Black Label Collection Liberator Wedge

Look at this gorgeous Black Label Collection Liberator Wedge, people. It’s a simple thing, really, just like all of Liberator’s other stuff, but it’s one of the best sex-based products I’ve ever had the pleasure to own. Let me tell you why…

One of the things I do as an erotica writer, is try to keep sex real. Sex is messy, for a start, no matter how you do it. It’s noisy, sweaty, sometimes awkwardly awkward, other times awkwardly funny. Cocks slip out, orifices that have been pumped full of air tend to fart at the worst possible moment. And then there’s having to pause to reach for lubes and condoms, or toys if you use them. Sometimes there’s discomfort, or there’s folk coming too early or not early enough or not at all. And that’s all before you consider mismatched heights, leg cramps, rolling off butt elevating pillows, falling off the bed and making a window in the wardrobe door with your fucking face…

Yep, as wonderful as sex is, it isn’t always plain sailing, and this is exacerbated by age, health, fitness levels, and body mass. Approaching 40, as wide as I am tall, and knowing just one thing about fitness (how to spell it, lolz) I’m basically the poster child for everything I just mentioned.

Liberator products have been created to take the weight off, so to speak. A multitude of different shapes and throes that are designed to enhance sex by aiding with positioning, and providing support and comfort wherever you need it the most.

There are a few options of Liberator Wedge available. The standard one, the Black Label one (which this one I’m reviewing is) and a plus size version.

The Shape

Just like the standard option, the Black Label Liberator Wedge measures up at 24 inches in length, 14 inches in width, and 7 inches in height. The inner wedge is cut from a super supportive foam and then zipped into a water-resistant lining. It comes vacuum packed, so the first thing you have to do is get it freed. Once that plastic bag is gone, the Wedge unfolds to its full size in a matter of seconds.

The next step is to put the outer cover on. This is made from a strange feeling material. It’s microfibre and feels kinda like flocked fabric. It’s velvety, I suppose, but with a tighter feel. Less soft than velvet, and a little bit draggier. I’m not keen on how it feels on the palms of my hands, but I love how it feels against my body. The sensation of rubbing against it feels much more pleasant than the chaffing feeling it gives my hands.

The microfibre cover goes on quickly and easily, and once you’ve got the zip closed you’re ready to go. But the Black Label version of the Liberator Wedge comes with a little bit extra…

The Bondage Kit

Yep, the Black Label Wedge has two clip connectors on its sides. This simple addition morphs the Wedge from a basic position aid into a bondage item. Also included is a pair of microfibre cuffs, a matching blindfold, a cuff connector and two tethers.

The blindfold is nicely sized with a 10-inch front piece and two 7.25-inch elasticated straps. It’s Velcro fastening, so is super easy to use. Most blindfolds of this type facilitate easy peeking, but this one has a 1-inch thick, satiny pad fixed to the bottom. It’s shaped to curve with the lines of your face, thus blocking out almost all light and making trying to peek pointless.

Just like the blindfold, the cuffs are made from the same fabric as the Liberator Wedge itself, and they’re Velcro fastening, too. They measure up at 18 inches (including the fastening straps) and will accommodate wrists or ankles between 4 and 11 inches. Using them on body parts any wider than 11 inches will be uncomfortable as you’ll end up with the scratchy part of the Velcro rubbing against the skin.

Like I said, there is also a cuff connector included, letting you use the cuffs independently from the Wedge. And there’s also a pair of tethers, so connecting ankles to the Wedge can be done in a matter of clicks.

In use

Now, I’ve seen comments about these Liberator shapes in the past where folks have said, why go to that expense when a pillow will do. To those people I say, that’s nonsense. Yeah, a pillow works at the start, but after a couple of hours, or a couple of sessions, it loses its puff. Pillows flatten, yes even foam ones, and when you finally discover that a position is no longer possible cos you fucked the stuffing out of your position aid, things get disappointing.

