Ann Summers Moregasm Plus Rabbit

The day has arrived, folks. Ann Summers has finally released their brand spanking new Moregasm Plus range upon the world. Fancy a bullet? A butt plug? A G-spot vibe, panty vibe, or wand? Whatever your toy of choice may be, there’s a Moregasm product for you. When I was given the chance to choose a piece for review I didn’t have to think twice about what I coveted most. The Ann Summers Moregasm Plus Rabbit Vibrator.

Ann Summers Moregasm Rabbit, aqua blue toy in black packaging on baby blue background

Fun fact: I’ve never tried a Moregasm product before. I know, shocking, isn’t it? But while I lack experience with this particular range, I’m well versed in using rabbit vibes. That’s why I had a dirty big grin on my face when I pulled this rabbit out of the hat. Box. Whatever.

Ann Summers Moregasm Rabbit, aqua blue toy with black leaflet and charging cable, on baby blue background

In terms of looks, the Moregasm Plus Rabbit is exactly what I picture when I think of this type of toy. Lightly curved shaft, short arm, long ears with a little clit stimulating bunny nose. Loads of toy manufacturers like to get edgy with their external arms, doing stuff like ditching the ears and rounding them off or putting in a spinning wheel. But Ann Summers have stayed true to the original rabbit shape and I kinda like it.

Ann Summers Moregasm Rabbit, aqua blue toy, right side view, on baby blue background

What really makes me smile about this bunny is its size. From top to tail, it measures up at 9”. Of that, approximately 4” is insertable. That’s a pretty standard length for a rabbit’s shaft, but it’s the girth that gets me all gooey. At its thickest point, it has a 4.75” circumference. At its thinnest point, the shaft is 4.5”. It’s not a million miles bigger than other rabbits but, for me, when it comes to dual stimulation I’m always grateful for every extra millimetre of internal size.

Ann Summers Moregasm Rabbit, aqua blue toy in a white woman's hand to show size, on baby blue background

When I first felt the Moregasm Plus Rabbit in my hand I did a weird little noise. It was a noise of delight. Just like the rest of the Plus range, the rabbit is made of dual density silicone. I was giving the shaft a wiggle and a bend to check for flexibility (there’s plenty of it) and when I reached the tip my fingertips sank into the silicone. It’s so soft and squishy, kinda like my cute foamy stress unicorn. I could just imagine the cushioning I’d get during G-spotting and the anticipation nearly killed me.

Ann Summers Moregasm Rabbit, aqua blue toy, tip being pinched to show softness, on baby blue background

Beneath the clitoral arm (which measures 3” following the curve) you’ll find the controls and charging point. A tiny, self-healing hole is located right in the base of the toy, and it takes a pin charger. An LED light blinks whilst charging is underway, then once it’s complete it goes solid. I have to confess that I have no idea how long charging takes. I plugged it in and walked away from it, and I haven’t run it flat as of yet. My bad. You do need to fully charge it before first use, though, cos not doing so might compromise your battery’s ability to reach a full charge.

Ann Summers Moregasm Rabbit, close up of control panel, aqua blue toy on baby blue background Ann Summers Moregasm Rabbit, aqua blue toy with black cable plugged into base, on baby blue background

The controls are simple enough to use. An ON/OFF button puts the toy in standby mode, then the other two operate the independently controlled motors of the shaft and ears. Something that irks me about these controls is not being able to switch the motors off using their specific buttons. To turn one of the other off I have to turn the toy off completely. Not awesome when in the middle of a wank.

Once you get the Moregasm Plus Rabbit switched on each motor offers up ten functions. They each have five constant speeds and five patterns, so you have plenty of options for customising your own experience.

Ann Summers Moregasm Rabbit, aqua blue toy, side view close up of rabbit ears, on baby blue background

So, vibes. All Moregasm toys are powered by Ann Summers’ patented ‘Climax Technology™’ motors. What is it? Soundwaves. This is how Ann Summers’ site describes it:

Here at Ann Summers, we developed our own vibrator motor which uses the science of sound waves to deliver strong vibrations which travel further through the body and feel much more intense than a regular vibrator.

It goes on to explain the way the sound waves penetrate deeper into and further around the body, stimulating more than just the parts you can see. The clitoris, for example, extends a couple of inches above the glans and sweeps down beneath the labia in a shape not unlike a wishbone. Climax Technology™ plys the user with prolonged, low-frequency vibrations that:

  • penetrate the surface of your skin and travel through the body
  • target your deepest trigger points to provide your most overwhelming, blended climax
  • reach over 15,000 receptors across your entire body, resulting in longer, stronger orgasms

That’s some Priddy big talk, isn’t it?

My first impressions of the Moregasm Plus Rabbit vibes was that they felt very…odd. In my hand, they felt unstable. There’s a very subtle pulse to them that had me convinced there were sensors present that responded to my movements and pressure. But nope, there’s none of that going on, they’re just weird.

Ann Summers Moregasm Rabbit, aqua blue toy, front, side, and back views, on baby blue background

The shaft has some awesome power to it. It has a buzz to it that irritates my fingers, but once it’s inside of me it’s like a different vibe altogether. Being encased in a body seems to stabilise the vibes and they go from wobbly and buzzy to steady and strong. I can feel them in all of my walls and my G-spot reacts very positively whenever there’s contact.

Ann Summers Moregasm Rabbit, aqua blue toy, left side view, on baby blue background

As I’d predicted, I love the shape and size of the shaft. It’s big enough to be filling, offers a light stretch depending on the angle, and is just super comfy to use. The squishy tip could potentially offer a bit of thrusting freedom to people who don’t like it rough when a toy is rigid. It gives great cushioning but doesn’t hinder when it’s time for maximum pressure on the G-spot.

