How to Have Better Orgasms

A Masturbation Sex Story

by Danielle Denzel

When I was in my early 20’s, hormones were raging and I developed strong attractions for good-looking men. It was the time when sexual curiosities arise. After a decade of watching music videos with scantily clad dancers erotically writhing against each other and listening to blatant lyrics about sex, I thought sex HAD to be the best thing in the world. I had very high expectations for my first sexual encounter. I chose my first mate and prepared myself for what was to be the greatest most memorable moment of my life.. or maybe not.

We had a few glasses of wine but I was far from drunk. It took the edge off and the “first-time” jitters subsided. His penis inserting felt nice, there was no hymen to break. I’ve been to “third base” before and had some finger play with a guy in the past. (This experience was relatively enjoyable however my boyfriend was too young and had no idea what to do when faced with a vagina. But that’s another story altogether.)

Thrusting a few times, some kisses and caressing of the head… I’m waiting for something big to happen… It feels nice but nothing to write home about. And then it’s all over. He finishes his business and I’m left with my thighs still heated and wanting more. In my opinion, the whole point of sex is to share a close bond, but it felt like I was doing him a service by laying there like a rag doll. What happened to this amazing feeling? Sex is the source of lyrics for most songs on the Billboard charts and this is what it is REALLY like?

A case like mine is certainly not a rarity. Many men find that orgasm comes quickly and easily, but just as many women know it can take at least twenty minutes of steady stimulation before they even see the finish line. A search on any online forum or sex column will typically suggest trying sex toys. I was very open to this idea, however I have only known sex toys for solo pleasure time and never really considered it as part of sexual intercourse with a partner. Needing to make the next experience better, I went for it and started my collection for “interactive experimentation” in the bedroom.

Fast forward several years and I am finally living my sexual prime. I have a whole drawer full of sex toys now and can easily be considered an “expert” in the field. Now it’s my turn to inspire twenty-somethings on my personal favorite sex tip:

Have an orgasm before intercourse!

What is my favorite toy for pre-intercourse action? A bullet vibrator or tiny wand vibrator. Anything small, really. It can be a fancy little clitoral vibrator with designer shapes or a simple silver bullet vibrator. Check out the examples over at

Start by holding the vibrator over your clitoris. Think of it like warming up a car engine. You wouldn’t jam on the gas pedal without warming up your car first, and the same goes for the body. Hold the vibrator over the clitoris before penetration. Keep it in place with the vibration on a low setting. Gradually turn up the intensity as you’re feeling wetter & hotter.

While you’re using the little vibrator on the clitoris, leave the vagina untouched. This will create natural lubrication and will allow your vaginal tissue to swell – a natural response that your body has to let you know you’re primed for intercourse. This feels good, it’s about the anticipation of what’s to come. Have a clitoral orgasm with your vibrator and once you’ve completed the climax it’s time for penetration. The feeling is so overwhelming, you’re muscles literally grasp his erection and hug it like a best friend you haven’t seen in years.

Get him to use it on you if you’re feeling extra playful (although for purpose of effectiveness, it works better if you handle the device yourself as you know exactly how hard and fast your body needs to be stimulated in order to respond with a powerful orgasm.) Having an orgasm before sexual intercourse is one of the most powerful ways to increase your pleasure. Give it a try!

This post was written and sponsored by Danielle Denzel of The Adult Toy Shop.

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