While I Was Sleeping


You waited until I was sleeping. You waited until I lost the battle with my eyelids, until my breathing deepened, and my eyes started to flicker and you knew I was so deep in I wouldn’t feel you.

You’d told me once that you’d always wanted to do this to me. That the idea of me lying there, oblivious and so peaceful, while you crept into my room to do something unspeakable sent your arousal levels shooting off the charts.

How did you feel when you opened the bedroom door? Did the creaking hinge spike your pulse? Did you remember to overstep the fourth floorboard or did it groan beneath your weight? And the rug near the top of my bed…did you catch your foot on it like I always do?

When your eyes finally adjusted to the darkness, what did you see? Had I kicked off the covers? Was my vest already around my throat or did you pull it up? Did you move the fabric to expose my breasts? Did the sight of my softly rising and falling chest excite you? Was it my tight nipples that made your cock hard or was it already straining in your shorts when you stole upon me at my most vulnerable?

I moan in my sleep. You knew that already, but did some quiet, innocently sensual sound take you by surprise? Was that the reason you didn’t just watch me sleep? Was it those soft noises that drifted past my parted lips which made you lower your shorts, or did I move? Did I shift my arm, lift my breasts or make them quiver?

I know you stroked the tip of your cock over the tight brown bud on the right. I have a dried streak of fluid as evidence. There’s a similar streak on my cheek, too. I can just imagine you kneeling on my bed, hand on the headboard, giving the mattress your weight ever so slowly so as not to make me stir.

Did you hold your breath as you traced your cock over my exposed skin? Was it you who lowered the quilt until my belly was uncovered? Or had I done it in my sleep? Either way, you took full advantage of my nakedness.

How long did it take you? After you took your cock in your hand and started to pump your arm, shake your wrist above me, how long did it take for you to come? Had you intended to splatter my knickers with your illicit desire? Does the dried in smear mean your swollen tip was touching the black cotton when you came?

Did you hold your breath or did you pant my name? I hope you did. I hope every second of your orgasm was filled to the edges with nothing but me. There’s just one thing I have to say to you, roomie. Next time you sneak into my room to wank over me, do it while I’m awake.

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