The Liberator Wedge is sturdy. It takes my weight without squishing stamp-flat, and unlike pillows, it’s microfibre cover stops it slipping all over the place. When I put it on the edge of the bed it stays there, I don’t have to do the old shuffle-fuck while trying to stay on top of it. If I put it under my butt it doesn’t move, it just grips the blanket/sheet/Liberator Mini Throe (which I’ll be reviewing soon!) so I can play comfortably.

Another reason the Wedge trumps pillows/cushions/rolled up duvets is that water proof liner. You jizz on a pillow it’s going in the bin, but if you jizz on the Wedge you take the outer cover off, bung it in the wash and then pop it back on once it’s dry.

My favourite thing about the Liberator Wedge is that you don’t have to try out all those ridiculous positions you see in the likes of Cosmo. You don’t have to twist yourselves into pretzels, stand on your head, or try anything else fancy. I mean, you can if that’s your thing, obviously, but if it isn’t, the Wedge is fab for use to help with regular old sex positions.

  • I can’t get on my knees on the floor for long in case the one on the right dislocates. But I can if I lie over the Wedge and let that take some of my weight.
  • Holding my legs in the air sometimes kills my lower back. But using the Wedge supports me well enough to let me lie comfortably for ages (though it does nothing to stop my tits from flomping into my face and trying to smother me in this position)
  • I often get a sore neck when paying lip service to the Fella’s ass. But if he’s propped up on the Wedge I have better reach, I can see more, and I feel little to no discomfort
  • Same goes for giving him blow jobs, except it’s me that gets propped up by the Wedge
  • And he can get a much better view of what I’ve got between my thighs if my hips are elevated. It gives him easy access for oral, a better angle for g-spotting, and also allows for deliciously deep penetration

The Fella hurt his back recently, putting him out of commission for a short while. When it came to sex there would sometimes be battle as to which of us would be lucky enough to lie on our back while the other one put in all the hard work. Now he’s on the mend and we have the Liberator Wedge there’s no grumbling. We both know that, no matter which position we choose, we’re both gonna be comfy during sex.

A few other things

Even though the Wedge has saved our sex lives from what could have been a fast decline, I kinda wish we had the Plus Size option. Like I said, I’m a big girl, so sometimes I find myself feeling a little restricted cos I want to shift but can’t as I’m at the edge of the Wedge. If I had more width this would be less likely to happen.

And one shape is definitely not enough. Sometimes, the Wedge just isn’t right for a certain position, and because we want to incorporate it into our play, we find ourselves changing what we had planned. This isn’t a flaw of the product, but more of a testament to the range Liberator offers. If there are more shapes stashed beneath the bed, we have a wider variety of options for playtime.

Caring for your Liberator

Sex stuff you can chuck in the washing machine is a gift from the Gods. No matter how grungy you get your Wedge with lubes, sweat, and body fluids, a quick wash and a cool cycle in the tumble dryer has it looking like new. Just whip the cover off and pop it in the machine, and while that’s whizzing away wipe the water resistant cover down with a cloth and some sex toy spray. One thing to bear in mind is that Liberator recommend only using water-based lubes etc with your product. I don’t know if silicone or oil-based lubes will stain, and I’m not about to fuck up my Wedge to find out. It isn’t worth the risk.

Once it’s clean, we keep our Wedge either in the bondage cupboard or beneath the bed. If it’s the latter, I take the cover off as it’ll get covered in crud if I leave it on. This microfibre stuff doesn’t like to let go of fluff and pet hair once it’s got it. However, Liberator do make Gearbags for each shape, so you could source one of those if you wanted to.

If you find certain positions a struggle, or if you need a bit of extra support, or even if you just think they’re brilliant and want one, click the banner below and let official stockist, Bedroom Adventures, cover all your Liberator needs. Because they’re wonderful and because they like you as much as I do, they’re offering y’all 20% off your orders (sitewide, not just Liberator) until the end of the year! And finally, this particular wedge is currently on sale, so you’re heading into bargain territory if you click the box.

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The Black Label Collection Liberator Wedge was sent to me by Bedroom Adventures in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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