Three Little Piggies


Dan stepped off the trail that led to the picnic area at the centre of Ropey Woods, moving in step counted zigzags, heading for the beaten track that was hidden three fallen ash trees in, and just past a sycamore.

His feet crunched through the autumn leaves, and the deep draft of air he sucked into his lungs was crisp, tinged slightly with the smell of underlying decay. He’d always loved the smell of the woods. He couldn’t remember a time when he hadn’t, and he couldn’t imagine a time arriving when he wouldn’t.

His folks had brought him, his brother, and two sisters to the picnic area a few times a year, and they’d even camped out in the back of the family truck once, so they could watch a passing comet. He’d bossed his brother around, and made his sisters cry, but they’d had a great time in the end. He smiled, turning left and starting to count again from one when he reached the first ash. Yeah, he’d always loved everything about the woods. It was his favourite place to be.

But now, mixed in with his nostalgic stirrings and aroused senses, the feeling of excitement that had been growing in him for the past month was reaching its peak. It was an excitement that had ebbed and flowed from the beginning of every month to the end for almost half a year, and he knew that as soon as today’s gathering was over, he’d have the build up to November’s to savour.

Passing by the big oak tree that had a lightning scar that ran the length of its bole made him pick up the pace. He was just under half way to the Ruin now. He chuckled to himself. That name had long amused him. The first time he’d been brought there, he’d assumed he was being brought to see an actual ruin. He’d walked behind the man who had guided him, wondering if he would be faced with a broken old church, or even one of those old stone walls that had crumbled hundreds of years before he’d been born, so when he walked into a clearing with a large wooden cabin in the centre, he’d been baffled.

He stepped over the fallen log that told him he’d be there in five more minutes, smiling as he recalled his friend’s response when he’d said “I thought we were coming to see a ruin?”

In his quiet, authoritative voice, the guy had answered, “We are. We’re going to see your ruin, and my ruin…”

Dan had laughed then, just as he was laughing now, but he hadn’t laughed for long. He’d learned many things that day, and more in the following years. When he’d brought each of his friends to the Ruin for the very first time, he’d said exactly the same thing to them, and had delighted in their confusion, just as his friend had delighted in his.

But today was another matter altogether. Today there would be no confusion, because there was nobody new to confuse. Everybody involved would already be inside of the Ruin, and they all knew their place. Well, they mostly knew. Learning was a long, drawn out process, but unlearning was worse.

The trees thinned, and the Ruin came into view. Dan came to a stop at the wooden gate, watching the windows for signs of life. He could see movement through the drawn blinds, but they were no more than fast moving, vague shapes. They knew he was coming, and they were getting ready for him.

Their voices could be heard from where he stood, and though they were muffled, he could sense their discord. They had all been chosen for the flaws in their character, and when they were left unattended, they clashed. It had been five months since he’d brought the final one in, and fixing their brokenness was proving to be a greater task than he’d anticipated.

A deep, commanding voice rose higher than the other two, and all of a sudden, Dan wasn’t Dan anymore. He was still inside of himself somewhere, but something else had settled over him like a second skin that cloaked who he really was. Nothing had changed about his outward appearance, though. He was still the same old Dan to look at, and if you didn’t know him, you wouldn’t notice the change in his countenance, in the way he held himself, or in the heightened air of authority that exuded from every part of him.

Dan was gone, and the Master had taken his place. The Master who had taken the name, Wolf.

“Little pig, little pig, let me come in,” he murmured, his sparkling eyes fixed on the door.

Though it had only been the faintest of whispers, he could detect the edge of anticipation in his tone, and the barest trace of the cruelty and power that were the driving force behind it. His three little pigs were inside, and he couldn’t wait to play his games.

The gate creaked open, and the movements behind the blinds came to an abrupt halt. Wolf closed the gate deliberately slowly, making sure he drew protesting screeches from the rusted hinges with every inch, before finally slamming it home.

