Blush Novelties Hop Trix Rabbit Review

When I checked out my review pile to see what I had going on, I spied something that made my wee heart sink. It was like, DA-DA-DAAAAA! A bloody rabbit. Honestly, after my last one, I decided that I’m so not here for rabbit vibes. Fighting to ensure that all my hotspots get the attention they deserve got a bit irritating. Why do it to myself when there’s a shit ton of sex toys out there that wanna rock my world. But, there the Blush Novelties Hop Trix Rabbit was, sat all rabbity and waiting for me to notice it, so out it came.

Blush Novelties Hop Trix Rabbit Review, image showing a purple and white rabbit vibrator through the plastic window in its purple and white packaging

The reason it sat there, being ignored, for several ages of men is all down to its size. Every time it caught my eye I thought, what a teeny, tiny, little bunny. The thing is, it’s actually a standard length both overall (7”) and insertable (4”). The reason I perceived it as being over small is its skinniness. At its widest point, the shaft is just 3.75”, at its thinnest, it’s 3”. That makes the external arm, which is 3,25”, thicker than the majority of the shaft.

Blush Novelties Hop Trix Rabbit Review, image showing the side of a purple silicone rabbit vibrator on a black background

So far, so, small. But it’s cute to look at, and lovely to handle. There’s a good curve to the shaft, and the purple silicone is super soft to the touch. I’ve said before that sex toys have put me off purple, but this is a lovely shade. There’s a white plastic insert at the back (charger goes here) that really makes it pop.

I like this silicone. It’s the good kind that only needs a lick of spit in order to glide smoothly. Draggy silicone is a pain in the arse, but more so in rabbits. When such a bit part of the toy has to remain outside of the body, I find that my vaginal entrance dries up quickly. Dunno if it’s my hand splatting my fluids around, but it happens, and draggy silicone gets worse. So it’s always good to have a rabbit with such a lovely, soft touch finish.

Blush Novelties Hop Trix Rabbit Review, image showing a white magnetic charger connected to the base of a rabbit vibrator

Now, Blush Novelties have been massively impressing me lately. Some beautiful dildos and plugs are coming out of their mad-labs, and I’ve had some super powerful vibes from ‘em. But my other encounter with the Hop! line didn’t go so well for me. No, I didn’t get on with the Cottontail thanks to its screeching, dentist’s drill rotating arm. I shudder just thinking about it.

Somewhat of a relief, the Hop Trix Rabbit doesn’t have any fancy functions. It doesn’t spin, thrust, or pulsate, nor does it sing or dance. It’s just a plain old, rechargeable rabbit vibe with seven modes and a magnetic charger. Nothing fancy, nothing grindy, just nice and simple. Really, I never thought I’d see the day when I nodded in approval at something so plain, but here we are. That’s what rabbits like this have done for me.

Blush Novelties Hop Trix Rabbit Review, image showing a rabbit vibrator in a woman's hand to give an idea of size Blush Novelties Hop Trix Rabbit Review, image showing a rabbit vibrator in a woman's hand with its external arm extended to show flex

So, as I said, the Hop Trix Rabbit has seven modes of vibration. Three of them constant speeds and four patterns. The buttons are simple enough, with one to turn the toy on and shift up through the modes, and one to come back down and turn it off. For changing patterns they’re good and responsive, but not so much when turning on/off. On isn’t so bad, but having to hold a button down for five whole seconds before it shuts up totally sucks. I wank a lot but I’m not home alone a lot, so I need off buttons to be instant. Five seconds is just gonna get me busted.

Blush Novelties Hop Trix Rabbit Review, image showing a close up view of two vibrator buttons, one marked with a plus and one a minus

I’m starting to sound a bit unimpressed with the Hop Trix Rabbit, aren’t I? Don’t be deceived, folks, cos the reality couldn’t be more different. This little bugger may be small, but it is mighty!

Blush Novelties Hop Trix Rabbit Review, rabbit vibe on a black background

Confession: I didn’t think for one second that this thing was ever gonna get me anywhere. Too small, too slim, too rabbitish. I could taste the struggles I was gonna have getting the arm to touch my clit even as I lubed it up and slipped it in. And, to a degree, I was right about that. To get full clitoral contact from the external arm I can only go in really shallow with the shaft. But guess what, who gives a fuck when the vibes are so good it feels like it’s all the way in there?

Yep, Blush has done it again with the delicious vibes. When sex toy packaging says ‘rumbly vibrations’ it’s often an inaccuracy at best, a bare-faced lie at worst. But Blush isn’t shitting anyone when they say that these vibes go deep. They feel real nice both clitorally and internally. The shaft is literally only in me by about two inches (so no g-spot action) but the vibes travel deeper so I feel fuller. It’s weird when I try to thrust and feel nothing internally, but I ignore that and just enjoy what I’ve got. Cos it’s enough to get me to the finish line without having to rage twist my own nipples or ram in an anal dildo that’s big enough to get me off on insertion.

Blush Novelties Hop Trix Rabbit Review, rabbit vibrator on its side on a black background

It’s a dark horse, this one. Even now as I type up this review, I’m looking at it and thinking, how do you do what you do lil’ dude? I’m not gonna mislead anyone and say that it’s a new bedside best friend because it isn’t. I will reach for something else over it. But it will see some use because I’m quite taken with it.

If you absolutely need lengthy insertables, or chubby ones, the Hop Trix Rabbit might let you down. G-spot stimulation might be a chore (or an impossibility if you want clit stim, too). But if you can live with its small size and its big vibes, you’ll probably like it.

If you want to try it out, click the Peepshow Toys banner below.

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The Blush Novelties Hop Trix Rabbit was sent to me by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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