Sugar Lips

“You ready?”

Curtis had June’s chin clamped between his thumb and forefinger. He tugged a bit, lifting her head so he could stare intently into her glassy eyes. She was fuck-tired, floppy, probably close to the point where he’d safeword on her behalf. But she made the effort to hold her lids open, nod her head and slur a single word.


Curtis hesitated, watching June carefully to ensure she really was still in the game. Certain that she had a little bit of life left in her, Curtis pulled her jaw until she parted her lips. Her tongue automatically snaked out and pressed against her chin, suck-job ready. Curtis hesitated again. Did she have enough energy left? Could she stay with him while he used her mouth the way he’d been using her cunt for the last hour?

Tapping her tongue until she drew it back in, Curtis decided she probably couldn’t. Instead of his cock, he positioned the new ball gag he’d bought between her teeth. He held off fastening for a second, eyes fixed on her face, waiting for the taste to register. June’s eyes were closed now but her eyebrows lifted, and he could feel the straps tugging as she moved her tongue over the sugary ball.

Her lips peeled off her teeth as she slurped at the ball, she moaned a pleasant little moan as sweetness flooded her mouth. When a little trickle ran down her chin, her eyebrows lowered, puckering her forehead into a frown. Oh, getting messy made her so uncomfortable.

With a chuckle, Curtis secured the straps at the back of June’s head, then proceeded to pull her forward by her hair. He led her from one side of the room to the other, using her ponytail as a leash, dragging her this way and that, not stopping for even one second to let her catch her breath.

Then he stopped in the middle of the room. June was panting through her nose, wheezing against the gag. Her eyes were watering, her palms and knees stinging with carpet burns.

Curtis dropped to his knees in front of her, still clutching her hair, holding her face parallel with the floor. About two feet below her mouth was his cock, granite-hard and sloping away from his body.

They both watched as chalky strings of saliva ribboned from June’s chin, crisscrossing Curtis’ dick like fancy white sugar work. He scooped some onto his finger, tasted it. Scooped some more, rubbed it into his tip, mixed it with his precum, then tasted that, too.

One quick hair pull brought June’s head to his crotch. Curtis thrust in her face, rubbed his dick over the ball, over her cheeks, her chin, covering her in sugary saliva. Oh, how she whimpered! He could hear her revulsion, her hunger, her need to suck him dry.

He didn’t bother unfastening the gag. Yanking it away from her face, he angled the tip of his cock at her searching tongue and came.

No. 54 – Jawbreakers

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