Bad Kitty Asia Erotic Set

This world we live in makes me happy, because it’s crammed full of beautiful, curious things. Whether I look into the future, past, present, or the world of fantasy, I know I’ll find something that captures my imagination in the most surprising ways.


My nature as a Gemini means that I never settle on one thing for very long. Other than the Fella, of course. But a handful of things have been with me since my teens, and two of those things are Oriental art and… dragons!

Bats and cats are my favourite real creatures, and dragons are my favourite fantasy creature, after the vampire, that is. I love the idea of enormous, fire-breathing monsters with glittering scales and powerful, wide wings.

That, lovely reader, is why I couldn’t resist this Bad Kitty Asia Erotic Set. Each piece has a black base which is embroidered with scarlet red dragons!


The Fella is laughing at me as I mumble what I’m typing out loud. He’s saying that this has to be the weakest reason to choose a bondage piece ever. But I’m happy to flip him the bird and earn myself a spanking, because I’m entitled to see connections wherever I see fit.

The Bad Kitty Asia Erotic Set comprises of three pieces. A blindfold, wrist shackles, and a small flogger. I’ve tried to get good pictures so you can see why I fell in love with it, but I suck.



Measuring up at 7.5” by 3”, this kidney bean blindfold is pretty standard in size. Two elasticated straps run along the back, ensuring the piece stays firmly attached to your head. Nicely padded with super soft fleece, it’s comfy enough to wear.

The straps pull it snug against the face, but the curve that helps it fit over the bridge of the nose does allow in a lot of light. You can’t see anything, though. Well, you can, but you have to tilt your head right back, pull a mascara face and peer along the length of your nose to do it. Whoever is in the room with you is gonna know you’re trying to peek, and you’ll probably get a swat with a crop or a nipple twist as a reward.

The Fella says it looks lovely when worn. Partially because he’s a fan of Chinese dragons himself, and partly because I look so happy to be wearing it. I can imagine myself looking ridiculous, blindfolded with a cheesy grin on my face, but he thinks it’s cute.



I’ve always envisaged bare metal when I think of shackles, so find it strange that Bad Kitty padded cuffs are often badged up this way. But they are, and they’re lovely.

Cut from the same cloth as the blindfold, the 9” long cuffs have the pretty dragon and flower print, but it’s largely obscured by the black straps that run across the centre. Those are made from the same cheap Velcro backed nylon you’ll find on many backpack straps. In the middle of each strip is a black d-ring, and the cuffs are held together by a 4” black chain. It’s only detachable on one cuff, so they’re best used as standard wrist bonds.


I have a 7” wrist, and these cuffs feel like a perfect fit for me. The edges overlap by about an inch, so I get the full benefit of the soft padded back without things feeling bulky. They’re 2.75” wide, so I don’t ever feel like they’re thin and digging in. They can comfortably accommodate between a five and a nine inch wrist. Any smaller and there’ll be too much loose Velcro, any bigger and that same Velcro will start chaffing your skin.

You might look at the cuffs and think, they’re for super-light bondage, heavy use will destroy them. Well, you’d be wrong. We’ve had this kit since September – I’m a cheeseball, so I waited until Chinese New year was here before writing this review – and the cuffs have survived some pretty enthusiastic escape attempts. I do think that the stitching might eventually tear through the fabric, but for now everything feels and looks as sturdy as ever.



Aah, I love floggers. So much so, I’ve made two of my own. The one in the Bad Kitty Asia Erotic Set is very basic. It’s light weight, with a 6” dragon wrapped handle and 9” faux leather falls. Strips of faux leather finish the edges of the handle, and they’re held on with black studs.


I do have a minor complaint about this flogger, and that’s the smell. It came out of the box stinking like a wet shoe and that hasn’t faded. If anything, it’s grown stronger. I have looked to see if there’s any mould spores or anything lurking amongst the falls, but I didn’t find any evidence of that. Erring on the side of caution, I’ve opted to keep it separate from the rest of our bondage gear.

The impact from this flogger is very light. Surface stings that fade very quickly once play stops. You can build on the sensation, but it takes a little while, and the worst you’re gonna get from it is the feeling of a nettle rash.


In a nutshell, this kit is definitely best suited to those who are new to bondage gear but are looking for something a little bit different from the typical blacks and purples. Each piece is easy to use, with cuffs being the basic first step that’s complemented by the addition of the blindfold and the flogger. I think a feather tickler would have been a perfect little extra in this kit, as that’s usually the first thing folk start with.

But even though the Fella and I aren’t beginners, we do still appreciate this set. It’s pretty, it fits in with our personal tastes, and it’s light and comfy. Perfect for light, ‘every-day’ basic bondage.

If you’d like to get your hands on the kit yourself, you can pick one up here.

The Bad Kitty Asia Erotic Set was sent to me by Orion in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.


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