Broken Idol

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In the muted light of his workshop, Piero stuck out his tongue and considered the figure in front of him. He tasted dust on his lips, drew it into his mouth, felt the sandiness of it scuffing against his teeth. With the most loving of touches, he smoothed a rough patch here, reshaped a bit there, added a little more detail with a small metal tool. At last, the final curl had taken shape. He sat back on his heels, sweating, filthy, starving almost to the point of emaciation, to marvel at his newest creation. Continue reading “Broken Idol”

Screaming O Toone Dual Motor Vibe Review

Up until recently, my only experience with the Screaming O brand was a triple pack of crappy cock rings. And the only products I’d ever spotted bearing their name had all been jelly and awful. But recently, I discovered that they make quite a bit of stuff in silicone. They’re budget-friendly, body safe, and some pieces are rather nice looking. One such product is this, the Screaming O Toone Dual Motor Vibe.

Screaming O Toone Dula Motor Vibe Review, Pink double-pronged vibrator in a white and pink box

The Toone is a cute pink mini vibe with a little round body and two stubby ears. My first impression when I got my paws on it was how comfy it is in the hand. The body is basically a ball with a 6” circumference. The flattened base (where the pin charger port is located) sits flush against my palm and my fingers curl around the ball, leaving the prongs free to do their thing. It’s just the right size so I get no cramping, which can happen when holding something smaller. Nor do I lose my grip when my hands get wet cos my fingers clamp around it and hold it still. Continue reading “Screaming O Toone Dual Motor Vibe Review”

Love Links #20

Ah, we’re halfway through October and I’m the happiest I’ve been since… well, since last October. My house is full of flashing pumpkins, witchy candles, and the smell of wintery spices, as well as home baking that I shouldn’t but have been indiscriminately shovelling down my neck. My bedside table is piled high with ghost story books, my DVD player has been a conveyor belt of Halloween movies.

But not really scary ones, though. Cos, fun fact, I can’t watch horror movies cos I’m a big ole coward.

Seriously, she who was recently called the goddess of gothic erotica by one of her fave writers (my ego came hard when I read that tweet, lemme tell ya) can’t watch anything too creepy/stabby/psychologically head-fucky without chucking up then sleeping with the lights on for half a year. I like my words to be as black as ink and straight from hell, but I prefer my Halloween movies to come with a double dose of Disney.

I’m on my tod tonight so I’m gonna snuggle with my kitties and watch something old (Death Becomes Her). Then I’m gonna snuggle the Fella’s pillow and read something new (Prince Lestat). Before I do any of that, though, I’m gonna provide y’all with some links to some awesome blogs. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did.  Continue reading “Love Links #20”

It Comes Alive at Night

It comes alive at night. I keep praying it won’t, but the moment my body begins to relax as I enter the quiet place that precedes sleep, it comes. Dread steals the power from my limbs, my lungs deflate, and I forget how to refill them.

I can’t run, can’t hide, can’t even scream. I’m motionless, staring at the sickly, pale green glow that creeps across the ceiling, getting ever closer to my bed. All there is for me to do is wait. Wait for it to reach me, for it to take what it wants, for it to shamble back to its rightful place again. Continue reading “It Comes Alive at Night”

Furry Fantasy Black Panther Tail Review

For someone who doesn’t identify as a furry, or even indulge in pet play beyond the ‘see if I like it’ stage, my love for tail adorned butt plugs is intense. There’s just something so sensual about them, something so ‘other’ that I can’t get enough of. Be it pony, fox, or unicorn, I’m always super excited when I get to try a new tail. And this one, the Furry Fantasy Black Panther Tail from Sex Toys UK is an absolute corker.

Furry Fantasy Black Panther Tail Butt Plug Review, silver aluminium butt plug with a coiled black faux fur tail attached to its base, with a black storage pouch

Like all Furry Fantasy tails, the Black Panther Tail comes in a fabric storage pouch. While these bags are usually boons, I’d definitely recommend getting your toy out of there post haste. See, it’s quite a lengthy tail and the bag is rather small, so the whole piece is folded and wrapped in order to fit. This results in kinkiness and not the kind you’re probably looking for. To straighten mine out, I clipped a bunch of weighted nipple clamps onto the end of the tail and hung it up from the plug. It took a few days for the kinks to soften but it worked well enough in the end. Continue reading “Furry Fantasy Black Panther Tail Review”

Black Widow

**CW: drug use**

A light, blue-tinged, hot-white, streaks through the room. Jagged, like lightning, splitting the air with a crackle, strobing in my eyes, making even the finest of the fine hairs that cover my body stand to attention.

