The Matinee

Pulling up a chair at my usual table in the corner of the café next door to my office block, I scanned the lunch time crowd. Suit jackets, white shirts, the odd pea coat and a few jumpers layered with multi-hued scarves… My next breath was a tentative one. I couldn’t see my boss, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t here somewhere. If he showed up and asked to share my table again I’d scream.

The waitress, Linda noticed I’d arrived, and the way she waved her hand over her head told me my order was on its way. I had the same thing every day; latte, orange juice and a slice of pie. Their burgers were great and their lasagne better, but I didn’t ever order them. My wife, Zoey had been putting my lunch together since the Monday after we’d moved in together, and all Linda needed to turn a blind eye to the fact that I was bringing in my own food in a Transformers lunch box was a twenty-five percent tip.

I waited until she appeared by my table and unburdened herself of my order – agreeing that their blueberry pie was the best damned blueberry pie for miles around – before relaxing into my seat. If Mr Williams was going to show he’d have been here before now. It looked like he was still stuck in the meeting I’d mercifully escaped from right at the start, so I would get to eat in peace for the first time in a week.

Lunch box in hand, I popped the clip on the side and flipped the lid. The first thing to catch my eye was the green post-it note Zoey had stuck to its underside.

I can’t wait for you to see me in this new lingerie I got, baby. Looking forward to tonight, Zozo x

Try as I might, there was no stifling the dirty smirk I knew I was levelling at the cheese, pickle and lettuce sandwiches in the box. I looked forward to date night every week, but never as much as I did when I knew my wife had bought herself new underwear. She had a strong sense of what she found sexy, and I strongly agreed with every choice she made. Each piece was hot as fuck, many of them hot enough to put an end to date night before she even put her dress on.

I placed an apple on the table next to my coffee, then the sandwiches and the packet of crisps that had been tucked in beside them. My smile faded, giving way to a confused frown. At the bottom of my lunchbox was a tablet, another post-it note stuck to the screen.

Like I said, I can’t wait. Turn this thing on if you’re brave enough for a preview.

I laughed, whispering, “Saucy little minx,” under my breath.

The screen took a few seconds to wake up, and when it did I almost choked on a breath. Soft, olive skin, the slope of a slender neck, the shadows of deeply defined collar bones… Black spotted cream satin edged with black eyelash lace, curving an inch beneath a pair of dark brown nipples…

I was instantly ravenous, but not because Zoey made great cheese and pickle sandwiches. It was because I knew how those nipples tasted. Knew how it felt to suck them into my mouth, to sink my teeth into the reddened tips while half suffocating myself in the masses of squishy flesh that surrounded them.

My mouth was salivating and my cock was pretty much knocking on the underside of the table.

At the bottom of the picture was a little scribble of neon pink. Another note from my sexy bitch of a wife. I raised the tablet closer to my face, trying to make out the words.

If you want to see the bottom half, open up the file marked tease.

Of course I didn’t want to see the bottom half! I mean, I did, but not while I was sitting in a bustling café. I wanted to see it up close and in person so I could tear myself a way in. But even as I entertained myself with thoughts of burying my face and then my cock in delicious wet cunt, my fingers moved on the screen, finding the file, tapping to open it even though I could see it was a video and not a picture.

She wouldn’t, would she? We’d talked about doing home movies and were both turned on by the idea, but I never would have dreamed Zoey would …

“Oh my fucking God!”

She had, though. My eyes were transfixed on the seven-inch screen. On Zoey lying on our bed, the nervous yet entirely cheeky smile playing around her lips making me want to take the rest of the afternoon off.

She sucked her fingers, trailing strings of saliva to her tits. It looked like she’d already given them plenty of attention, and didn’t that just make my balls feel twice as heavy as they had a minute ago. Ringing both nipples was a smudge of red lipstick. Yeah, Zoey’s tits were big enough for her to give her nipples a good sucking without her having to strain her neck to reach.

I watched her play, only lifting my eyes from the screen twice; once to see how many bodies stood between me and the bathroom door, and once to gawp at my boss in red faced disbelief as he settled into the chair opposite me.

“Don’t mind me,” he said, nodding at the tablet. “You keep doing what you were doing, I’m just waiting here until my burger is ready.”

He turned his attention to his phone, leaving me with a choice to make. I really should shut the tablet down and leave the end of the video for when I got home. Zoey could watch it with me. I could stand it on the kitchen counter with her bent over in front of it and we could both watch her play with herself while I fucked her from behind.

But the point I’d paused it at… I didn’t even know she had a glass fucking dildo, and I kept glancing at the screen – which I kept tapping, not allowing it to go to sleep – desperate to press play so I could watch her sink the fat bumpy thing into her shiny wet pussy. Would she fuck herself slowly with it, getting to know what was perhaps a new toy, teasing us both with exploratory little thrusts? Or would she pound the fuck out of her cunt, knowing exactly where she needed to feel the smooth, hard glass because she’d done it a dozen times before?

I didn’t know! But I fucking wanted to. So, shuffling back to try to squash my boner, I lifted the tablet, shielding it with my hands. Sliding my thumb onto the screen, I tapped once.

Aah, she did it slowly! Inch by inch, widening her thighs, getting so far in and then pulling it back out again, rubbing it over her clit before going back in a bit deeper.

No wait, she was… holy fucking shit! Pounding was not the word. The dildo was a blur, the only parts of it I could make out being the bits that were quickly being overrun by her creamy pussy juice. Oh man, the taste of that stuff drove me insane!

Sound. I needed sound, needed to hear the noises she was making as she unleashed a sexual violence on herself that I never even knew she was capable of. She’d be shrieking, saying fuck, and oh God yes, and, if I was lucky, she’d be crying my name. I was in a frigging cafe, though, so sound wasn’t going to happen.

She was holding her phone so close to her pussy now. Frantically rubbing her big juicy clit with the whole length of the glass, jiggling it inside her until little splashes started obscuring the camera lens.

And then, with a rolling surge of her hips, Zoey came.

She held that fucking phone as still as she could, letting me see her cunt pulsing out, squeezing trickles of creamy fluid out, sucking bits of it back in again only to push a little bit more out with the next pulse.

And my cock pulsed along in time with her, my balls emptying into my shorts as I sat there and held my breath, trying my best to not draw Mr Williams’ attention. Fuck, fuck, fuck! My trousers were grey, there’d be no hiding a big fucking cum stain from here to where I’d parked my car, never mind for the next three hours in the office.

I looked up then, just as Mr Williams was getting up from his chair. He raised an eyebrow when he spoke. “Uh, take the rest of the afternoon off, Johnson. I don’t know what the hell Zoey put in that lunch box of yours, but by the looks of you she needs to work on it.”

I wheezed out a shaky laugh once he’d gone. He was right, Zoey did need to work on her video making. She needed someone to hold the camera for her for a start, and as luck would have it, I was suddenly available. I gathered my things, leaving payment for Linda on the table and hiding my grubby cum stained crotch behind my lunch box. Date night had just been upgraded to movie night, and I couldn’t wait for the action to begin.

Week #139

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