Teledildonics and the World of Digital Sex

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The future of sex is upon us and it’s digital.

Sex toys have come a long way from the boring dildos and fake vaginas that have been around for the last decade.  The digital age has caught up to sex and has given rise to the field of teledildonics.

If you don’t know, teledildonics are basically sex toys which are controlled remotely to deliver haptic sensations to the user.  We’re talking about dildos and fake vaginas, whose vibrations or actions are controlled by external inputs.  These inputs can come from another linked device, a compatible app, or an encoded video that the user is viewing.  They work over WiFi or Bluetooth and connect with Smartphones, tablets and computers.  Teledildonics are great for partners and for solo use, offering a great way to get the most out of a sexual encounter when physical contact isn’t possible.

Teledildonics have opened up a new world of sex, especially for something like a long-distance relationship where sex is limited by location.  Couples can now have meaningful fun in the bedroom no matter the distance, which helps to ease some of the pressure on these types of relationships.  A woman can give a blowjob to a teledildonic dildo, or be using it on her vagina, while her partner inserts his penis into a connected Fleshlight and receives the sensations of exactly what she’s doing.  Vice versa, he can control the vibrations her dildo is giving off via an app or through manipulation of his own device.  Couples can add webcams or use Skype to further foster the intimacy of the encounter.

Solo play is also benefitting from the introduction of teledildonics.

The same way a device can sync up with another, it can also be synced to an apps program or an encoded video, namely a pornographic film.  For men, the best effect is achieved when a virtual reality headset is used to watch a VR porn scene, while a digital Fleshlight receives encoded data and mimics the on-screen actions for the user in real life.  It works the same way for women but using a teledildonic dildo or another digital phallic substitute instead.  As more and more porn movies offer this encoding and teledildonic compatibility, solo masturbation is being taken to the next level.

These devices are amazing at augmenting many aspects of sex, even though they aren’t able to replace skin to skin contact and the intimacy or sensations that provides.  Great for long distance relationships, solo play or just adding some heat and experimentation to the bedroom – teledildonics have elevated sex while saving relationships for many people.

The market is still small, compared to its lofty projections at least, but it’s also a fairly new idea.  With virtual reality making a strong push for dominance in video gaming and pornography, teledildonics or haptic devices will be able to play a large role as well.  There is a lot of money being invested in the technology, as investors realize the potential and see the possible market size in the near future.  Virtual reality cams (where users can watch a person perform live sex acts while chatting with them) are also on the rise thanks to the realness and immersion virtual reality tech provides.

In conjunction with VR, teledildonics can further bridge the digital gap between cam-performers and their fans.  Fans can now finally feel what their favorite cam performers blowjob feels like or connect through on-screen intercourse.  It’s great for both the performer and the viewer.  In some circles, virtual camming has been dubbed the new age of sex work, where the service is much the same, minus the actual bodily contact of course.  This type of experience is safer for both parties and can be much more convenient as well.

Needless to say, there is a market for this technology and it’s growing fast.

There are however still drawbacks to teledildonic technology, so it’s not perfected yet.  For one, the devices cost a pretty penny, with most falling between $100 – $300 USD.  Not inexpensive by any means, they are also something of an outsider at present.  Haptic or teledildonic technology hasn’t been adopted by the mainstream yet, so being caught with an elaborate Fleshlight might still get you some strange looks to say the least.

One company that is at the forefront of teledildonic technology is Amsterdam based Kiiroo.  The sex toy manufacturer has created the Kiiroo Pearl vibrating dildo and the Onyx (or Onyx 2) male masturbator.  These devices speak to each other, a Kiiroo app or with encoded video, to provide the best of digital sexual experiences.  The company has also developed the Fleshlight Launch, which enables powered, digital control for the popular Fleshlight male masturbator (fake vagina).

We’re entering a new age of digital sex,” says Mike Hartman of VR porn tube site VRSmash.  “Virtual reality has revitalised porn, by making it engaging, immersive and fun again.  Now that teledildonics are available, the disconnect between what happens in a scene and what the user feels is being even further diminished.  The two technologies (virtual reality and teledildonics) are closely linked and will have a strong future together.”

For now, teledildonics are still the new kid on the block and not in the mainstream yet.  But as digital sex and it’s surrounding technology becomes more prevalent, we could see it quickly take off and become part of the norm.  The pleasure delivered is real and the benefits certainly outweigh any associated drawbacks.  The world of digital sex is an interesting one, so stay tuned for further developments and to watch the future of sex unfold.

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