B-Vibe Snug Plug 3

One of the best things an anal play lover can buy for their butt is a jiggly butt plug. I love the things, but there are surprisingly few of them to choose from. You can find a few different shapes if you look for them, such as the Fun Factory B-Balls or this rather pleasant Roll Play one. Recently, the gorgeous B-Vibe Snug Plug 3 became a new addition to my butt quivering collection, and I’m so glad it did!

While B-Vibe is well known for their rechargeable vibrating stuff – like the Triplet Plug, for example – their Snug Plugs aren’t powered by motors. They’re powered by gravity and the movements of our very own butts. The insides are hollowed out and the free-roaming weights that fill the cavity are where the sensation comes from. They’re kinda like Geisha balls for your bum.

Snug Plugs come in four sizes, each one with a different weight. They’re all available in black, but 1, 2 & 3 have a colour choice. When I was given the option to choose my plug, my instinct was to go for Snug Plug 4. My butt loves the big stuff, so the biggest one in this range seemed to be the natural choice. However, my starry little eyes were all about the teal colour, so I opted for Snug Plug 3 in the end.

In the box with this baby, there’s a cute zip-up storage pouch that’s kinda like a mini make-up bag. It’s big enough to hold the plug and a 125ml bottle of Sliquid so it’d be great for keeping your shit together while travelling. There’s also a user guide in the box and a little guide to anal play booklet.

The plug itself is made from the smoothest silicone and there isn’t a seam in sight. It really does feel lovely to the touch. I’m typing one handed right now cos my other hand is obsessively stroking the plug.

While it’s not the largest Snug Plug available, it’s still a decent size. From end to end it measures 5.25-inches, 3.5-inches of that being the insertable bulb and the rest being the neck and base. I love how slender the neck is compared to the rest of the toy. It’s only 1cm in diameter, while the bulb is 4cm and the base 6cm. Those measurements leave no doubt that this line is 100% anal safe.

The whole idea behind the B-Vibe Snug Plug is comfort. They are made to be super comfy during wear, and the long neck and curved base make it so. I find that the tapered tip of the barrel-shaped bulb makes insertion quick and easy (using water-based lube only), and there’s an almost natural feel to the way the bottom (which mirrors said taper) sits inside of the anus. Even though it’s weighted, it doesn’t feel like it’s trying to force its way out like some other plugs do. I don’t know why, but I do know I like it.

Once it’s inside of me, the 5-inch girth makes the Snug Plug 3 feel lovely and filling. It’s solid, and each and every movement I make has those free-roaming balls shifting around inside. That kinda sensation is usually so fucking notable when it’s in my butt. Vaginal jiggles are sometimes undetectable, but anal ones are uber obvious.

The thing with this plug is, I can hardly feel anything. The movement is so subtle it feels a bit like lazy finger probing, albeit with a finger that can touch more than one place at a time. That’s nice but nothing special. It’s when we get down to fast, hard fucking that this thing really struts its stuff.

Every time the Fella’s groin smacks off my butt the balls move from front to back inside the plug. Because of the weight (180g) and the solid body, this doesn’t feel like jiggles. It feels like thrusting. The force of his body hitting mine is enough to make the plug shift, and the length of the neck allows it to do so without it trying to make a break for it. It’s the closest to hands-free, active feeling double penetration we can get without a harness. Fucking magical!

Moving away from anal, the Snug Plug 3 works brilliantly as a kegel exerciser. Most ‘advanced’ kegel balls have a weight range of between 90g and 130g. Because of the 180g weight of the Snug Plug 3, it gives my muscles one hell of a workout. Even better, though, is the fact that the size and shape of it makes me feel like I have a dildo inside me. Kegel balls don’t usually turn me on (I say usually cos my steel ones do) but nearly every time I’ve used this plug as a kegel weight the session has seamlessly morphed into masturbation.

I also get a similar sensation to the anal thrusting if I wear the plug vaginally during anal sex, but it’s harder for me to hold onto when it starts moving. Feels good while it lasts, though.

I’ve had a couple of emails from concerned readers in the not too distant past, telling me that I shouldn’t use the same toys for anal and vaginal penetration. They tell me it isn’t sanitary. Well, if I didn’t clean my toys so thoroughly, they’d be right. But I keep my toys completely hygienic, cleaning them after every use and sometimes before use, too, cos most silicone is a dust magnet. Soap and water, wet wipes, or dedicated toy cleaners all work perfectly well to keep things nice and clean.

No matter what your level of anal experience, there’s likely to be a Snug Plug for you. If this one sounds like it could be it, click the banner below and go check it out.

The B-Vibe Snug Plug 3 was sent to me by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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