The white gravel that coated the path shifted beneath his feet as he stomped heavily toward the cabin. Metallic scratching filled the air, and as soon as the lock disengaged, he flung open the door and stepped inside.

Almost every surface sported a burning candle, and the sudden brightness obscured his vision for a moment. Once he his eyes adjusted, he noted that most of the wax was white, and some black, but none of it was red. It was a small omission, but his disappointment was real. Wax play was off the menu, it seemed, which was a shame, given who he’d invited.

Disappointment didn’t hold grip for long, though. The candlelight flickering on stainless steel had caught his eye, and his covetous gaze lingered on the implements that adorned the unstained log walls. The lustre the soft orange glow the dancing candle flames leant to the black leather made it as provocative hanging there as it would have been wrapped around a body.

“Body,” he whispered.

Turning slowly, he gave his attention to the three naked bodies on the floor. Two of them were female, and the third was male. They were all on their knees with their heads bowed, their fingertips resting lightly on the sealed wooden floor.

A hint of a smile tilted the corner of his mouth, and he made the quietest of sounds in the back of his throat. All three heads snapped up at once, and he considered each of his piggies in turn. Not one of them was looking directly at him, and not one of them would dare until he gave them permission to do so.

Crossing the room, Wolf poured himself a small tumbler of water. He swilled his excitement parched mouth, then ran his tongue over his dry lips. It wouldn’t do to croak when he addressed his submissives.

Back in the middle of the room, he spoke one word. “Mistrust.”

The black haired woman who belonged to the name tilted her chin. Wolf watched her eyes move painfully slowly from his booted feet, up over his denim clad legs and black shirt… Her gaze hesitated for a few heartbeats once she reached his chin, but with obvious effort, she finally met his eyes. It had taken her almost two whole minutes to do it.

Something pulled in his chest as he studied her guarded, brown eyes. He knew she trusted him. She wouldn’t have been there if she didn’t, because he would never have allowed it. But he hadn’t given her the name “Mistrust” for nothing. She’d known the pain of betrayal, and many of the best parts of her were kept under lock and key because of it. He’d considered naming her Paranoia at first, but the way she watched people and kept her guard up… Mistrust was perfect for her.

Almost as if she knew what he was thinking, she cast her gaze back down, and he saw her vulnerability shine through before she forced her features to become passive again.

Flicking his eyes to her left, Wolf called out another word. “Addict.”

It took this piggy almost as long as it had taken Mistrust to meet his eyes, but for a very different reason altogether. Addict’s self-esteem was as low as Mistrust’s, but she coped with it in a very different manner.

She was a greedy blonde in her daily life, and as unrestrained as she was unrefined. She fucked anyone who would take her, took what she wanted if it wasn’t nailed down, and gambled money she didn’t have in a bid to procure more money so that she was able to buy things she couldn’t steal. It had taken her so long to meet his eyes because she’d been too busy staring covetously at his crotch, and his hands, and his mouth, like the hungry little creature she was.

But once his stare ensnared her, he saw the change. Addict took a deep breath, placed her twitchy fingertips back on the floor, and dipped her head. Her neck was on a slight angle, and he knew she was taking a backseat to the man on her left. That was exactly what he’d wanted to see. His little addict piggy, willing to give instead of always taking. He should reward her, maybe by releasing her from her chastity belt, if only for a little while.

Wolf was still smiling when he called out the last name. “Narcissist.”

Two seconds. That’s all it took for Narcissist to meet his eyes, and he was as bold and arrogant as ever when he did so. Little by little, Wolf’s smile faded, and Narcissist’s beautiful one blossomed.

Of all the character flaws Wolf had invited to his Ruin, vanity was the most troublesome. Those who were inflicted with it were demanding and self-entitled, and they almost always had an air of superiority about them that made them challenge his control.

Shaking his head, Wolf sighed. Narcissist would learn the hard way, just like his predecessor, Selfish, had before him.

“Up,” he said softly.

