Bad Dragon Meng

Alert! Alert! This review contains images of what could possibly be the cutest dildo ever poured. In my opinion, of course. But once you get a close up look at the Bad Dragon Meng I reckon you’ll have to agree that it’s one of the finest dildo designs you’re ever likely to see. Cos it ain’t just a silicone dragon dick. No, sir, it’s a silicone dick that’s a dragon. Like, a head to tail, claws and all dragon. Bloody marvellous!

Am I gonna gush all the way through this review? Probably. See, I’m one of ‘those’ people. The ones who live 98% of their lives lost in some fantasy novel, movie, TV show or another. Fantasy and mythological creatures fascinate me, be they mermaids, unicorns, vamps, ghosts or ghoulies. But there’s a special place in my heart for dragons (and vamps and mermaids) and I fucking love that places like Bad Dragon exist cos their wares have allowed me to bring one of my favourite creatures into my bedroom.

The Bad Dragon Meng is just…ah man, it’s unbelievable. I hold my hands up and admit that I didn’t expect the detailing to be so on point. Even though I’d spent hours eyeballing it on Bad Dragon’s site I honestly thought the photos had been edited to make the design a little crisper. For sales purposes, you know?

But nope. When it arrived, I was blown away by the dragon scales, the tufts of fur around the face and at the tip of the tail. Meng even has a cheeky little smile, for Christ’s sake, and nostrils, eyes, legs and feet with little claws on the ends of the toes. I don’t just love the design cos it’s lovely to look at, though. Each of those details brings texture.

Considering the size of the other Bad Dragon toys I have Meng is titchy. And unlike almost all of the other offerings from BD, it comes in one size only. From end to end it measures up at 7” with six of those being insertable. Around the head it has a 4.75” girth and the shaft widens to 7” right at the base. Aside from that chubby bottom, it’s pretty similar to the average penis size in both girth and length.

Though the size isn’t customisable, the rest of the dildo is. Given that The Bad Dragon Meng is so small I opted for firm silicone. I wanted to ensure I could feel every inch and every bump, so I went hard. Even so, hard isn’t a word I’d use for this silicone. The dildo bends in half – in every direction – without any real effort at all. It resists when I squeeze it but there is a certain amount of squish around the head and legs. But it’s still firm enough for even the finer textures to be noticeable during use.

The other customisable options are colour, and the inclusion of either a cumtube or a suction cup base. Or neither, if you don’t want ‘em. I didn’t choose either but got a suction cup, which I’m actually pleased about cos it sticks to the bath/tiles/mirror like a dream.

Because I wanted the other dildo in my care package made in the signature colours of a different product (Elliot’s gold to copper fade) I received Meng in Elliot’s Natural colouration. A gorgeous, pastel fade of cherry blossom pink fading into powder blue. The light colours are perfect for showcasing the detailing and I love them.

So, now you’ve been introduced to pretty much every millimetre of the Bad Dragon Meng and I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s adorable. But it isn’t an ornament, so no matter how good it looks, it’s no good to anyone if it doesn’t deliver in use. And in my experience, it’s awesome.

Silicone toys almost always need a good quality water-based lube to feel good during use. They can be draggy and uncomfortable if an orifice isn’t wet enough. But I can get away with only using a light coating of lube with the Meng, and that means I get to feel more of the texturing. Too much lube acts as a cushion and some of the texture is lost, but just enough lets me feel everything.

The size is pretty much perfect for me when I want a straightforward fucking. It feels natural. I don’t have to warm up before using it and I don’t have to fight to get it all the way in. The dragon’s snout is tapered so slips in with ease and the stretching I get as it gets thicker toward the base feels lovely.

When I play with it I usually sick it to the edge of the bath cos it’s small and I need it elevated so I can sink right down on it. It stays put until I’m done, and I don’t play nice so that shows how decent the suction cup is. It falls off the wall tiles sometimes, but that happens with nearly all of my dildos eventually.

Texture is king when I use the Meng anally. I can feel the shape of the head, the horns, the legs and feet. If I twist the dildo I get a sense of the bumps down the spine and the crosshatching that makes up the dragon scales. Every inch offers something different and all of it combined makes for one hell of a ride. When the Fella fits it to a harness and tells me to get on my belly I could arguably be one of the happiest people in the world. Not just because it feels good, though. He has a passion for dragons too, so Meng’s design really does it for both of us.

As with all quality silicone dildos, Meng is easy to keep clean. It can be washed with soap and water, or you could boil it, use a bleach solution, or toy cleaners if you use them. Bad Dragon stress the importance of not storing their silicone toys with non BD stuff, and to an extent, I agree. I would never keep silicone with jellies and such, but my Kelvin and Tentacle are on a shelf and in contact with other silicone dildos and they haven’t complained about it. Storing silicone toys together is perfectly safe, folks.

Of everything available at Bad Dragon, I think the first thing I’d recommend would be the Meng. It’s a reasonable size, not too big and not too small. The texture is great for folks who like that sorta thing. It’s an incredible design and you can make it yours by choosing the colour/s you want it made in. Really, there’s no limit to this. Any colours you see anywhere on Bad Dragon’s site can be done. If you don’t see a combo you like you can go fully customisable with your own picks.

If Meng sounds like something you fancy adding to your collection, click the banner below and go check it out.

The Bad Dragon Meng was sent to me by Bad Dragon in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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