Adrien Lastic 2X Double Ended Vibrator

In the 2 odd years I’ve been writing sex toy reviews, I’ve only came across one product which pushed me outside of my personal ‘deadline’ of completion within 30 days of delivery. Yes, the Nexus Femme Bisous became the first toy I struggled to write about, and now the Adrien Lastic 2X has become the second.


But while the Bisous made me struggle with my words for all the wrong reasons, the 2X has given me pause for the right ones – mostly. There’s just so much to write about here, even though it’s actually a very simple toy, and I wanted to make 100% sure I covered every aspect, cos I hate the thought that I might have missed a trick.

So, what is the Adrien Lastic 2X, I hear you ask. Well, it’s a whole lotta fun, for a start! But seriously, it’s a funky assed vibrator that has endless possibilities, and whether you’re single or attached, woman or man, donkey or duck, you’ll be able to find a way to play with it that suits you down to the ground.


Inside of Adrien Lastic’s clean white, silver, and pink packaging – which is pretty plain until you look closer and spy out the almost invisible little bunnies and bananas, cute cuffs, and kinky couples printed on the sides – you’ll find your 2X, an attachment, a user manual, the remote control with cell battery) & usb charging cable, and a white satin storage bag that’s only just big enough to house the 2X and all its kit and caboodle.

As part of my review package I was also sent the two piece vaginal attachment set, which I’ll talk about in this review.


The 2X is basically a double ended vibrator. The Fella calls it the skipping rope, and I can totally see where he’s coming from. What you have is two silicone vibrators situated either end of a super flexible, 11 inch long tube of silicone. The first vibe is 6 inches long with a 4 inch girth, torpedo shaped, and is covered in subtle little bumps. Every time I pick it up I’m reminded of corn on the cob, which is always a giggle, seeing as though that one of the first vibrators I ever saw in person was modelled on exactly that.


The second vibe is 5.5 inches, with a shaft made up of a series of three softly rounded bumps, a gently flared ridge, and a patterned bulb. The first bump at the base is 3.5 inches in circumference, the next 3 inches, and the smallest one at the tip a super petite 2.5 inches.


The attachment that comes with the 2X is a silicone sheath in this same shape, though it’s slightly longer with one extra bulb, which provides more internal reach, and a girth of 4.5 inches at the widest point, making it a teeny bit more filling too.


The two attachments I was sent are pretty cute, and they aren’t just good for the old vagina either. The first – and my fave – is a slim shafted sheath with a fabulous curve at the top for g-spotting, and the second is a straight up and down sheath with soft grooves that spiral around the entire shaft, leaving only a small section of the tip smooth. They both fit on to the bumpy of the two vibes, and once they’re on they stay snug and secure.


So, that’s the shape and size of the Adrien Lastic 2X out of the way. To charge it, you need to find the control button, which is a big ‘A’ moulded into the silicone at the base of the ‘corn cob’ end. (I know, you’re dazzled by the fabulousness of my descriptive terms, but please try to keep up *giggles*.)

The charger is of the pin variety, and it slots into the tiny little self-healing hole you’ll find just beneath that ‘A’. Once you’ve done that, plug the usb end into an available port, and in just two hours you’ll be fully charged and ready to go with up to 90 minutes of playtime.


To get down to business, ensure you have the battery in the remote *gives the Fella a dirty look* then press that ‘A’ button until you get a brief buzz. I did think that the 2X wasn’t charging, cos it was just doing that two second buzz then stopping, but that just means it’s ready and waiting for the remote to tell it what to do.


There’s an on button on that remote, and one push brings the 2X to life. The other button, again marked with an ‘A’ lets you shift through the settings, of which there are ten: 3 constant speeds, and 7 patterns.

The vibrations offered by the 2X aren’t really what I was expecting. I loved my Adrien Lastic Symphony Mini Wand, and I’d hoped that with two motors, the 2X would be as powerful, but it’s not. The vibes do have a mild rumble to them, which I like, but they don’t have the oomph I was looking for. They’re just not that powerful.

But there’s a lot going on with the 2X, so I thought that maybe, just maybe, it would be so fun to use that the lack of the type of power I enjoy wouldn’t really matter. And in many ways, it didn’t.


As I’m one half of a couple, the most obvious way to use it was for each of us to pick an end. I’m a fan of textures and shaped, so I opted for the bumpy end, which left the Fella with the ‘corn cob’. He’s well versed in anal play these days, so the slightly bigger size wasn’t an issue for him, and the tapered end made insertion easy for him. I chose to use the sheath with my end, cos the vibe would have been too small for me without it.

Using plenty of water-based anal lube (and a condom for my end), I had the job of making sure both of us had our respective ends inserted fully and comfortably, so we sat facing each other, and in they went. It was a little awkward for us to use it this way, as I’m a big girl (meaning we weren’t as close to one another as we could have been) and the connecting tube is quite short, so we had a few cases of just getting it in me and having it pop out of him, etc.


In the end I had to prop myself up on a pile of cushions to get my position right, but once it was in it was great fun! He rocked against his, reaching his prostate because of the angle and the way the base pressed into the mattress, all the while thrusting and turning my end around inside of me.

After we played that game for a while, out came my end and off came the condom, and it was inserted vaginally while his cock replaced it in my butt. I was closer to him this way, and the tube did pull and tug, but with a little manual clitoral stimulation added to the mix, this quirky double penetration session was a success.

We’ve since used both ends on me, on both nipples, one inserted and the other clitorally, as well as vaginally and anally, and we’ve used them both on him too (one in his butt, the other on his cock and balls during oral and hand jobs).


My favourite way to use it alone is to slip on the g-spot sheath for a bit of vaginal play while the other end stimulates my clit. I do reach orgasm every time, but it’s not one of those ground shaking ones that leaves me breathless and sapped of energy, it’s more of an appetiser orgasm that prepares me for the big one when I switch the 2X for my go-to wand and glass dildo combo. The Fella likes the g-spot sheath for prostate massage too, but neither of us really love the other sheath that came in the attachment set, though the twisted pattern does feel nice at the start of a session before things swell and loosen.

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but the Adrien Lastic 2X is waterproof, so bath time frolics are very possible. I’ve not used mine in the bath, cos I’m not a water baby, but I do appreciate being able to submerge it for cleaning, as getting all the gunk out of the… I’ll have to call them trenches, I think… at the base of each vibe is a nightmare. Toothbrushes are essential here, and I promise you that you will find crusty white shit embedded in those trenches once the toy is dry no matter how much care you take.


Storing is as simple as popping all your bits in the provided bag, but you must remember to ensure that you turn your 2X off properly. I’ve had to run upstairs a few times cos it’s started going ape shit in the cupboard, and it’s done it through the night a couple of times too. Having something rattling around in the cupboard so noisily it slaps you awake in the pitch black darkness is a scary fucking business, let me tell you.

To turn it off, hit the power button on the remote to kill the vibes, then keep the ‘A’ button on the shaft pressed for 3 seconds. It should vibrate twice, letting you know that the connection between toy and remote is severed, and your 2X is sleeping.

When it comes to who I think would appreciate the 2X, I think I’d definitely have to say couples, and it doesn’t matter whether there’s two vaginas involved, two cocks, or one of each. It’s not the greatest dual stim on the market for those going it alone (unless they don’t need a lot of power to get them off) but used with a partner there’s a great deal of fun to be had. If you’d like to give this a shot, click the banner below.

The Adrien Lastic 2X and Vaginal Attachment Pack were sent to me by Adrien Lastic in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.


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