MEO Essentials Guest Review by Just A Monkey Reviews

I’m super delighted to be publishing this guest review from new reviewer, Just A Monkey Reviews. It’s his first time dipping his toes into the waters of the sexy reviewing world, so if you like his style (and his fucking amazing photos) give him a follow on Twitter. Check out what he thought of some picks from MEO’s massive range of lubes and sprays…

I was asked by Scandarella if I would write a guest review of some MEO Lubricants, and jumped at the chance to kick-start my reviewing career.

So here goes…

Having no prior knowledge of the MEO range of products everything was new to me. The uniformity of the branding on the products is good, making them easily identifiable as being from the same manufacturer and range.

ExtreMeo – Anal desensitising spray

The spray bottle I received was a good size fit for the hand which is a massive plus, giving good control and accuracy. The spray itself is a good mist, and covers the intended area with good precision; the last thing anyone wants is desensitising spray in the wrong place.

The first thing I noticed about the spray after application was the smell. Being fairly novice to these types of products I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the smell reminded me of clove oil, not overpoweringly, but a feint quaff. The spray didn’t take long to have the desired effect, with sensitivity reduced within less than a minute following a moderate application.

As you may imagine with the way these types of products work, there was some tingling as the spray worked its magic, however nothing uncomfortable or irritating.

On the whole this product is easy to apply, effective and helps make the whole anal experience more enjoyable.

EZ2FUCK – Silicone Based lubricant

The product comes in an easy to squeeze bottle, with a narrow teat type nozzle. Perfect for precise and controlled application. The bottle quality is good, so no fears of an explosion of lube everywhere when squeezing. The lube itself is smooth and not too runny and has a nice glide to it. Because its silicone based you don’t have to worry about the skin absorbing it like a water based lube, meaning there is very little need for reapplication. A little goes a long way with this lube, and even when spread to its thinnest it still gives a flawless glide that is smooth and uninterrupted.

Removal is best done by soap and water as suggested by the manufacturer, but even afterwards you can feel the glide on your skin.

A fantastic silicone based lube that delivers just like its apt name.

AQUAMEO – Water Based lubricant

This product follows suit in bottle design and again features the narrow nozzle for application. The product mirrors the properties of its silicone based sibling, and does not fail to provide the same feeling of smoothness and glide. As its water based, I did find it ran thin quite quickly, and with a heavy session, re-application would be a must. Aquameo feels wetter than the EZ2FUCK lube, and as such felt a bit more natural.

The product does what it’s intended to do, and if you can deal with reapplication then this lube is great.

FUCKSLUT – Silicone Based lubricant

I would buy this for the name alone, but I am quite childish like that!

One of MEO’s Silicone based lubricants, that boasts glide, smoothness and longevity and it certainly delivers on all points and more. The smallest of applications is needed before you immediately feel the benefit of the product. The only difference I could see between the two was that FUCKSLUT seems to have a more watery consistency Vs. the EZ2FUCK.  Both perform remarkably.

Monkey’s Verdict

They seem to have got a formula that works very well indeed, and for me I wouldn’t hesitate in picking up one of their silicone based lubricants again in the future.

Monkey Score: 8/10

If you’d like to pick up some MEO Essentials of your own, click the image below to go check out their massive range.

These MEO Essentials were supplied by MEO in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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