2017 Bucket List for Sex Toy Newbies

Ten Things to Put on Your 2017 Bucket List if You’re New to Sex Toys

Written by Melissa Macfarlane

At the beginning of every year, we always try to become a better version of ourselves, whether it’s joining a gym, starting a diet or even just organising ourselves better. However, what about trying something a little different for 2017?

What I propose, is instead of a New Year’s resolution in 2017, how about starting a sex toy revolution. Instead of improving our already pretty great selves, I’m inviting sex toy beginners to spend 2017 embarking upon a brand new sex toy journey.

Here are ten things for sex toy beginners to put on their 2017 bucket list.

Buy your first sex toy in 2017

Take the step, and buy your first ever sex toy. Go on, it’s a lot easier than you think! With most reputable stores using discreet names and plain packaging, your blushes are spared by fast and discreet delivery straight to your front door. If you aren’t sure what sex toy is right for you. Take a few minutes to google the sex toys that you like the look of, and read the reviews.

Use the sex toy with a partner

Sex toys are lots of fun on their own, but great fun when the pleasure is shared too. Why not treat your partner a sexy show, or play around with a (trusted!) partner on Facetime. If you plan to use the sex toy together, covering it with a condom and changing it every time you penetrate a new orifice means that you can play together and stay safe too.

*Always check compatibility with the sex toys, lubricants and condoms before play*

Hold a sex toy party

Make some money and examine the products before you buy with a sex toy party. The infamous party panning company Ann Summers have lots of different reps who hold the party in your own home. As you have fun with the girls and see the toys first hand, you earn money off your own purchases with each sale made on the night, so you can get a more expensive sex toy for less money!

Have multiple orgasms

Knowing your body well enough to bring yourself to a multiple orgasm is an art form, and luckily sex toys are the perfect tools for the job. By taking the intensity from high to low after climax, and using the toy to titillate after orgasm – with a little practice, it won’t be long until you’re ready to enjoy round two.

Take a glass sex toy on holiday

Glass sex toys are ideal for a summer holiday. The glass is undetectable on the airport scanners and save embarrassment, they need less lubrication and they are easier to keep clean. So they are ideal for saving space in your suitcase. As you play with your glass dildo in the sun, dip it into a bucket of iced water for a toe curling treat.

Read an erotic story

With so many wonderful erotic authors to choose from, choosing the right story to get your juices flowing is easier than ever. Taking some time to read the story reviews and looking at the recommended authors on Amazon will help you find the perfect tale. A word of advice – always keep your vibrator close to hand when reading a naughty story, your imagination is the perfect aphrodisiac…

Write out a fantasy and act it out

Sit down one evening when you’ll be completely undisturbed, and pour yourself a glass of wine. Put pen to paper and just let the thoughts tumble from your head as you write your sexiest and deepest fantasy. Once you’re finished send it to your partner, keep it to yourself or destroy it. Whatever you choose to do with it, being at one with your innermost thoughts is the perfect way to learn about your body, and the things you want in the bedroom.

Wear sexy lingerie under your work clothes and masturbate when you get home

Few things are sexier than knowing that you’re wearing lingerie and you have a mind blowing orgasm in store when you get home. Just make sure that the lingerie isn’t uncomfortable, because that really does put a dampener on the experience…

Experiment with light bondage

Believe it or not, you can enjoy bondage play alone so this is achievable for anyone. For couples, buy a beginner’s bondage kit and experiment with the different contents. If you’re happily single, you can experiment with light bondage by experimenting with genital spanking, orgasm control or even joining a BDSM dating site and finding an online playmate.

Wear a set of vibrating panties in public

To top off your spectacular year of sex toy play, purchase a set of vibrating panties and wear them out of the house. Hand the remote control to a lover, or take charge of your own pleasure. After a year of self-discovery – you certainly deserve an extra treat!

About the author

Melissa MacFarlane is an erotic journalist and the author of the www.voluptasse.co.uk sex and lifestyle blog.

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