Supernatural Erotica – Nemesis

This little tale was supposed to have been the next instalment in the A to Z Challenge I took part in (and failed) in April. I may have abandoned the challenge, but I love writing supernatural erotica so couldn’t abandon the story.

It had been said that, when Fame came to men in their dreams, she brought beauty, comfort, and warmth. Some reported that she had the face of an angel, the body of a Goddess, others that she was indiscernible, unknowable. They claimed to have felt real love pouring from her heart into theirs, they swore that she’d revealed mysteries and secrets of the world but that, once she was gone, they couldn’t hold onto anything more substantial than the knowledge of her visit.

The only thing they all agreed on was that, for her, they would continue to fight consciousness, would even drug themselves in their desperation to return to and remain in the hazy world she inhabited. For her, men would embrace ruin.

Slipping through the crack of an open window, Fame shook her head in amusement. To them she was everything, but to her, they were little more than food.

No sooner had her feet hit the floor and her body taken form than was she crouched beside a bed, her head cocked in confusion. What the hell was this?


Sete was the master of his domain. He strode in and out of unconscious minds, taking what he wanted, feeding where he would, leaving a plethora of dependant and despondent women in his wake. Their need excited him. Sometimes, though he knew he shouldn’t, he would revisit past playthings, sit in a dark corner and watch them prepare for sleep. Oh, the lengths they would go to! Curling their hair, slipping into wispy lingerie, desperate for him to see them the way they wished to be seen.

Creeping in through an open bedroom door, Sete smirked. He couldn’t give two fucks about the wrapping, all he was interested in was the food inside it.

No sooner had his body shimmered into being than was he crouched beside a bed, his head cocked in confusion. What the hell was this?!


They stared at one another over the sleeping couple in the bed, neither of them breathing, neither even blinking. Sete scratched his horns. Fame’s tail twitched. This was unprecedented. They had stumbled across the haunts of their own people in the past, but not since before the war that separated their kinds had a pair such as these crossed paths.

What to do, what to do? There was enough food to go around. All humans slept; they had no choice in the matter. Sete knew that all he had to do was slip back out the same way he’d come in and look at the house next door to find another opening. Fame knew that, just across the road, someone slept as soundly, as ready for her, as the one in the bed before her.

Neither of them needed to remain in that particular bedroom at all, but still…

Fame straightened her back, and Sete leant forward at the same time. Tiny flames, hers red, his chartreuse, flickered in their hair, around their hands, as they reached out. The air shimmered, something went pop as, in the exact same fraction of a second, their fingertips touched the foreheads of the sleeping bodies in the bed.

First came darkness. A thick, soupy blackness filled with white noise and not much else. As expected, the fuzziness began to clear, sounds slowly becoming distinct, the thickness dissipating, shredding until it felt like spiderwebs trailing across bare skin.

This was the point where Fame would usually hear the sounds of dreaming fade away. Voices would quieten, atmospheric noises would fizzle out to nothing, and in the silence that fell, there would come a gasp. The one she’d chosen would perform for her and she would feed.

Sete was expecting much of the same. Music would die, speech would cease, and a breathy sigh would assure him that his presence had been registered. They always saw him before he saw them. Well, in truth he never saw them because he never took the time to open his eyes. He didn’t need to, all he needed to be able to feed was for them to feel.

But this time, Sete did open his eyes. He had to. If he didn’t, he would never know why music still played despite the fact that he had arrived.

When the haze cleared, his brow furrowed, tightening the ruched skin at the base of his horns. The juicy minded mortal he’d chosen was but ten feet away, drink in hand, swaying to a sweet song while her lover draped an arm around her shoulders and laughed. Just behind them, plump lips pulled into a pucker, the fork of her tail flicking back and forth behind her head, stood Fame.

Fame wasn’t looking at the man she had come to dine on. She didn’t care that he was clinging to his mortal lover instead of dropping to his knees and crawling to her feet. No, she was too busy staring with astonishment in Sete’s direction.


They both spoke out loud and at the same time, one as equally bewildered as the other. That they both chose the same house on the same night was impossibility enough, but that they should both be in different minds and yet the same dream…

“This can’t be good.”

Sete scowled and Fame rolled her eyes. It would seem that speaking in stereo was going to be a thing. Each knew that they should either try to figure out how they had brought this couple together in the dreamworld or they should leave before they did any damage. Sete wanted to leave. So did Fame. But they were both so curious, and so, so hungry. Maybe…just maybe…

As Sete licked his lips, Fame parted hers. A soft breath, tinged with fine silver glitter, billowed from her mouth. It tumbled and drifted towards the dancing couple, reaching them at the same moment that the fine golden breath that came from Sete did. The two sparkling veils of mist wound around the couple’s legs, skimmed her bare midriff, his bare arms. They shivered within the enveloping cloud, their eyelids narrowing over lazy, lust filled gazes.