Addict moved fluidly and swiftly, coming to attention with her back straight and her perky breasts thrust forward. Mistrust was slower, and she wasn’t as upright as her sister piggy, but she did as she was told.

Narcissist smirked and made a move to rise, but Wolf clicked his fingers. The bronzed young man settled back on heels and waited. He clearly wanted to look up, but he fought it. It was too little, too late, though. Wolf was the Master. He would not be challenged by anyone, but especially not his own piggies.

Every step he took toward them made Narcissist flinch. Mistrust shuddered when he took her arm, and Addict moaned softly when he flexed his fingers around hers. He held his chuckle behind his teeth. She was such a wanton creature.

Tugging slowly, he positioned them in front of Narcissist, and guided Addict to her knees. A sharp slap on Mistrust’s ass made her part her thighs, and Wolf took half a dozen paces back so he could see what came next.

“Wake him up,” he intoned.

No sooner had the words left his mouth did Addict do what she believed she did best. Her face disappeared between the soft folds at the top of Mistrust’s thighs, and the dark haired girl started to whimper.

Wolf could hear the sucking and lapping, and he knew he was in the perfect spot to see all of the action if he just looked down, but that wasn’t what this was about. He would enjoy watching both girls worshipping one another’s pussies with their mouths soon enough, but for now he was too busy delighting in the agonised look on Narcissist’s handsome face.

This particular little piggy believed that he was the only human male truly made in God’s image. He couldn’t walk past a shiny surface without checking himself out, and he always believed that, no matter what room he was in, he was the only thing in it that anyone could possibly want.

Women and men alike fuelled this fire of conceit Narcissist had burning for himself, and he was never short of willing lovers, so to be watching two women enjoy each other with no regard to his presence whatsoever was as torturous to him as it was satisfying to his Master.

Laughing quietly, Wolf walked back to Mistrust. His chest pressed against her back and he pulled her away from Addict, who knew what he wanted of her. She shuffled on her knees until she was facing Narcissist, and her head dipped, taking his twitching cock past her lips and down her throat as if it were liquid and not seven inches of solid male.

Narcissist cursed, but he only got to do it once. Wolf pushed Mistrust toward him and lifted her leg in the air, balancing her over Addict, then grabbed Narcissist by the hair and shoved his face into her crotch.

“Don’t you dare come,” he whispered into the neat little ear by his lips.

Narcissist was top of his game when it came to pleasuring pussy, and he’d learned exactly how to bring Mistrust to orgasm early on in their arrangement. She liked to feel tongue plunging into her vagina, with just a little pressure from the nose on her clitoris, and she went off like a firework if a cheeky finger or two sneaked into her ass.

Addict hadn’t figured that out yet, though, and whenever she was the one with her blonde head bobbing between Mistrust’s thighs, she still lapped away at her clit like a kitty at a bowl of cream, and wondered why she wasn’t responding as quickly as she did to the men in the room.

But something she was good at, was sucking cock. She’d had those plump lips of hers around Wolf’s cock often enough for him to know how good she was making Narcissist feel, and as he listened to him slurping away at the pussy he could work so well, he could hear the soft grunts that warned him that his cock was about to let go.

Mistrust squealed and came to a stop by the St Andrew’s Cross by the door, and Addict gasped as she was drawn to her feet. Narcissist whimpered, but didn’t move.

Wolf crouched down and slapped the glistening wet cock that looked desperate for attention. Narcissist cried out, and there were tears in his eyes as he waited for what he now knew was inevitable.

It didn’t take long for his cock to deflate under the scrutiny of its owner, and as soon as it did, Wolf clicked his fingers. Mistrust handed him a golden cage, and Narcissist sobbed quietly as his cock was incarcerated. He leaned forward, lifting one knee, then the other, as a leather belt was drawn up his legs, and he yelped when a small, steel plug was thrust into his ass.

Wolf straightened and pointed to the back of the room.

