Sinful Pleasures Anthology Guest Post by Ellie Barker

Inspiration for Miss Blue Hair

By Ellie Barker

I think it started with a comment about book characters not talking during sex. Have you noticed that? No one really talks. Everyone moans or gasps or begs, but there isn’t much of that everyday chatter and conversation that tends to happen. I know that the talking isn’t the point of reading erotica – you want to get to the good bits, after all – but it does make it a little more fantastical.

Of course, with a story that’s basically a crime-drama crossed with erotica, I can’t really claim to be a writer of real life. But the characters…I wanted them to be human. I wanted them to have flaws as well as romance; arguments and uncertainties as well as honesty and sexual tension. I like my characters and my stories to have a few cracks, and to have that edge of uncertainty. With many romances, you know the story (which of course is the appeal). But with mine…are you really certain that the odd word isn’t going to be vital later on? Are you really sure it will all end happily ever after? Do you really think the next passionate kiss is going to end as you expect?

(I can at least guarantee that there is hot sex. I do like writing that, after all).

I like to mix things up, and throw some surprises in the mix. It makes me an abysmal romance writer, but erotica doesn’t have to be as predictable. As long as the sexual tension’s there, the story can take you to other places, too – and with Sky and Nikolas, you might just be surprised.

Excerpt from “Miss Blue Hair”

Sinful Pleasures

“And don’t think,” I added, feeling my lips move against her skin, “of lying.”

“But if I lie,” Sky’s breathy voice said from somewhere by my ear, “you’d just have to get the truth out of me, wouldn’t you?”

“How would I do that?” I let my teeth enclose a bite of skin, with enough pressure to tell her that I could make a mark if I wanted to.

“You don’t know how to?”

My teeth did leave a mark, white on her dark skin, and she groaned. I felt one of her hands come around my back and the other trail up my leg, towards my now-stiffening cock.

“But the problem with this,” I said, and left another mark on her neck, “is that you like it.”

“If you’re nice to me—” Another groan as my teeth bit in again. “Maybe I’ll tell you the truth.”

I trailed my tongue down her neck, keeping my hand entwined in her hair. Her hands were now doing interesting things to my shoulders and back. “How nice would I have to be?” I asked when I’d finished with that patch of skin.


With one movement I pulled her onto my lap, one hand still wound in her hair and her buttocks lying across my thighs. And I brought my free hand down sharply.

Sky groaned, and I felt her cock twitch against my leg. “That’s not nice.”

“No.” I punctuated the word with another slap. “It’s not.” Another slap.

She was gasping and I felt her thrust her hips against me as I spanked her again. She wasn’t even trying to fight; one hand was wound under my legs and the other pushed against my calf, and she was almost rock-hard now. I was, too; the way she moved on my lap was infuriating.

I spanked her until she was moaning under me, begging me to stop and please just fuck her again. But I slid my hand across her burning skin and smiled as she panted. “You were going to tell me some secrets.”



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