Now for the external arm. These vibes are much less powerful than those of the shaft. In fact, the ears feel stronger on my clit when only the shaft is running. Having both motors going together makes for quite a powerful toy, but the ears on their own are too buzzy and itchy for me.

Ann Summers Moregasm Rabbit, aqua blue toy, close up of shaft, on baby blue background

One of the main fail factors with rabbits is fit. It’s rare for me to find a fit that works perfectly without jamming a finger in here, raising and twisting my hips there. But the Moregasm Plus Rabbit fits my anatomy very nearly perfectly. I didn’t think it would cos the external arm looks quite stubby, but the ears reach my clit no problem and I can even thrust to a certain extent without losing contact.

I get powerful orgasms from this toy. With the two motors working together (on the highest constant speed) I’ve had some toe-curling climaxes. It’s got all the things I want in a rabbit except for external vibes that eclipse the internal ones. I’m not whining, though. I really like this one.

Ann Summers Moregasm Rabbit, aqua blue toy, view from above, on baby blue background

The Moregasm Plus Rabbit is waterproof, so cleaning it is simple. Warm soapy water works a treat, just ensure that you run a nail around the rose gold trim near the base and that you don’t leave any gunk around the charger hole.

If you’d like to give the Moregasm Plus Rabbit a try, click the banner below and head over to Ann Summers.

Ann Summers Moregasm Plus Rabbit review, Ann Summers logo, white text on black background

The Ann Summers Moregasm Plus Rabbit Vibrator was sent to me by Ann Summers in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

3 thoughts on “Ann Summers Moregasm Plus Rabbit

  1. Glad to hear one of their rabbits did well by you.

    I have their Sleek and was unimpressed (other than the color). I have apparently hit the point of being *way* pickier about my vibration quality than I used to be plus the external didn’t hit my anatomy in fun places/ways, and it didn’t help that their customer service online crew told me to go to a physical store for the girth for a *branded* toy when I was a prior customer with a US shipping address. (Also, I can’t imagine why you’d *want* to buy it based on size and design, but I anti-rec their Forbidden Love triple stim on grounds of “this smelled wrong and never *quit* smelling wrong”. I’d complain on-site, but I can’t figure out how to review.)


    I survived family vacation and actually had a reasonably good time. Apparently the trick to getting through Trumpista uncle time when your whole *life* has pretty much become politics that he doesn’t agree with is doing it while so hypomanic that everybody was cutting me about a country mile of slack and *I* was “hey, people, please tell me to shut up if necessary”. Hopefully my shrink upping my generic Depakote dosage and getting me back on thyroid meds helps the urge to babble, because while I’m mostly fine about being neurodivergent in public I don’t like the feeling when it’s this extreme.

    I got a lot of pokes from my mom accompanied by whispered “politics”. She agreed I had a point that “it might be politics but it’s also my life”, though, which is pretty much a win in my book. Most of my family is US liberal-ish, I’m just probably the *furthest* left.

    No love on either job YET, still vaguely hopeful. Kittehs all alive and well, wrote my sitter a nice testimonial based on that and as a bonus I even have cute pics of Halfway and their mama now. (Naranja was camera shy, but my sitter made sure to include sightings in texts.) I have cat alert stickers on my door in case of fire now because it is truly amazing what you can get off Amazon. (Including a leopard-print switch plate for the visible switches by my desk.)

    1. Oh dear, it sounds like you had a bot of a mare with AS toys 🙁 I sometimes worry that I’m the opposite to what you describe. It feels like there’s so many different qualities of vibration that work for me now and I stress about maybe becoming too easy to please, but every so often a toy comes along that just doesn’t work for me *at all* and I feel much more confident in my judgement.

      I smiled a little at the thought of you with your family. Both my husband and son are neurodiverse so I could picture the scene you described quite clearly in my mind 🙂 Sucks that you had to deal with a fan of the angry orange, though. We’re not even Americans and his name is a dirty word in our house.

      I’ve still got my fingers crossed for you getting one of those jobs! And it’s great to hear that the fur babies are getting on well. 😀

      1. Most of the time if I’m reviewing *I* worry about going too easy (I do a lot of four-star “had some issues, mostly okay” ones *because* I’m by definition a tough customer) so I tend to think you’re just getting more familiar with a variety of sensations that can work for you at least sometimes. The fact that sometimes your reaction is NOOOOOO pretty much supports that imo. Also, a lot of what you’re reviewing is higher-end, which probably ups the chances of “not making my top ten but still fun”.

        I think I was just disappointed about the Sleek because I was all “this is a really pretty COLOR but I straight-up don’t think it was worth what I paid and I can’t even complain on the actual site”. Because yeah, what feels good *some* days does not always work others, and sometimes you get a pleasant surprise (I don’t *rec* buying off Amazon, but I got a no-name rabbit for add-on price that I was all “YES” about and got another small vibe by the same no-name crew at a later date *because* the rabbit worked really well for me, and *that* was definitely “you get what you pay for/no love”.)


        My best wishes to you and your household (neurodiversity is frequently no fun to have or to live with when people you love are dealing with issues either). My uncle has been fairly well trained *because* the rest of us are mostly liberal-ish to stfu about politics, so that was more “whatever”. Imo Pence is actually scarier than the angry orange. (Plenty of hard-core Republicans don’t even want to deal with *him*, but Pence is no better for this queer disabled lady living pretty much at ground zero and they’d wheel and deal with Pence in a heartbeat.)

        I appreciate the good job thoughts. I could use all the good karma I can get :). The bbs appreciate that you’re happy to hear *they’re* doing well. Apparently their latest deal is “let’s knock stuff off every flat surface including the kitchen counter” (I currently have a dish mat and dishes scattered across my main area floor because I’m at “deal with it tomorrow” spoon level.)

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