Crying all the way, Narcissist crawled across the floor and folded himself into a small cage. Addict snapped the padlock closed and placed the key on a hook, just out of reach of the poor soul who’d gotten himself locked up.

A few moments passed where the only sound in the room was Narcissist’s pitiful weeping. Wolf listened to it, closing his eyes and sighing as though he was hearing the most haunting song ever written, being played just for him.

Then he focused on his more malleable piggies. He kept his eyes on them as he kicked off his boots, and shed his jeans and shirt. Bumps rose on his flesh, but the cabin wasn’t cold. The candles made sure of that. The bumps were born of the knowledge of what was to come.

He untied the string he kept around his neck and threw the key that hung off it to Mistrust. Addict almost leapt out of her skin when she realised that she was being freed. It had been three months since she’d been allowed out of her prison, not including the trip to the doctors she’d taken the week before.

That woman could have a thousand orgasms in two and a half hours, if she could find something firm enough to fuck herself with, so he’d sent Mistrust with her to keep her honest. He wasn’t fool enough to think she’d have behaved herself if he hadn’t.

Once Addict was out of chastity, Wolf lowered himself into the chair that faced the cage, and pointed at the floor. Both women lay down, and within moments they were lost in each other.

He watched their tongues dance together. He watched nipple stroke nipple, and pussy rub pussy. His aching cock was probably purple by now, and he could feel his balls were fit to burst, but he was happy to wait. He loved watching his piggies fuck, but there was something so sensual about watching a woman with a woman that just wasn’t there when he watched a woman with a man.

Two men had it too, but when any man was involved, there was nearly always an undertone of impending violence in any given sex act. There was a tenderness between two women that made the inevitable loss of control and resulting wild race to the finish all the more gratifying to witness.

As expected, Addict soon took the lead. She reared up over Mistrust, and the smaller woman hid her face in her dark hair and screeched as three long fingers sunk in and out of her pussy so fast they sent globules of fluid through the air to rain down on her stomach.

Oh, Addict was good at giving, and Mistrust was a wonderful little receiver! He wanted his cock in that pussy of hers so badly, but not yet. Something occurred to him as he glanced at Mistrust’s reddened face, and he laughed quietly. He hadn’t rescinded his order for her not to come. She was lying on that floor getting finger fucked to within an inch of her life, and she was still fighting that damned orgasm!

“Enough,” he said with a grin, and Addict backed away, leaving poor Mistrust in a panting, writhing heap on the floor.

“What do you want, Missy?” he asked.

Mistrust peered at him through her lashes and whispered, “I want to come, Master.”

“And how would you like that brought about?” Asking her these kind of questions amused him, because she hated answering them.

She mumbled something, and he stamped his foot. “I want you to fuck me,” she said a little louder.

Wolf smiled wider. “With what?”

What a shade of red she’d turned! If they’d been in any other situation than this, he’d have been concerned for her health. When she didn’t answer, he repeated the question. “What do you want me to fuck you with, Mistrust?”

“Your cock,” she replied. “I want you to fuck my pussy with your big cock until I come.”

There was a good chance that that was going to happen at some stage, but it wouldn’t be any time soon. What kind of Master would he be if he didn’t torment his piggies before he gave them what they wanted?

“On your back!” His command cracked through the air, and Mistrust obeyed.

He pointed at Addict and added, “Straddle her face. Let her get a good look at that cunt of yours.”

He cocked his head, appreciating the display before him. His two women lying in wait, and his man locked in his cage, not bothering to hide the tumultuous emotional cocktail of lust, jealousy, resentment and adoration that was twisting him in to knots of frustration.

Wolf pushed his tight briefs to his ankles and stepped out of them. Cock in hand, he walked slowly toward his waiting women, eyes fixed on Mistrust’s. She was trying and failing to hide her smile as she parted her legs further and tilted her hips for him. Boy, did she have the wrong idea. What a disappointed little piggy she was going to be.

