1 Ring Slave Collar with Locking Buckle

Welcome to my review of my first ever pink leather collar! When Canadian company, Luxurious Bliss asked if I’d like to review one of their bondage products, I ummed and ahhed over floggers, paddles and such. All so pretty! But my eye soon settled on this lovely 1 Ring Leather Slave Collar with Locking Buckle, and I’m glad it did.

This slave collar is a two-toned leather affair; dusky pink on soft black. There are other colours available, like blue, all black, red, etc. But, despite the market being saturated with pinks and purples, I didn’t have any leather bondage gear in pink, so I reckoned that this would be a good time to start gathering in a pink set.

When I got it in my hands (super quickly, considering it came to the UK all the way from Canada) I was delighted with the quality. And the scent! Oh, my Lord, the scent of leather on it was lovely. It faded quite quickly once it was out of its plastic packaging, but that initial hit was intoxicating. It’s still there, just not as potent.

Checking it out, I noticed that the design is slightly different from many other collars. The pink strip is only longer than the black by half an inch. Most collars have an upper strip that’s quite a bit longer than their base piece. That’s not to say that the black leather is shorter, though; it’s actually longer.

Measured side by side, my nearest comparable collar has a base strip of 15”. The 1 Ring Slave Collar comes in two sizes and as I have a chubby neck I chose medium. The base strip on this one is 19”. Once it’s on my neck, that difference in size is very notable.

Reason being, that black strip overlaps quite a bit on the pink Slave Collar. If you choose the right size for your neck, there’s no chance of there being a gap at the back. Add the perfect fit to the soft, matte leather and you have a super comfy collar.

I have a short neck, and as I’ve gained weight quite rapidly this past couple of years, it’s getting shorter. Many of my leather collars are 2” + in width so they look and feel uncomfortable. This Slave Collar is only 1.25”. The fact that it’s double layered in different colours makes it look substantial while being quite petite in reality. My other collars look like posture collars on me these days, but this one looks like what it is.

The hardware on it is lovely, too. Silver studs hold the piece together. A silver pointed D-ring is fixed to the front and dangling proudly from it is a large 1.5” wide O-ring. It’s big enough to get two fingers through, or rope if you prefer. Leads snap on easily with plenty of room to attach clips from wrist cuffs and even ankle cuffs too, depending on how bendy your sub is.

The Fella loves leading me around with one finger hooked through the ring, and he likes that the collar is thin enough for him to get his fingers beneath it to tighten it and give me a little choke.

Around the back is a lockable collar. We much prefer this type of fastening over the belt style ones. Getting it open and closed is so much easier than using a slim pin, and having the option to slip a padlock through the back is perfection. But even if locking collars isn’t your thing, there’s no chance of this one coming loose no matter how much you tug on it.

I’ve worn this collar quite a few times now, sometimes during rough play, sometimes soft, and once or twice for show. I’ve experienced no discomfort at all. No chafing or digging in, and it doesn’t make me sweat like shinier leathers do. The slits in the leather haven’t stretched even though the Fella’s been pretty ruthless on occasion, so it definitely has longevity. Both of us love how it looks, even though I don’t usually wear this colour, and it’s made the idea of a whole pink set a definite desire.

One thing you’ll need to bear in mind is that the hardware of this collar isn’t Nickle free. With five points of contact and a dangly O-Ring, you might want to consider something else if you have an allergy.

If you’d like to get one of these around your neck click the banner below.

The 1 Ring Slave Collar with Locking Buckle was sent to me by Luxurious Bliss in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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