A Sunny Spring Morning

I opened my eyes haltingly, easing myself into the new day slowly, gently. A soft breeze came in through the open balcony doors, making the voile curtains sway back and forth as if they were breathing. I’d woken to a bright morning. The sun tinted the bland white walls of the room the palest shade of peach, and the shaft of light that fell over my bare shoulders was delightfully warm.

But not as warm as the tits that were pressed against my forearm.

Pulling my head back a little, I considered the woman beside me. She was such a beauty. In all fairness she always had been, but there was something ethereal about her sleeping face. All the lines that years of hard work, caring for me, and raising our children had etched into her face left her while she slept. Her ever rosy cheeks looked muted in this light, and the brown lashes that rested on those flushed apples fluttered as she dreamed.

And those lips. When she was awake, they thinned, either in annoyance, concentration, or anger, but now they looked fuller, more sensual and kissable than any man could hope for. And they were twitching now. Parting, forming words that had no sound.

She moaned then, and her soft breath warmed my chin. My eyes closed despite me and I inhaled, detecting a minty scent that suggested she’d been awake already, and not too long ago. Her leg jerked, just a little, but it made me hold my breath. I stared harder, willing her to keep moving, hoping her little sleep spasms would be enough to fully wake her. They’d been enough to wake my cock, after all.

I could feel it starting to harden. Peeling away from my balls, twitching against her smooth thigh, trying to rise despite the fact that she had it pinned. I tightened my ass, flexing my muscles to help it on its way as it shifted to the side, slowly creeping along her skin as it rose toward my navel.

As soon as it reached its peak I squeezed again, making it move, tickling her leg on purpose. But she didn’t wake up. All she did was roll back a bit, leaving a sudden wave of cold where her hot skin had parted from mine. I didn’t mind the chill, though. The shaft of sunlight that hadn’t been able to reach her because of me was now splashed across her.

Ah, those tits were still as perky as ever. It delighted her that their size hadn’t been permanently altered by her pregnancies. I wouldn’t have cared if they had been, but I was quietly thankful to nature that it had let her keep her firmness. Because of it those gorgeous, rosewood hued nipples were always front and centre.

Reaching out, one finger extended, I brushed the centre of the one on the left. The areola immediately started to crinkle and, puckering my lips, I blew softly, encouraging the nipple to rise. Two more blows and that darkening nub stood proud almost half an inch from the flesh that surrounded it.

God, what I wouldn’t give to have it in my mouth. To be sucking tenderly, sending zaps of pleasure straight down to her cunt. She’d circle her hips for me, lift them off the mattress, push my hand down and guide my fingers through her wet folds until she had my touch exactly where she wanted it.

But I wouldn’t wake her in such a way. Not after the viciously hard fuck I’d made her endure the night before. Not after I’d choked her with my cock, chaffed her with cuffs, bruised her ass with a paddle and tore the skin of her thighs with a cane.

Eyes on her face, I circled that delicious nipple with one finger. Took it between a finger and my thumb, pinching lightly, twisting, stroking. I knew the exact moment sleep left her. She didn’t open her eyes, nor did she speak, but her breath caught in her throat and she had to inhale deeply to clear it. Expanding her lungs, raising her chest, pushing that tit into my hand.

She smiled as I massaged it. Just a tiny smile that lifted one corner, but it was definitely there. Taking this as an invitation, I traced the tip of my fingernail down the curve, over her ribs, her stretch marked belly, into the tuft of soft blonde hair that crowned her pubic mound.

She loved it when I did this. When I made a loose claw with my fingers and scratched through that hair. Doing the same thing to her scalp made her moan similarly to the way she was now, but a head massage never made her open her legs or wiggle her hips.

My fingers didn’t glide through her folds when I parted them. She was still too dry for that. So I kept moving from her cunt to her tits, making sure I gave the animal in me that wanted to choke fuck that smiling mouth none of my attention. I just pinched those nipples, stroked that mouth and teased that cunt until it was wet enough to drink from.

“Good morning,” she gasped as I held her labia apart with two fingers so the middle one could rub her clit. She didn’t open her eyes.

“Good morning to you, too.” Oh, even I could hear the restraint in my voice! My cock was reaching for her, aching to be inside, but I’d had mine last night. This morning was all about her.

“How do you want it, sweetheart?” I asked. “After your performance last night, it’s only fitting that you get to decide how you’re going to be fucked right now.”

Still not opening her eyes, she shifted. Her left leg was heavy over mine, her right heel hard against my shoulder blade. I only took my gaze away from that beautiful face for one reason; I wanted to watch as I guided my cock into that juicy wet cunt.

Her body accepted me inch by inch, squeezing me so tight I had to stop myself ramming it in as deep as it would go. It always amazed me that she still felt the same at forty as she had at nineteen, even after delivering three kids.

As soon as I was in her, fully coated in her juices, we started to fuck. Lazily, deeply, her hips rolling in time to my thrusts. I’d never told her, but this was one of my favourite positions. All of her was on show, and what a fucking show it was. With just a bounce of my groin I could make those lovely tits jiggle for me. I could hold still and watch her belly fold and ripple as she worked herself over my cock. And best of all, I could see myself moving in and out of her, could watch her hungry pussy devouring me and spitting me back out again, just to draw me back in to her suffocatingly tight depths.

“Please,” she whimpered, grasping at my forearm, scratching my wrist with her talonesque nails.

I knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted my fingers on her clit, needed to feel me rubbing, pinching and flicking that slick little nugget that was standing out bold now but would retreat as soon as she started to come.

I spat on my fingers. It was unnecessary because she was absolutely drenched in her own fluids, but I knew what the sound of it would do to her. Just as I expected, she cried out, bucking off the bed to slam herself against me. The rough fucking didn’t last long, though. Two or three hard thrusts settled into grinding as soon as I touched her clit.

She was breathing so heavily now. Panting, gasping, croaking my name. My balls were aching, hating me for not pinning her to the bed with her knees around her ears so I could pound her until I spilled everything I had inside her. There was no way would I come before she did, though. I only ever did that on purpose, just to be mean, and only when she deserved it.

But I knew I didn’t have long to wait. She was keening now, pulling her own hair with one hand and her nipples with the other. I fucked harder, making her body move for me, watching expressions of elation, desperation, pain, need and love altering her features.

Her upper body rose off the bed and she clung to my arm, pulling herself up so that her face was inches from mine. I slapped her vulva then pinched her clit, and that’s when she started to come. Her breaths blasted in my face, her shrieks hurt my ears, and her eyes opened. I was immediately lost, falling into her stare, shifting on top of her and squashing her into the mattress as I ground my cock into her.

I didn’t pound her. Didn’t even thrust. All I did was stare into her sea green eyes and let the walls of her grasping cunt draw my orgasm from me. Pulsing cock, curling hips, straining biceps, sweat dripping off me and onto her.

Then we were lying side by side again, my arms tight around her, her ass spooned against my limp cock. We didn’t say anything to each other. Not just yet, because that fuck? That was the first part of her aftercare, and this silence was the second. Once she was ready, words would come, but for now I was content to be what she needed; a warm embrace on a sunny spring morning.

Week #141

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