Where the fuck am I, and how did I get here? Shapes flit around the room so fast I can’t get a bead on them. I can’t focus, can’t tell where one mass ends and another begins. I try to think, try to align my thoughts long enough to make sense of something, anything, but the things in the room won’t let me. Continue reading “Black Widow”

Elust #111

A leap of faith Elust 111 header

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Welcome to Elust 111

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #112? Start with the rules, come back November 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

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The Promotion

Getting Lost in a Good Book


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9 Things New Sex Bloggers Need to Know

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All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs within 7 days. Re-posting the photo is optional and the use of the “read more…” tag is allowable after this point. Thank you, and enjoy! Continue reading “Elust #111”

Love Links #19

If y’all could see me now, you’d see a pink-cheeked gal with her shoulders hunched, shaking her head at her own soft cockedness. Why am I a soft cock? Well, after reading a post by the lovely Floss of Floss Does Life, I’ve realised that I’ve allowed my concerns about not being constructive enough in my comments on other bloggers’ work to prevent me from being a giving member of the sex blogging community. I’ve been too airheaded to remember to share awesome stuff on social media, I’ve been stingy with the like button and too socially awkward to join in with conversations. Basically, I’ve been shite and I’m ashamed of that.

I know how important it is for me to have my work acknowledged by others and to have them want to talk to me, and so many folks do give me that…but I don’t give back. They get my attention, sure, and my clicks, but they don’t ever know I’ve been to their sites to marvel over their words or salivate over their images cos I never frigging say anything. I’ll often type up a comment (sometimes lengthy, sometimes not) and then delete it after the thought ‘who do you think you are‘ pops into my head. Imposter syndrome is alive n’ thrivin’ in Scandarella House.

So, I’m striving to teach myself that acknowledgement and support doesn’t need to come in the form of an in-depth analysis of someone’s blog post. I do love receiving insightful comments, sure, but I also love the single word comments, too. I should never have convinced myself that others wouldn’t feel the same.

Anyway, here’s a bunch of stuff that’s captured and held my attention while I’ve been scouring blogs today. Check them out and if you enjoy them as much as I did – and if you can – consider giving that like/share button some love. Continue reading “Love Links #19”


Image used with permission of Cara Thereon
**This story is a continuation of my vampire series, part one of which you can find here. Bloodbath is a wordy piece and a violently bloody, cruelly stabby one, too, so be sure you wanna read it before diving in…**

“Tell me why we’re here again?”

Eamon’s weary eyes meet mine in the light of the tiny flame that appears a few feet from my face. One deep breath fills my lungs with damp air, the next leaves a tang of sulphur dioxide in the back of my throat. I watch a small orange ball crackle, flare, then settle into a warm glow as smoke coils in front of my old friend’s wizened face.

He doesn’t press for an answer to his question because he doesn’t need one. I made the necessity of venturing into this part of the city distinctly clear on the way here. No, what he wants from me is reassurance. He wants to know that when, if, we walk out of this hellmouth of a place we’ll be in the same condition we’re in now, however doubtful that condition may be. As much as I’d like to offer that reassurance, I can’t, Fuck knows what state we’ll be in after our audience with Aziz. Continue reading “Bloodbath”


She’s bound by chains made of shadow. They’re coiled around her ankles and her wrists. Twisting and intertwining, crossing over and through each other until they reach their respective rings around her collar. Holding her, grounding her, controlling her. Each link insubstantial, incorporeal. Indestructible.

Yet every so often she tries them. Fingers flex and take hold. Puckered skin tightens over knucklebones as her hand becomes a fist. Tendons strain in her forearms, her shoulders shake with effort. All she succeeds in doing is binding herself tighter. With each tug the chains get stronger, the wickedness that forged them feeds off the energy she expends. Continue reading “Demonised”