“Hold her hands over her head,” he told Addict, who did as instructed. He rubbed his cock around Mistrust’s gaping entrance, then shifted up and plunged his cock deep inside of Addict.

Both women cried out, one in ecstasy and the other in frustration. Wolf couldn’t see Mistrust’s face, but he knew she could see every inch of his cock thrusting in and out of Addict’s wet cunt. He knew that the harder he fucked her, the more that wet cunt would send ribbons of juice dripping into Mistrust’s face, and he knew that when Addict started to come – which would be any minute now – he’d pull his cock out and let her see that pussy squeeze out the orgasm she herself so desperately wanted.

“Please, Master,” Addict wheezed. “Please can I come?”

She felt so good he wanted to say no and carry on fucking her, but this was about what Mistrust was seeing and not what he was feeling, though he still sank his cock into Addict a few more times before giving his permission. “Help yourself,” he laughed, and as soon as that first contraction gripped his cock, he retreated.

He peered over her shoulder and wrinkled his nose in amusement at the cute little face that scowled back at him. Addict was a messy fuck, and Mistrust was so doused in pussy juice she had one eye closed, and there was a little pool of fluid right in the corner.

Wolf pointed and Addict wiped it away with her thumbs, then squealed when he shoved her forward. His tongue pushed into her tight anus while his cock sank into Mistrust’s mouth, and he fucked them both slowly.

Four of his fingers glided into Addict’s pussy with ease, and he almost exploded when she came. Mistrust sucked a little faster, but he wasn’t ready for that. He wanted to see her come first.

Eyes on Narcissist once more, he motioned for Addict to unlock the cage. As soon as the door swung outward, Narcissist shuffled out with his head hanging low. Wolf had only intended on making him eat Mistrust out for a while, but he did something that changed everything.

Staying on all fours, Narcissist grunted. Not the same kind of grunt he made when he was getting his cock sucked, and not the grunts of exertion he made when he was pounding someone. It was closer to an oink, and it was a gesture he’d sworn he would never make. It was his verbal confirmation of his complete submission.

Wolf stared at him with wide eyes. Narcissist had learned his first lesson. It had taken months, but he’d finally come to understand that, while there was a number one in the room, it wasn’t him.

“Release him,” Wolf whispered. It was rare that any of his piggies awed him like this, and Narcissist was the last one he would ever have expected to make him feel that way.

Addict unlocked the golden cage, and Narcissist crawled forward. He kept going until he was inches from his Master, and once he was there, he opened his mouth and eagerly drew him in. Wolf moaned softly, watching that usually sassy mouth worshipping his cock like it was the last precious thing on earth.

“Oh, God, suck it,” he murmured. Narcissist’s muddy brown hair was soft and thick, and he buried his hands right at the roots. Holding his head still, he fucked his mouth, growling every time he pushed in too far and Narcissist gagged.

He could feel himself getting close again, so he pushed him away. Manoeuvring him until his ass was in the air, he turned away and slipped a condom over his cock, noting that it was indeed purple, just as he’d predicted. Then he ran his eyes over the canes, whips and crops that still glinted in the candlelight, but none of them were what he wanted.

Frustration gripped him, until he saw something else glittering in the corner of the room. He stalked to it, and the sound of the leather belt whipping from the loops on Narcissist’s jeans made all three piggies gasp.

Wolf looped the belt and brought it down on Narcissist’s waiting ass as soon as he was close enough to reach. The yelp that elicited from the man on his knees made his cock jump.

“Count to ten,” he commanded, bringing it down again, watching a strip of pale white skin turn pink, then red.

Narcissist yelped, “One,” and Wolf smiled. He’d expected him to say two. That’s what he’d done when he’d endured his first belt whipping as a piggy, and it always surprised him when his own piggies didn’t follow suit.

“Holler for me,” he cracked, seconds before the belt did, and Narcissist shouted out his ‘two’.

