Bad Kitty Corset Paddle

It’s no secret that Bad Kitty is one of my favourite brands. Their stuff ranges from subtly serious to fun and funky, and there’s a good chance that, if you have a browse through Orion’s pages, you’ll find a piece or two that calls to you. The most recent piece to catch my eye is this gorgeous Bad Kitty Corset Paddle.

Bad Kitty Corset Paddle Red Side

Though I avoid lingerie like the plague these days (fuck these body image issues), I always pause whenever I see a picture of a woman wearing a corset. I adore the femininity of them, the way they emphasise curves and conceal flaws. They’re powerful, sexy, and my favourite colour combo is black on red. Those are the colours of my personal fave bedroom outfit; red corset with black panels and black lacing, and matching shoes. It’s the only one I bought in a bigger size when I gained weight.

Bad Kitty Corset Paddle Black Side

Imagine, then, my excitement when I spotted this gorgeous Bad Kitty Corset Paddle. It matches my kit perfectly! That shouldn’t matter to me because I’m not a Domme I’m a sub, and it’s not like I’ll be holding the thing during play. But damn, it gives me super sexy feels when I lay my outfit out on the bed and see this paddle lying with my stuff.

Bad Kitty Corset Paddle Red Leather Side Bad Kitty Corset Paddle Black Polyurethane Side

At 16.5 inches in length, the paddle is quite a bit longer than most. I do have some similar sized pieces, but they’re all very floppy, more like slappers than paddles, really. The Bad Kitty Corset Paddle is pretty firm, though it does have some flex to it. It’s a tapered paddle, measuring 1.25 inches at the end of the handle and opening out to 2 inches at the top. That’s super slim in comparison to most paddles, and that’s a good thing.

Now, as I said above, I love the colour combo of this thing. It’s double sided, each one offering something different in terms of impact. The red side is made from lightly padded, soft leather, giving a tame, just deeper than surface level thwack. Flip it over and you’ll find smooth, unpadded black polyurethane, doubled layered to give the paddle its stiff backbone. That side brings the sting, reddens the skin and is sure to make your sub jump.

Bad Kitty Corset Paddle Front Handle Bad Kitty Corset Paddle Back Handle

To finish the piece off – and make it stand out as one of the loveliest in my collection – is a 5 inch strap of black suede, accented with silver metal eyelets that are threaded with black lace. Not only does it look sexy, it also makes the paddle easier to grip. It’s non slip, adds a bit of thickness, and works with the wrist strap to reduce the chance of it slipping from the hand mid-swing.

Bad Kitty Corset Paddle In Hand Bad Kitty Corset Paddle Wrist Strap

I love being subjected to the Bad Kitty Corset Paddle. The Fella alternates between both sides, keeping the quiet, padded whacks for my thighs, arms and shoulders while tormenting my butt cheeks and calves with loud slaps from the flat surface. Because the paddle is so long, he can angle it so that about 9 inches of the spanking surface make contact with my body. This gives me the maximum amount of sensation and gives him the reactions he likes best. Jumps rather than flinches. Cruel thuds can be delivered by turning the paddle on its side and using the edge, and crazy-making tickles can be given by trailing the tips of the laces over reddened, hot skin.

Bad Kitty Corset Paddle Edge

Once play is over I wipe my paddle down with a damp cloth, making sure it’s completely dry before I put it back in the bondage cupboard. The suede does attract dust and other crap, so I use a suede brush on that to keep it looking good.

Bad Kitty Corset Paddle Packaging

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Red Orion Logo

The Bad Kitty Corset Paddle was sent to me by Orion Versand in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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