Blush Novelties Nude Impressions 04

Nothing excites me more than the sound of a delivery driver knocking at my door, because I know that there’s a 95% chance that they’ll be bringing me something wonderful that I can have sex with. Other times it’s a bunch of metal CD’s the Fella’s bought online, or the new capacitor he needs to fix our tumble dryer. But one of my happy deliveries in September contained the Nude Impressions 04 from Blush Novelties, and I wasted no time in getting to grips with it.


The Nude Impressions 04 isn’t my first vibrator from this line. I received the 03 for review recently, and loved it, so if you want to check that out, you can do so here.

But like I say, the 04 isn’t my first, and after agreeing to review it I wondered if there was really any wisdom in it. Would it not be essentially the same review? Would putting the internal workings of the 03 into a different shaped vibrator make it different? If it did, would it make it better or worse? That’s when I came to realise that checking it out would be a good call. I needed the answers to those questions.

So, what’s different?

Well, even though the 04 is a completely different shape to the 03, the colour difference is immediately more obvious. It’s possibly the brightest, most in yo’ face yellow silicone you can find without things getting radioactive. But as glaring as it is, I love it. The Fella squints and shield his eyes every time I wave the 04 around, but he’s just being silly.


After the eyes grow accustomed to such brightness, the next difference is the shape. The Nude Impressions 03 was a semi-realistic vibe, but the 04 is much less phallic. Standing at around 8 inches high, the shaft is pretty unusual. It has a girthy 6 inch circumference in the lower portion, then it tapers down to 4 inches in the middle, then flares out again to 5 inches at the tip.

That shape isn’t unusual in and of itself, and neither are those measurements. What sets the 04 apart is the single ring of beads around the centre of its shaft. They’re raised about half a centimetre from the smooth, flat surface of the toy, and are strategically placed. It seems that way to me, at least.

Any further up the shaft they could have been lost in the walls of my vagina, and any lower down they wouldn’t have touched anything exciting at all. But their positioning places them right at the entrance to my vagina, and whether I’m twisting the shaft around or thrusting, they stimulate the area perfectly.


So, like I said, the Nude Impressions 04 is made from gorgeous yellow silicone. It’s seam free, and covers the suction cup base. I was pleased to discover that the super sucky suction powers of the 04 are present here too. The suction cup is mighty, and I’m guessing it runs through the entire range. Two thumbs up!

The 04’s controls are situated on the front lower section of the shaft. The two buttons – one ON/OFF and one function – are beneath the surface, but are easy to find due to the debossed symbols. Operating it is a bit weird. You have to push the ON button, then the function button for anything to happen. I’ve never seen that outside of this line, and I do think it’s strange.


As with many new products these days, the 04 is rechargeable via usb. The pin port is in the very base of the toy, hidden by a pull out tab. I hate these things, but this one is quite sturdy. You’d have to want to pull it off to make that happen, and that goes to show how well made this toy actually is. It isn’t, but it feels indestructible.

A full charge from flat took around 90 minutes, but I wasn’t staring at it the whole time, so it’s possible it’s a little faster than that. From a full charge you get about 40 minutes of play, depending on the setting you use. That rings true for me, and I stick to the highest constant speed.

Speaking of settings, the Nude Impressions 04 offers 10 – 5 speeds and 5 functions. I fucking love the vibes this thing gives out. They’re powerful, rumbly, and I love how they feel inside of me. I’m one of those people who needs to have decently strong vibes in an insertable toy. Anything buzzy makes my walls itch, and anything that lacks oomph is pointless cos I can’t feel it at all.


But I can feel these vibes no problem at all, and my g-spot adores them. The curve to the 04’s shaft isn’t particularly pronounced, so I can only consistently reach my g-spot if I either hold it behind me so I can sink down on it, or if have my butt lifted quite high with my legs dangling so my front wall is thrust forward. But once it’s there it works like a charm, though squirting doesn’t really happen. There is fluid, but nothing spectacular.

Taking advantage of the flared, harness compatible base, I tried pegging the Fella with it. It was a disaster. Things were going well until I managed to get the ring of beads positioned right at the entrance to his anus. He hated the way that single ring felt popping in and out, and he asked me to stop. I love that kinda thing so when he used it on me in the same fashion I had a great time, but he’s not keep on letting this in his butt again.


As mentioned, the Nude Impressions 04 is waterproof, so taking it in the bath is fine. Surprising even myself, I actually tried it, and it wasn’t too shabby. I had to splash about a bit too much to get the right stimulation though, and I made a right mess, so even though the orgasm I had was great, it’s not an experience I plan to revisit.

Being waterproof, it’s easy to get the 04 squeaky clean after use. I wash it in soapy water, and I make sure I get into the grooves of the buttons. Obviously I double check the charging port cover before submerging it, cos who wants to drown a toy this lovely? There’s a bag included, big enough to fit the toy and the charger, so there’s your basic storage needs covered. Blessedly, the bag is white so there’s no danger of getting dye transfer fucking up the pretty yellow silicone.


Bottom line is, I love this range, and if it ever comes to the UK I’ll strive to buy the other pieces that I’m lacking. I’ve tried a few toys from Blush now, and I’ve not had a single problem with any of them, and I do think they could become one of my favourite companies.

If you’d like to try the 04 you can pick one up from Betty’s Toy Box.

The Nude Impressions 04 was sent to me by Blush Novelties in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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