ArtsClair Mon Grand Amour

Whether it’s warmed in a bowl of hand hot water, or cooled to near frozen in a bucket of ice, glass is one of the most intensely sexy treats you can ever give to one of your orifices. Some of my strongest orgasms have come from using a glass dildo, and the ArtsClair Mon Grand Amour by You2Toys has been responsible for many of my most recent ones.


I’d seen this dildo many times in my travels around the kinky corner of the web, or rather dildos from different brands that looked almost identical. Everything in me wanted one, but they were all in the USA, and buying from there can be a pain in the butt for us folks in the UK, so I resigned myself to the fact that it wasn’t gonna happen. But then Orion sent me the Mon Grand Amour to review, and my faith in the sex toy gods was restored.

As I’ve said in many reviews, I’ve opted to forgo talking about packaging unless it’s spectacular, be that spectacularly good, or spectacularly bad. Well, things were looking good for the ArtsClair packaging at first, with just a picture of the dildo on the front and back, with a series of bubbles that make it look very girly, but then I turned it to the side and TITS! There’s a naked woman taking up one full panel.

Sure, naked women are lovely to look at, but I don’t really appreciate having them on my sex toy packaging. It’s not the 70’s for a start, but my main problem is caused by my own body image. I don’t watch porn with the Fella, just in case he finds he’d rather be having sex with one of the bodies on the screen than mine, and having pictures of naked women in our bedroom makes me feel the same way. Happily, he never got to see this particular stunning creature cos she was in the bin before he got the chance, but I’d still like to see less porny packaging all the same.

Anyway, enough about my issues and probable need for a therapist, and on to the reason we’re all here: the dildo.

I’ll say right now that it’s one of the loveliest glass dildos I own. It’s simple in design, straight up and down with no curves or g-spotting heads in sight, but the beautiful heart pattern changes it from a boring piece of glass to a textured, orgasm-inducing wonder.

Standing proud at 7 inches, the ArtsClair Mon Grand Amour is deceptive in its size. Its length and texture makes it seem quite big in use, but in reality it’s actually rather small. I mean, 7 inches is definitely a respectable length, but while the bulbous head is an average 5 inches in circumference, the shaft is a slender 3.5 inches.

That slim shaft ends in a flared base, not only allowing it to be stored upright and free standing in my dildo cupboard, but making it anal safe and harness compatible too. Unfortunately, the flare is only a small one, and I personally don’t feel comfortable using it for anal play unless it’s fitted to a harness. But when it is… aaah!

It’s the gorgeous texture that gives the ArtsClair Mon Grand Amour the wow factor for me. Wrapped around approximately three quarters of the shaft are fifteen red heart outlines, raised to nearly half a centimetre in some places. They’re the exact kinds of hearts I used to doodle in the margins of my diary pages in the early stages of my long love affair with the Fella.

However, as sweet and romantic to look at as they may be, they’re hot and sexy in use. The first thing that always gets me when using this dildo, is the glorious ‘pop’ I feel every time I insert the head into one of my entrances at the start of play. It’s much more noticeable anally, but it feels good vaginally too.

Then once that head is inside, the sensation of those pretty hearts stroking against my openings makes my clit twitch, especially when the Fella twists the dildo one way, then the other, making sure I get the most from every one of those raised curves and points.

After a while, my vagina numbs a little, so I lose the feeling of the texture because it’s too subtle for abused body parts to feel. That’s not a problem though, cos by the time that happens I’m well on the way to orgasm, and I’m looking for a good pounding rather than tickles and teases. Many people find glass too hard a material for rough use, but I love it. What can I say other than I guess the whole pain and gain cliché works for me.

But no matter how close to orgasm I get, I don’t lose any sensation around my anus. In fact, it possibly gets more sensitive as a session goes on, so from the moment the Mon Grande Amour slips inside me until the second it’s pulled out of my still pulsing butt, I can feel each of those hearts as if they stood out from the shaft in inches rather than millimetres.

The Fella loves the squishing sounds the Amour’s texture creates as it goes in and out, so he’s forever slapping on more lube to keep it going. He’s also fond of having the dildo used on him. He’s not a huge lover of textured glass, but with this being so slim he doesn’t think it’s bad at all. I love having him on his back while I peg away on my knees and use my hands to bring him to orgasm, so I get excited when I see the Amour make an appearance, cos whether it’s for me or him, I know I’m in for a good time.

Yes, the ArtsClair Mon Grande Amour certainly is my great love, or one of them anyway, and I adore everything about it. I think it would be perfect for texture lovers, and even someone looking for their first textured piece of glass can feel comfortable in the knowledge that the heart pattern is mostly subtle. If you’d like to try it for yourself, you can get one here.

The You2Toys ArtsClair Mon Grande Amour was sent to me by Orion in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.


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