Scandarella is a relatively new venture, but I feel it’s time to put a few policies in place in order to protect the companies I work with, my lovely readers, not to mention myself. They’re basic for now, but they are subject to change, and more will be added as Scandarella grows.

Info for businesses:

As you will already know, the bulk of Scandarella’s content comes in review form. The Fella and I are happy to review a vast array of sex toys, BDSM equipment, and essentials such as lubricants, oils, and sexual pleasure enhancement products, provided they’re all truly body safe.

This is a short list of things we won’t review:

  • Books – I can write well enough, but I’m absolutely terrible at expressing my opinions and feelings on other people’s work. I wouldn’t do books any justice if I reviewed them, so, for now, I decline such requests.
  • Condoms – unless they’re part of a larger set, such as gift sets, subscription boxes, or hampers.
  • Jelly/TPE/PVC – these aren’t truly body safe, so we won’t review any insertables made from these materials.
  • Anal tunnels – these are currently a personal hard limit for both the Fella and myself, so we won’t review them.
  • Lingerie – neither of us are happy to show our bodies, and we feel lingerie reviews benefit from ‘in use’ photos, so we won’t review this type of product.
  • Pornography/Camsites – they’re just not our cup of tea.

In an ideal world, we’d prefer all review requests to be discussed and agreed upon before products are sent out, but we understand that this sometimes isn’t possible. Therefore we reserve the right to refuse to review anything we receive which is against our policy to review. We’ll be happy to return the product to the sender, but not at our expense. All individually posted products will be reviewed within 6 weeks of delivery. Multiple items in the same delivery will be subject to 2-3 week gaps between reviews.

Here at Scandarella, we pride ourselves on our honesty. All of our opinions are genuine, and we won’t ever change a review because a company or manufacturer dislikes something we’ve written. We won’t alter negative reviews, and we won’t embellish positive ones either, everything you read will be true to our experiences and opinions. Sending us a product free of charge won’t guarantee a positive review.

If we are part of any affiliate programs, corresponding links will be used where relevant. If we’re provided with a product by a company who doesn’t run an affiliate scheme, or one we don’t qualify to be part of, we reserve the right to link to any companies whose programs we have joined, and we may link to one or more companies, depending on product location and availability. As of May 2018, we may charge a small fee when reviewing for companies who either don’t offer affiliate programs, or those whose affiliate programs aren’t suitable for us.

If we make a review agreement and your products will be coming from a country outside of the United Kingdom, I reserve the right to bill you any expenses incurred, such as customs charges, handling fees, etc.

  • If the fees are £15 or less I will pay them and request reimbursement. If you choose not to reimburse me I will treat the item as a purchase and it will be removed from my review queue.
  • Anything over £15 and I will request that you pay before I collect the package. If you choose not to pay the package will not be collected and will be returned to you as per the courier’s T&C’s.

Please be aware of this and decide whether or not you will be happy to pay these charges before you despatch any parcels.

If you’re interested in purchasing advertising space, either in the form of a sidebar banner, in-post banner, or sponsored post (either pre-written or custom) please contact me via for information on rates. Minimum banner advertising term is one month and I offer stepped discounts for block bookings. *Please note* all purchased links will be nofollow. If this is an issue for you we can’t work together.

General Info

Unless it appears in the Guest section of the site, everything you read here at Scandarella has been written by myself. All of the opinions in all of the reviews are either mine or the Fella’s, and every Erotica piece posted here comes directly from my imagination.

If you wish to spread the word, or share something you’ve found here that you like, thank you! You’re more than welcome to share a few sentences or a single paragraph with your audience, on the understanding that you will credit Scandarella and provide a link back to the original post.

Any shared content must also remain unedited, so as not to distort the context, or lose the integrity of the piece.

All content is covered by intellectual copyright, and no full duplication will be tolerated. If I discover my work being published elsewhere, I will politely request that it be taken down, but only once. If that request is ignored, or if it happens multiple times, I will report the offender to the necessary parties to have it forcibly removed.


All review pictures are taken by either myself or the Fella and re-using is only permitted for the purpose of promoting the post they’re part of, and must link back to Scandarella. All pictures used at the top of erotica posts have either been sourced from Pixabay, (public domain images with no attribution required) or have been purchased from Fotolia. If they are watermarked with they belong to me, and if they’re from anywhere else I will have sought permission before use, and full attribution will be given.

Ella Scandal is my alter-ego. I’ve chosen to remain anonymous, not because I’m ashamed of what I do, or because I’m afraid to put my name against what I write, but because I have a young family, and I’m very aware of the kinds of problems they could face if their friends – or worse, enemies – discovered that I’ve dedicated myself to writing about sex and all of the things associated with it.

Some bloggers/writers are happy for their identities to be known, and I applaud them for it, but I’m not one of them. I would politely ask that any companies or manufacturers I deal with and giveaway winners respect that, and refrain from revealing my real name anywhere on their own websites, or on any social media platforms, and that my address and contact numbers are kept strictly confidential.

I would also appreciate it if Ella Scandal and weren’t featured on any packaging or address labels, as this could compromise my anonymity.

All review agreements are made in good faith. Scandarella holds no responsibility if it should transpire that copyright or patents have been violated, as there’s no way possible for me to know the inner workings of a company, or what goes on behind the scenes.

My agreement is with the company who provided me with the product, if there’s any type of investigation into the legality of those products, I will only remove the reviews if the company I have dealt with asks me to, as I’m bound by my agreement to produce and publish the reviews. If a third party requires me to remove any content, I will only do so as part of a legal procedure.

If I should discover a company I’ve worked with to be participating in illegal activities, or if I find them to be conducting themselves in any unethical or unprofessional way that could harm Scandarella’s good name either directly or indirectly, I reserve the right to remove any content concerning them or their products immediately.

Reader Info

Here at Scandarella, we take your privacy seriously. In the interest of transparency, we are informing you that we use Google Analytics to accurately track our traffic trends and searches. As part of this service, Google collects data such as broad geographical info, IP address, age, gender (female/male only), and interests, and the pages you look at during your visit. This information will never be used to contact you and it will never be shared with anyone. Ever. After a short period of time, it is automatically deleted.


The Fella and I are just one woman, and one man, out of the billions on this Earth. We both have our opinions, and as much as we adore one another, those opinions don’t always fall on the same side.

It’s going to be the same between me and you, lovely reader. As much as I would love to review a product and guarantee that it’ll bring you all of the orgasmic joy in the world, that’s just not possible, sadly. It also means that, whilst I might hate a product, there’s a possibility that it’ll be perfect for you.

All I can do is describe my personal experiences, tell you my opinions and hope that they help you in deciding whether or not you’re willing to take a chance on this product or that, or whether you’re going to hang on to see if what I review next looks more up your alley.

You may also notice as you browse through the site that I mention the use of affiliate links, and I’m sure you’ll have noticed the banner links down the right hand side of the homepage, which are paid adverts. If you enter a website through any of my affiliate links and go on to make a purchase, I will get a small amount in commission. This is paid by the company in question, and doesn’t cost you in any way, but it does mean that your purchase is supporting Scandarella, and helping me keep the content fresh, and to that I say a great big thank you!

If you click one of my sponsor’s links in the sidebar and go on to make a purchase, I won’t receive any commission, but I will still say thank you for hitting up my sponsor, even if you don’t buy anything. They’ll know I sent you, and that’s all good.

Thank you for taking the time to read my policies and disclaimer. I hope you find them reasonable, as they are for your benefit as much as my own. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.