MysteryVibe Crescendo Follow Up Mini Review

I’m sure you can all remember the recent guest review the lovely Just Jess Reviews did of the MysteryVibe Crescendo, right here at Scandarella. She wasn’t impressed at all, not unlike many other reviewers out there. Right after that review went live, MysteryVibe told me that they’d been listening to the feedback they were receiving, and they offered Jess a chance to review the new improved Crescendo. Well, this is her mini review! Did MysteryVibe really make improvements, or did they just do a few ineffectual tweaks? Check out what Jess has to say to find out!

I was super excited when MysteryVibe reached out after reading my guest review on Scandarella. My wish had come true, they had listened to bloggers’ and reviewers’ feedback and created the Crescendo 2.0 – New motors!


I was unsurprised to see only very subtle differences in the packaging. I already thought this was great; classy, luxurious, maybe even decadent so even the small changes seem largely unnecessary. Slightly brighter gold type here, additional card there… nothing major.

Visually, the second generation Crescendo is identical to the original, though mine is a deep, grape purple rather than the aqua blue I’d received previously. There’s the same delightfully soft, draggy silicone and those weird fins. I was struggling to see any difference so far, but then to me the only thing lacking in the original Crescendo were the motors.

Holding both the 1.0 and 2.0 in my hands and scrolling through the settings I could tell something had changed. The patterns were different. Slightly quieter but no stronger and no less buzzy! I was gutted.

The app still doesn’t seem to have been upgraded so you can only control the patterns and not the intensity of the vibrations. As you can change and reorder the patterns using the app; I don’t think I would have even known they were new motors if MysteryVibe hadn’t told me. There certainly aren’t enough differences between the original and the 2.0 to warrant owning both.

I’m sure a lot of R&D money went into the new Crescendo but to me there is no improvement, if anything I’m more disappointed by the 2.0 because I thought MysteryVibe had listened and acted on bloggers feedback but the “improvements” feel like putting a plaster on a broken leg. Pointless.


Well, there you have it, folks. Once again, Jess is left feeling deflated and frustrated by the lack of pizzazz offered up by the Crescendo. Thus far, MysteryVibe haven’t officially announced this newer version, which Jess has dubbed the 2.0 for the sake of comparison. There’s no mention of it on MysteryVibe’s website, nor can I find it available in any stores. So, if you’re lusting after the poseable silicone shaft or those strange clitoral fins, click here to check out the original.

The MysteryVibe Crescendo was sent to Jess by MysteryVibe in exchange for an honest review. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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