start of play. I must admit, I don’t mind this as much as I would if it stuck for so long then broke free just as I was getting into it. That would piss me right off, but popping off at the beginning lets me adjust my position before I get too involved. It’s still great for harnesses, though.

Personally, I don’t get a lot from the Ergo Mini. I like how it feels vaginally but I don’t seem to be able to hit the right spots with it. The plain shaft doesn’t do much in the way of stimulating my walls, either. Anally, I get a little more and I can reach orgasm, but it feels a bit flat. The best way for me to use it is as a double penetration dildo, with the Fella occupying one orifice while using the Ergo Mini in the other. I prefer smaller dildos for this cos having both holes filled gives me the stuffed feeling I love.

As a pegging dildo, the Ergo Mini is great. As mentioned earlier, it’s fab in a harness, and the overall length is enough for me to be able to use it without my belly getting in the way. The Fella loves it because it’s slim and doesn’t stretch him much. He’s a funny one when it comes to anal play. Sometimes it feels like he’s getting more adventurous and taking larger girths, and then other times he winces at something tiny and wants to stop.

With this dildo, I usually thrust by hand as it’s easier for me. Also, he gets to lie on his back, which is his current fave position for anal penetration. The slightly tapered head helps with insertion and as soon as that slips in the rest follows easily. Once it’s inserted I find that pressing the base down toward the mattress pushes the tip up. Because of that, I can give his front wall a good massage as I thrust. No complaints from that one so far!

The satiny feel of the silicone is lovely, but it can still be a bit draggy around the anal opening, so plenty of water-based lube is essential. As always, we use Sliquid Sassy. I love this lube, it’s just so good for everything.

Just like the Suko, the Ergo Mini fucking adores dust and other crap that floats in the air. Pet hair, people hair, lint…it all sticks to the silicone. After cleaning the dildo in the sink and giving it a spray with cleaner, I leave it to air dry. It lives in my toy cupboard on a shelf, but if you prefer to keep your stuff in bags you’re in luck. Blush has included a lint-free, antibacterial storage bag to help keep your toy clean.

I know I would have loved the Ergo Mini if it hadn’t been, well, mini. The Fella jokes that big dildos have ruined me for regular penises but that’s not the case. He doesn’t have a 10” dick and I do fine with it. The way I see it is if I’m gonna use a dildo I want it to be something I (probably) can’t get out in the wild. I want stupidly big, crazy designs, bright colours. Yeah, I still love realistic stuff, but everyone has their faves, right? His is stuff like this. Lengthy but compact, gentle designs that don’t overwhelm.

If you share his affinity for the smaller things in life, click the banner below and head on over to Too Timid.

The Blush Novelties Real Nude Ergo Mini was sent to me by Too Timid in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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