Scandarella’s Halloween Giveaway 2018

Happy Halloween Lovely Readers! It feels like forever since I last had a giveaway, and seeing as though October is my spiritual birth month I figured that now is the time. I’ve sourced some fab prizes for you this year, and for a change, the mighty penis is being well represented! Check out the goodies below…

Uberrime Calaveras Dildo

Go on, look at it, I’ll wait. Isn’t it spectacular? The awesome Uberrime are giving one lucky bucky the chance to win a freshly launched Calaveras Silicone Dildo. Yes, its nuts are a pair of skulls. Yes, they do glow in the dark. And yes, you really do want it. All you have to do to win this spooky silicone sculpture is click the link and get entering.


We-Vibe Pivot

My wonderful blog sponsor, Luxury Vibrators has offered up the cream of the cock rocking crop with this awesome We-Vibe Pivot Vibrating Cock Ring. It’s silicone, rechargeable, and one of the Fella’s faves. I don’t think it’s too shabby, either. If you’re in Canada and want a chance to win it, click the link below.


Fleshlight Go Torque

Another fantastic product from another fantastic Scandarella sponsor, Forbidden Pleasures is giving one lucky cock the chance to win my very favourite stroker, the Fleshlight Go Torque. This is a smaller, travel-friendly version of the Fleshlight, and it’s completely transparent. If you have an audience they’re in for a visual treat,  and you’re in for an orgasmic one regardless of who is or isn’t watching. I love this thing, and if you want to love it too you know what to do.


Nu-Sensuelle Point

Nu-Sensuelle products have been popping up all over Scandarella lately, and there’ll be more within the next weel. But for now, my friends at Latex, Leather & Lace are giving one Scandarella reader the chance to win a super-powered, rechargeable bullet vibrator. I have one of these and it’s awesome! If you’re in the UK, get entering and get lucky!


Avant Pride Winner’s Choice

Let your flag fly with Avant Pride! The very lovely folks at Blush Novelties are giving one winner a chance to pick their favourite product from the gorgeous Pride line. Whether you choose a piece that represents your identity or a shape that tickles your fancy, you’ll be getting a beautiful, body-safe silicone toy that will delight. Please note, this prize will be subject to stock so you have an alternative choice in mind, just in case.

Exposed Collection Nocturnal Bullet

The second prize provided by Blush Novelties is one of my most recent new personal faves. The Nocturnal Bullet is more powerful than the We-Vibe Tango and the vibes are thigh-tremblingly good. It’s made of ABS plastic so if totally body safe, and if you want to check out my review you can do so here. For this prize your colour will be random.

Temptasia Elvira

Named after the Queen of Halloween, the Temptasia Elvira is a gorgeous, stubby, chubby dildo made in the blackest of black silicone. If you’re not a rainbow person, you’ll love the light-swallowing, gothness of this sweet little piece. And know that I’ll be jealous, cos I don’t have one of these.

There is only one widget for three Blush prizes, so please comment on this post to tell me which one you’d choose if you won, in order of preference. Spank you very much!


We-Vibe Match

The We-Vibe Match is badged up as a ‘couples’ toy, but we all know that there’s no such thing. Provided by the generous folks at We-Vibe, the Match can be used by all and sundry. Got a vulva? Slip the silicone c-shaped vibe in while you use a dildo. Not got a vulva? Open it up and hold it in your hand while you stroke. Anyone can have fun with this lovely thing, and if you want to be one of them get your entries in.


Satisfyer Pro Rabbit

If you’re into the faux sucky sensations of Satisfyers but wish you could have a wee bit more, you need to give the Satisfyer Pro Rabbit a go. Provided by Satisfyer, another generous company, the Pro Rabbit delivers powerful clitoral stimulation along with powerful vibes in the silicone shaft.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler

Another prize from Satisfyer, this time for those on the go. The Pro Traveler is a tiny version of the Satisfyer but not one ounce of power has been sacrificed. It’s USB rechargeable so you can take it anywhere, it comes in a compact case for protection in your bag, and it feels damned good!


Please read these terms & conditions carefully!

  • All entrants must be over 18
  • Prizes have different methods of shipping, and some are available to one country only. Please check you’re eligible to enter before doing so.
  • Please ensure that sex toys are legal in your country/state before entering.
  • Neither Scandarella nor the company providing the prize will be liable for customs fees, losses, or redelivery costs should they occur.
  • Winner will be drawn at random and emailed, they will then have 48 hours to respond. If they fail to respond in that time, another winner will be selected.
  • All prizes are brand new and offered in good faith. No liability will be accepted for any mischief you might do yourself during use.
  • You may enter as many of the giveaways as you like but can only win one.
  • Prize is non-transferable
  • There is no cash alternative
  • Blush Novelties will require proof of age before sending out prizes to winners

Good Luck

50 thoughts on “Scandarella’s Halloween Giveaway 2018

  1. Exposed bullet, please. Second choice, Avant, third Elvira.


    (naranja continues to be cuddly but bitey, and halfway’s turned into an escape artist when it comes to collars/etc. you really really aren’t supposed to ear-tag a cat, but it’s starting to look like that may be the only way besides the ear-tip she already has to VISIBLY have a sign “she’s got a home”. she is chipped, thankfully.)

    and hey, i figured out how to shortcut the tax training i’m doing. (i wouldn’t be if i thought it was actually teaching me useful stuff, but this is the irs-required basics, not the 5-10% of outliers who make me go EEEK when i see them professionally because me filing them is not in ANYBODY’S best interests. so no, opening up the participant’s manual and other relevant links and reading a few random pages before jumping straight to the assessment doesn’t bother my ethics any.)

    1. Thanks, Taylor! 😀 Good luck 🖤🎃

      AH, thank you for the update on the furbabies 🙂 Cuddly but bitey is my fave, my littlest kitty is like that. And good luck with the training, however you manage to get it done!

      1. well, the scores i’ve been getting got me an interview with the local *corporate* people (earlier today) and hopefully i came across as “yeah we want to hire her”. (i was INCREDIBLY open about “yep, this is as neurotypical-sounding as i’m likely to be so…”, but my probable work partner if i get the job is a bilingual latinx lady. ime, ladies in general tend to cut people more slack for their differences from “normal”, and if they also check “of color”/disabled/etc. ID boxes they’ve probably taken enough shit for their own intersectionality issues to be ‘okay, you’re here, you can do the job, and if i discreetly poke you you WILL stop babbling at me i can deal’..)

        cash money went walkabout for a bit, but she’s back for the moment and is becoming a floof. i really need to get all three to the vet asap, but it’s probably not happening today.

        wishing you and all your followers a good halloween!!

    1. They’re all awesome 😀 I wish there was more for the USA too. Maybe there will be in my blogiversary in January. Good luck 🖤🎃

  2. If I win the blush giveaway my choices in order are:
    Temptasia Elvira
    Nocturnal bullet – light pink
    Pride p3 – beauty

  3. For the Blush prizes, I’d want (in order of preference)
    1. The Avant Pride toy (preferably the P3/lesbian pride dildo!)
    2. The Temptasia Elvira
    3. The Nocturnal Bullet

  4. Temptasia Elvira would definitely be my top pick. Second and third are a tie between the Pride P3, and the Nocturnal.

  5. It looks like I’m in the minority with the Elvira as my top pick! The bullet would be a close second, Pride P3 is third.

    May the odds be ever in my favor 👻

  6. My blush choices would be 1.bullet 2. Something from avent pride line 3. Elvira. Aiming to bring a vibe to my ladies holiday party/gift exchange and shake things up a bit ;).

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