Spank You, Baby!


I took the stairs two at a time, heading straight for Laura’s room. I could hear her complaining her ass off downstairs, even though she was at the front of the house and I was right at the back. Yeah, the piece of wood she was holding against the wall was fucking heavy, and that’s why I was taking my time. I enjoyed pissing her off, it was my favourite thing.

“On the bookcase in a unicorn bucket,” I sniggered as I walked through the door.

She had eight bookcases in her room, and the only thing in there that wasn’t a fucking unicorn was me. Laughing at the cursing that floated on the air, I searched the shelves, taking in all of my friend’s bits and pieces. Her reading – and watching – genre of choice was certainly an eyebrow raiser. The last time I’d seen this much porn I’d been flat sharing with my brother.

It took me almost two minutes to find the unicorn in question. I hissed in satisfaction when I spotted the wooden ruler poking out of the bucket. Snatching it up, I took a deep breath, smiling at the candy floss scent coming from the oil reeds on the desk. I couldn’t be sure, but I’d eat my hat if that candy coloured unicorn horn standing next to her computer screen wasn’t a dildo.

Before I was even half way through the door I was turning back, dashing across the room to check it out. Firm, squishy silicone. Yep, it was a dildo alright. “Damn, Lady Laura, you’re one dedicated unicorn groupie.”

Twirling the ruler in my hand, I headed for the door again. As was usual for me, I dropped the fucking thing. It landed inch side down, and up went my eyebrows again. I held in the soft gasp that wanted past my lips as I bent to retrieve it. On the back, printed in red Sharpie, was a short sentence. A couple of simple words that sent prickles racing over my skin.

“Spank you, baby.”

My eyes flicked from the wood in my hand to the stairs and back. Laura was getting more and more annoyed with me, but I tuned her out. All I could think was, had she…? Was this…? There was only one way to find out.

I took the stairs three at a time on the way down, leaping down the last six and skidding across the floor in my socks. She was still exactly where I’d left her; arms up, shoulders tight, holding a panel of wood against the wall.

“You took your fucking time,” she snapped, trying to peer over her shoulder.

I didn’t stop to think about what I was doing, about how it would be received or, more than likely, rejected. I’d never been as bold as this before, but I couldn’t help it. The thought of someone leaving her such an intimate message with just three printed words had lit a flame in me, and that flame wanted something to burn.

Stepping up to her back, I slipped my arm around her. The ruler twirled in my fingers a couple of times and then I stopped it, words up. Laura took a deep breath and held it. My lips were so close to her ear when I spoke, but she didn’t tell me to back off.

“Has this been used for what those words suggest it was used for?”

I wondered if she’d answer. She didn’t have to. I wouldn’t have if the situation had been reversed, I’d tell her to mind her own fucking business. But she exhaled slowly, nodding even slower.


Shit, I hated that answer, even though it was exactly what I wanted to hear. I didn’t realise I was breathing so hard until my nipples skimmed her back. Filling my lungs twice more, I slowly moved my arm, twisting the ruler until the sharp edge scraped over Laura’s nipples. If mine were going to be hard, so were hers.

“Did it happen often?” I asked her, pushing harder, feeling the ruler catching on her swiftly growing peaks.

Oh, the way her next breath shuddered out of her. I could feel her getting warmer, feel her starting to shake under the strain of supporting that heavy piece of wood.

“A few times, yeah.”

One flick of my wrist and the flat of the ruler came down on her nipple. She yelped and I took half a step back, but when she pushed her ass into my groin I quickly moved in closer. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening! The last time I’d seen someone get this close to her uninvited I’d been impressed by the sheer number of swear words she knew while simultaneously cringing at their vicious delivery. Still, as scary as I knew she could be, it didn’t make me stop.

Dragging the pointed end of the ruler down her stomach made her moan, but not as loudly as stroking it over her cunt did. She was wearing grey yoga pants so I didn’t have to push very hard to part her lips and find her clit. We breathed together, rolled our hips together, and I wondered if I could make her come this way.

“Did you enjoy it?” I whispered. “When whoever it was whacked you with this, did you like it?”

“No, I didn’t like it, I fucking loved it.”

The room blurred around me as I pulled her away from the wall, ignoring the shattering wood we left in our wake. Laura folded over the arm of the sofa like she’d done it a thousand times before. I stared at her, waiting there, so ready for me, my heart thundering in my chest when I realised two things at the same time; there was a dark grey patch spreading out from between my friend’s thighs, creeping down her legs and over the ass of her pants… and I’d never spanked anyone before.

But I wanted to. Boy, did I fucking want to, and gawping at that ripe, round ass wasn’t making me want it any less. The thing is, if I spanked her she might want me to finish the job and fuck her. Laura had never fucked a woman in her life, and more pressingly, neither had I.

I almost called a halt, until she shook her hips. Her ass cheeks wobbled then tapped together in a spellbinding rhythm. My arm rose to the side, my fingers flexed then tightened around the thin strip of wood I held. Then a soft swoosh and a loud crack had both of us yelping in shock.

We were both still… and then we weren’t.

I rained blows on that gloriously chubby ass, getting bolder as her shrieks got louder. Her panting was driving me crazy and all at once, I didn’t care that I’d never done this before. I didn’t care that I’d always believed I was straight, nor did I care that she had, too. All I cared about was this. Making myself feel good by making her feel good.

When she reached around to shove her pants down to her ankles I stopped, marvelling at the rash of red stripes I’d left on her skin. I knew I’d be fucking her soon, but I wasn’t ready for that yet. I wouldn’t be ready until there wasn’t a creamy patch of skin to be seen between the small of her back and her knees.

Raising my arm, preparing to deliver the next blow, I asked one simple question. “Are you sure you want me to do this?”

“Yes!” she gasped.

Even though she couldn’t see me I smiled, bearing my teeth. “Spank you, baby.”

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