Each blow that followed was a shade harder than the first, and by the time they reached ten, Narcissist was screaming. The deep yells of a man who could no longer tell pleasure from pain was one of Wolf’s favourite sounds, and the guttural growl he got when he grabbed those swollen, red cheeks and squeezed them apart so he could bury his cock in that tight ass was the hottest thing he’d heard all day.

He kneaded and massaged the burning hot flesh beneath his palms, slapping every now and again as he drove into Narcissist’s ass again and again. Pulling him up by that gloriously soft hair, he slowed his thrusts and barked out an order.

“Suck his cock,” he said, not caring which woman did it.

To his surprise, Mistrust came forward, and did as he asked. Narcissist grunted and groaned, in front of him, and he watched Addict open her legs wide. She didn’t touch herself, because he hadn’t said she could, but even from half way across the room he could see she was still dripping.

What a proud Master they were making him today! Narcissist and his submission, Mistrust and her choice to trust a man who wasn’t him, and Addict waiting to be given what she wanted instead of defiantly taking it like she usually would be at this stage. It had all come together, and even though he didn’t think it was going to last, they’d all shown him exactly what he’d wanted to see. Improvement.

“Let’s finish this,” he gasped.

Pulling out of Narcissist, he sank his hands into his and Mistrust’s hair, drawing them to the vinyl sheeted bed at the far right of the room. Addict followed. She lay down on the bed, and Mistrust crawled between her thighs.

Both men watched for a moment as one woman licked while the other pulled on her own nipples, then Wolf nudged Narcissist forward. He waited until his Master had leaned in and spat on Mistrust’s asshole before forcing his cock into her. She stopped what she was doing and whispered, “Oh, God, fuck me!” before taking control of Addict’s body with her hands and mouth, while the other woman gripped Narcissist’s hips, urging him to fuck her piggy friend harder.

Wolf kneeled behind Narcissist and, hands on top of Addict’s, he completed the connection when he entered him once more. They all moved together like parts of a machine, until one by one, they started to come. Addict went first, and her shrieks triggered Narcissist. He surged as deep into Mistrust as he could go until she bucked against him, crying out in the little, high-pitched pants they all adored her for.

Finally, Wolf closed his eyes and stilled, the spasms of Narcissist’s orgasm squeezing the last drops of his from his cock. With that, their game was over, but he was Master. He still had work to do yet.

Wincing at the tight squeeze of Narcissist’s ass as he pulled his sensitive cock free, he clambered off the bed and made for the small fridge in the corner. He pulled out a two litre bottle of cola, and a handful of unwrapped chocolate bars.

Once he’d filled the two troughs he kept on a low table in the corner, he clapped, then watched his piggies come to be fed. As the women lapped up the cola and Narcissist snuffled in the chocolate, Wolf pulled the cum splattered sheet from the bed, revealing the crisp white cotton one it had protected.

Lying back, he waited for his piggies to join him. Narcissist lay behind him, Addict stepped into her metal chastity belt and locked it, threading the key back on its string and draping it over Wolf’s pile of clothes before curling herself above his head, and finally, Mistrust snuggled into his chest. He stroked them, whispered their praise, and before too long, all three of them were snoring.

Wolf extracted himself and inched from the bed, gazing over the sleeping pile of bodies that folded in on each other to fill the gap he’d left. They were all so beautiful, and all so broken, but he was piecing them together, bit by bit. He’d help them unlearn all of the bad habits their natures had given them, and he’d teach them how to turn their character flaws into strengths, just like his Master had taught him. Once that was done they might even go on to have Ruin’s of their own one day.

Dressing slowly, Wolf faded away, and in his place was Dan. Dan, who had once been a piggy who answered to the name, Dictator. The worst parts of his nature were now the best, all thanks to the time he’d spent on his knees in this very Ruin, learning that it was his Master who ruled the world, and not him.

Closing and locking the door behind him, he smiled. He’d be back here in a month, and he couldn’t wait to play his games with his piggies.

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