Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager

Do you know which three little words are guaranteed to pique the interest of wankers everywhere, myself included? Hands free pleasure. Well that is the tag line of Aneros, makers of hands free prostate massagers. Attention grabbing, isn’t it. When we were given the chance to review the Xbiz Award winning Helix Syn, there was no way were we saying no.


I’ll be honest, I expected the packaging to be something cringey and unpleasant, so when the Fella revealed a moody grey sleeve and a sexy red box, I was impressed. Inside that red box sits another red box. This one is sturdy with a really cute magnetic lid. Inside of a moulded plastic tray sits the Aneros Helix Syn, and there’s an instruction booklet in there too.


The size of the Helix Syn surprised me. It’s so small! I know I felt that way because I was looking at it from the perspective of a size-queen in training, so had to remind myself that it wasn’t meant for me. The Fella was happy with the size, not to mention the Syn’s sleek sexy looks.


Made from a core of firm ABS plastic with a velvet touch silicone outer layer, the Helix Syn is a petite 4” in length with a maximum girth of 3”. It’s slim, rounded tip makes insertion simple and the size is likely to be suitable for most experience levels. Shaped to nestle against the P-Spot with an outer curve that stimulates the perineum, the Helix Syn has all anal bases covered. The slender neck keeps it comfy and a red loop on the outside provides not only a handle for easy removal but also peace of mind that your toy truly is anal safe.


The idea behind Aneros prostate massagers is simple; lube your toy up, get it inserted and then don’t touch it again. You’re supposed to use your sphincter muscles to manipulate the toy into massaging the P-Spot. See, it really is hands free. Prostate milking and anal orgasms aren’t the only benefits you can expect to garner from the Helix Syn. All that butt squeezing helps strengthen the pelvic floor too, making all those lovely sensations even more intense.

But the question is, does it actually work?

Well, it’s taken the Fella quite a while to make this toy really do the job for him, but the answer is yes, it definitely does work.


The first time we used it we followed the instructions to the letter. Him on his back, knee raised to his belly, while I wiggled the Helix Syn into his butt. Keeping my hands to myself was a chore so I was sent to sit at the bottom of the bed, lol. He squeezed and clenched, but the massager didn’t do much massaging. It turned him on, but it didn’t give him the stimulation he needs, and I ended up finishing him off with my hands and mouth.

He’s tried loads of different positions since and he’s discovered that lying on his front with his legs parted does the job. The massager presses into his P-Spot, making him leak like a burst pipe, and the perineum tab stimulates from the outside, making his cock and balls twitch until he comes. I did catch him humping the towel he was lying on so he does cheat a little bit, but watching him coming so hard while lying mostly still is super-hot, so it’s all good.

The Helix Syn is at its best when the Fella is relaxed, so he usually uses it after a bath and before bed. He’s kept it in as a butt plug during me on top sex and he says that feels really good. I have to agree, cos his cock feels just that little bit harder, and when he comes I can really feel it.


When I told him I was ready to write up this review he gave me a look and asked if I’d tried the Helix Syn for G-Spot stimulation. Bit of a daft question, really, because of course I have and it was rubbish. It’s far too small to do anything for my hotspot. My muscles don’t work it the way butt muscles do, and getting manual pressure from it is impossible. But I did give it a go for science and now I know.


Keeping the Syn clean is effortless. I wash ours in a sink of soapy water then use either a toy wipe or spray cleaner. It lives in its sexy box, but if you’re a bagger you’ll need to provide one yourself.

This prostate massager truly is suitable for anyone of any experience level. It’s small and simple to use so absolute beginners have nothing to be intimidated by, and experienced users may find that the compact size is convenient. If you’d like to give it a go you can pick one up here. If you fancy something in a different size, why not check out Uberkinky’s range of Prostate Massagers? Here’s a couple of links to get you started if you’re new to the game:

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The Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager was sent to me by Uberkinky in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Some affiliate links have been used in this post.

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