Fame held her breath, the anticipation of whether her meal would abandon his love for her tightening like knots inside of her. She risked a glance at Sete and felt a twinge, deep and low, when she saw his forked tongue snake out and pull his lip between his teeth. It surprised her that he didn’t look certain. She’d never seen one of his kind before, but her elders had assured her that the Incubi race was an arrogant one. They’d told her that they didn’t share well, and the separation of their kinds had been necessary for the Succubi’s survival.

For a moment, Fame worried that both mortals would give themselves to the Incubus. Was she prepared to fight him? That she would win wasn’t in question, it was known that the Succubi were superior in all things. What bothered her was the thought of him proving the old legends true. She’d always harboured a secret desire to meet an Incubus in the flesh. The possibility of him being a disappointment tickled at the edges of her mind like an itch. He was just so pretty, with all that black hair and iridescent, gold-green skin, and those sweet little horns of his were truly adorable. She really would hate having to tear them off.

As the couple that stood between them shifted, Sete dragged his gaze from Fame. Would she let him feed? He would hate to go back to his brothers with the proverbial tail between his legs and have to explain that he’d been bested by a Succubus. His elders had told him that the Succubi were greedy and unreasonable and that the separation of their kinds had been necessary for the Incubi’s survival. What they hadn’t told him was that their scarlet skin looked feather soft, their curves wide and plentiful, and their faces more angelic than anything demon-born had a right to be.

Fame and Sete were no longer looking at each other. Each of them had squared their shoulders and set their will upon the human couple swaying in the cloud of their mingled breaths. They both pushed, both pulled, then both gasped as the mist faded and the pair of lovers exploded into action.

A cocktail glass shattered on the ground. Lips smashed against lips, fingers dug into hair, into flimsy fabric, into cotton. Hands tore, groped, slapped, bodies tumbled to the ground as the air was filled with harsh breathing and urgent whispers.

Fame raised her hand to her throat and felt her pulse there, strong and quick. She’d been aware that humans did this, but she hadn’t ever seen it in such detail. Teeth clamping down on a nipple, stretching it, letting it spring back, a tongue darting out to lick the swollen redness as ripples quivered through the plump flesh.

The man’s fascination with his lover’s breasts was endlessly fascinating to Fame. His hands pushed them together, his mouth laved them, covering them in glittering saliva. With the fingers of one hand, Fame plucked at one of her own nipples, shivering at the sensation, wondering why she had never thought to do it before. Wondering how it would feel to have someone do it to her. The man, maybe. Or even the Incubus.

Sete was breathing hard. He knew that humans did this and had always wanted to see it, but the usual rule was one Incubus to one human. He’d seen flashes of it before, broken images that lingered in the dreams he visited, but this was completely new to him.

He watched strings of saliva drip from the man’s mouth in long threads and settle on and between the breasts of the woman beneath him. Eyebrows lifting, he watched him straddle her chest, lean forward, press his cock on her breast bone even as she pushed her breasts together. As he watched the man pump back and forth, making his thrusts deeper and deeper until the tip of his cock tapped his lover’s extended tongue, Sete felt something stirring against his thigh. He reached for it. Sucked in a ragged breath when his fingertips traced a pulsing vein, allowed his eyes to close, just briefly, as he wrapped his hand around it and tightened his grip. He wondered how it would feel to have someone else touch him this way. The woman maybe. Or even the Succubus.

What was her name? Would she like the sound of it if he spoke it? How would his name sound in her voice? How would she look as her lips formed its shape? The woman choked out a garbled cry and Sete wondered if the Succubus would sound that way if he pushed his cock down her throat.

Fame couldn’t just feel the energy bleeding from the mortal couple, she could see it. It shimmered around them, around her, around the Incubus, as visible as heat on a scorching summer’s day. She watched as the man withdrew from his lover’s mouth, watched saliva string and snap, watched him tap her pout into a smile with the tip of his slick, shining cock.

He all but slid down her body, pausing to rock against her belly. Fame rubbed her thighs together and blew out a shaky breath as she saw his purple head appearing then disappearing beneath his foreskin. Was that how it would behave once it was inside of the woman? Would the walls of her cunt cling to his skin while his cock shifted freely inside of it? Oh, how would that feel?! Fame wanted to know. Her unused, some might say useless, cunt seemed to grope for an answer.

