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I’ve tried a couple of mini massage wands in my time, some rechargeable, others battery powered, and the one thing they all had in common was mediocre vibes. Now the Fella is a fan of the weak and buzzy, but I’m not, and I’ve been after a wand style vibrator – whatever the size – that suited us both for a while. I wanted something that he could use to please me, then I could use to please him, instead of having loads of sex toys littering the bed every single session.


So when the opportunity to review a product for Adrien Lastic was offered by the lovely Viviene, I didn’t hesitate to choose the Symphony, their polyvalent (multi-use) mini wand, in the hopes that it would suit our needs.


My first impressions of the Symphony were a bit mixed, to be honest. It’s lovely to look at, and the gently ‘S’ curved handle has a gorgeous, multi-hued, super fine glitter in it that sparkles and shimmers in candle light, but it felt so light and flimsy I wondered if there was even a motor in there at all, never mind one that was going to be the ‘Powerful Stimulator’ that the packaging promises.


The sparkly black handle is 5.5 inches long, and just 3 inches in circumference at the widest point. It really is very slender, and as easy to hold as a chunky pencil. This made me realise that the lack of weight wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Most toys that are easy to hold are easy to use, and something this light is perfect for use over long periods of time as it won’t give the user crampy fingers, especially as the vibes are all concentrated in the head, and barely travel the length of the handle.


A narrow, flexible neck made from pink silicone leads to the 2 inch by 4.75 inch pink silicone bulb where all the magic happens. This bulb is soft to the touch, seamless, and feels lovely when stroked over the skin. Compact, lightweight, pleasant, and pretty. So far so good.


The control button – of which there’s only one – and usb charging port are found right at the centre front of the handle. It’s a small, pink silicone affair, and the charger is of the pin variety, which slots into a tiny hole above the function button. It’s not a self-healing hole but the Symphony isn’t waterproof, it’s just splash proof, so it’s no big deal. A full charge takes around 90 minutes, and this gives you up to 40 minutes of play.


Holding down the control button for around 3 seconds brings the Symphony to life. It starts on the lowest intensity, and you get two more intensities, and then seven patterns. It’s pretty quiet, given its power, of which it has a surprising amount!

It’s probably on the middle of the scale when it comes to depth of vibrations. There is a slight buzziness about it, but it has an almost rumbly quality to it that I really do like. To give you an idea of how much power it packs for such a petite thing, when I press it against the middle of my back, just above my bra line, the lowest setting has enough of a kick to make my voice wobble if I say ‘aaaahhhhh’.


For that reason, I’ve flattened the battery twice, just using it as a body massager. It’s great for solo massage, because it’s so light, and even though it’s too small to give me enough range to comfortably get at some hard to reach spots, I can go at my neck and shoulders all day long, and it’s divine.

The vibes on offer are just on the right side of ‘ooh’ for the Fella. He was as surprised as I was when he first switched it on, and in his words “Huh, it’s actually quite powerful, isn’t it. I didn’t expect it to be much cop, given how flimsy it feels, but it’s pretty decent.” That is a glowing review from my man of few words.


When I’m not using it on his nether regions during foreplay or oral sex, my favourite way to use the Symphony is to sparingly lube up (no silicone lube please, peeps) the middle and forefinger’s of my left hand and slip them between my vulva, pulling my clitoral hood back so I can rest the head of the toy against my exposed clitoris. I then rock my fingers back and forth, basically wanking my clit, letting the lowest setting on the wand tease me as I go.

Orgasm comes slowly this way, but it’s always satisfying and deep, and adding a set of heavy kegel beads or a girthy dildo to the mix (without thrusting, just letting them sit there in my vagina, being all weighty and filling) deepens and lengthens my orgasm when my muscles clench around them.


Once play time is over, care is needed to clean the Symphony. As I mentioned earlier, it’s only splash proof, so can’t be submerged in water. I use toy wipes, or a clean cloth sprayed with toy cleaner, to keep mine nice and fresh. There isn’t a bag provided, which is a bit disappointing given that the packaging is of the throw away variety, so I’ve had to find my own bag for mine, and you’ll have to do the same.

If the Symphony is something you’d like to try for yourself, you can pick one up at Lovehoney.

The Adrien Lastic Symphony was sent to me by Adrien Lastic in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.


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