Sete pressed his lips together to smother a groan. The human woman was whimpering now. Pulling her knees to her chest, nodding in encouragement as her lover positioned his cock at the opening to her cunt. A short thrust sent the tip inside and she cried out. Hands pressed against the backs of her thighs, he began to thrust and, without realising it, Sete began to rock his hips in time to their rhythm.

Women panting and moaning was nothing new for him, he’d heard it in every dream he had ever visited. But the sound of grunts being forced from this woman’s throat by the impact of a body slamming against hers was enthralling. He could see the energy that shimmered from them change from a leak to a torrent. It poured into the air, spreading like a blanket, reaching both his body and the Succubus at the same time. When a human’s dream-self masturbated for an Incubus they released enough energy to provide sustenance, but when they fucked…

Sete and Fame opened their mouths, sucking the energy in, feeding on it, moaning as it raced down their throats and hit their bellies. They both felt like they’d consumed ice and boiling water at the same time. Neither of them had ever experienced anything like it. It energised and exhausted them, fed them even as it sharpened the edges of their hunger. For the first time, feeding wasn’t enough.

Sete wanted Fame.

Fame wanted Sete.

As the mortal woman flipped onto her knees and raised her ass for her lover, the Succubus and the Incubus came together. Fame licked Sete’s horns, her tail flicked over her shoulder and caressed his cheek. He dipped his head, tasted her nipples, dropped to his knees and inhaled the scent of her glistening wet cunt.

His forked tongue fluttered either side of Fame’s swollen clitoris, making her gasp and bleat. Ah, so that’s what she sounds like! Tastes like. Feels like. Sticking his tongue out to its full length, he felt her shudder as he wriggled it and pushed it inside of her. Her cunt was wet and so, so hot. Tight, clinging, her muscles squeezing, stroking. Sete could feel his cock springing around at the top of his thighs, bouncing off his belly, streaking the rough hair there with the fluid that was already seeping from its tip. If the Succubus’ cunt felt this good clamping around his tongue…

Fame shoved at Sete and he landed on his back. Still on her feet, she straddled his hips, dragging her hands down his chest, his belly, into wiry hair, marvelling at the lighter green stripes that appeared wherever her nails had scratched him. When she took his cock in hand, he groaned. Fame was torn. His face, so beautiful and contorted, commanded attention, but so did the thick length throbbing against her palm. She looked down between them, watching her juices drip from her in ribbons onto his tip, just as human saliva had dripped onto breasts what felt like forever ago.

Fame used the tip of Sete’s cock to stroke her aching clitoris until her legs shook, then slowly sank down on it. They both moaned and watched it disappear inside of her. After shuffling her feet a little to correct her balance, Fame began to move. Her eyes kept flicking to the humans. She was emulating the woman, who was now on top and riding her lover, each slap of her buttocks against his thighs sending a wave of energy to swamp the Succubus and the Incubus.

Fame fucked hard and fast, fuelled by the potent energy that could only be found in the night orgasms of sleeping humans. The harder she fucked Sete the wilder the humans became until four voices screamed out into the cold, dark night.

A mortal couple lay tangled in sweat-soaked sheets, their eyes open wide, their hearts as still as the grave. On one side of their bed, Sete scratched his horns, shocked to find his cock spurting the contents of his balls all over a skirted valance. And on the other side Fame’s tail twitched and the scarlet of her cheeks deepened to red when she felt everything the Incubus had given her seep from her cunt to drip on a bedside rug.

“Fame,” she whispered softly, not even sparing a glance for the motionless pair in front of her.

Sete’s smile was almost shy. Her name was Fame. Hunger. He wondered if she would know the meaning of his name. Wetting his lips, he took a breath and said, “Sete.”

For a moment, this confused Fame. Sete? She’d wasn’t sure she’d ever heard that name before, she was uncertain what it meant. But then it came to her and she smiled back. Thirst. Sete meant thirst, she was sure of it. Before she could think of something to say, a muted strip of light spilled across the bedroom floor from outside. It was almost morning, they had stayed with this couple, fed from them, for hours! It should have occurred to them that humans were not meant to be so motionless. But it didn’t. They were too wrapped up in each other.

As Fame slipped away through a crack in an open window and Sete crept through a gap in an open door, they remained blissfully unaware of one thing; their own births were the real reason their kinds had been separated. For their elders knew that Hunger and Thirst would be powerful enough in their own right, but together they would be deadly to humankind. Now, that they had found one another, the old legends would come true. For the Incubi and the Succubi, there would be war.

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