Sons of Satan

Screaming hinges was one of the worst sounds in the world. It set my teeth on edge and gave me an itch in my head that was impossible to scratch. I assessed the solid double doors in front of me with weary eyes. Weathered wood, wrought iron studs, and hinges that looked like they hadn’t moved in a thousand years. Yeah, this one was gonna be a screecher.

Grumbling quietly to myself, I let my fingers curl around the imposing black ring on the inner side of the door on the right. It was icy cold, making me shiver just like I had the first time I’d walked into this derelict old church. Something about the place felt off. Sinister.

I’d told my brother before the auction that I didn’t think we should buy it, twenty-two lots of potential rent from twenty-two planned flats be damned. My skin crawled like it was covered in insects every time I stepped over the threshold, and getting lumbered with the job of checking out what the auctioneer had called the ‘inaccessible basement’ made me feel like those insects were wriggling in my gut, too.

“Why do I always pick the short straw?”

With any luck, the door wouldn’t open, and I wouldn’t have to discover whatever it was behind it that was giving me the willies. Figuring that the best place to get God to hear me would be in his house, I sent up a silent prayer, tightened my grip on the iron ring, and pulled.

Blinking, I stared up at the open door from the heap of moth eaten carpet I’d landed in when I’d fallen. Inaccessible my ass! That door had swung open like it had just been oiled. Not a sound had come from it, and now it was gaping wide and I was faced with the most solid darkness I’d ever seen.

“Fuck this shit, I’m not going in there.”

The broken alabaster saint I’d spoken to didn’t care what I did, but the poor bronze guy on the cross that leant against the wall behind him seemed almost alarmed. His gaze rested on the open door, and something about his expression said, don’t be a fool, Nick, keep your ass out of there.

For the first time in my life, I was ready to listen to Jesus.

I hauled myself up and made my way to the bottom of the staircase at the far end of the room. Just two steps away from it, I heard something that stopped me in my tracks. I listened. Cocked my head and listened harder. Strained to hear something, anything, that would confirm that I had, in fact, heard someone say my name.

But there wasn’t a laugh, a cough, nor a clearing of a throat to confirm my suspicion that, rather than head to the deli for our lunch, my brother Ian had snuck down here to frighten the shit out of me. He was devilish, so I knew it would be him.

The thought of him lingering in that doorway, watching me lose my nerve and walk away… it infuriated me. So much so, I turned on my heel, stalked past the apathetic saint and the distressed Son of God, straight through the open door. My anger had carried me half a dozen strides inside before I realised that I couldn’t see a fucking thing. I needed to back up a bit, to let my eyes adjust to this eerie darkness slowly.

But before I could even adjust my weight, the door behind me swung shut. All the screaming and groaning of old metal scraping against old metal which had been absent before was present now. I spun around just in time to see the last wedge of light vanish as the door boomed closed.

Feeling your heart beating in your temples and in your throat was never a good sign if you were afraid. It meant that the possibility of fainting was getting realer by the second. My legs shook with the fight or flight response, and with the impotence of being able to do neither because I couldn’t even see the end of my nose.

I wasn’t listening for Ian anymore. He could have been pissing himself laughing at me, slapping his thigh and stamping his feet in delight, and I wouldn’t have heard him. All I could hear, taste, smell, and feel was my own fury.

“You fucking cock!” My voice had plenty of anger enhanced power behind it, but it shook, nonetheless. “I dare you to put a light on. See how funny you think this is when I can see you!”

I didn’t hear the match strike, but I did see the flame flicker to light. The pale hand its halo illuminated hovered a few feet to my right, and a candle there spluttered to life. One after another and seconds apart, more candles were lit, and in less than a minute the room I was in was bathed in a bloody orange glow.

Gooseflesh made the hairs on my arms rise. Shivers made me grind my teeth. I remained still, frozen in place, while the three men lounging against the pulpit up ahead smiled at me.

Fear drained away, and so did my irrational anger at my brother. Now I was feeling defensive, threatened, and prepared to do whatever was necessary. I checked the guys out, one at a time. None of them were familiar to me. I’d never met anyone with razor cut, shoulder length, scarlet red hair before. Or facial tattoos. And I would definitely have remembered coming face to face with the guy who was more metal than skin.

What did these fuckers want with me? They didn’t just look like misfits who mooched around broken buildings, drinking cheap liquor and smoking dope. They looked menacing, ominous, and far too interested in the newcomer in their midst.

Far too interested in me.

Red pushed away from the others, eyeing me as he moved closer to the candles. The flames rose as if to greet him. As unnerving as that was, I managed to stifle my reaction. He leant forward a little in my direction and sniffed the air. Licked then pursed his lips, smiling as though he liked whatever it was he’d just tasted.

Turning their heads in a synchronised movement, the other two considered him. They were waiting for something. A verdict. A confirmation. Or maybe permission. After a short stretch of silence, his smile deepened, his slow nod delighting his buddies.

I wondered if this meant I was about to get my ass kicked. If that was their game, I’d play it. There was no way I would win against three of them, but I’d take at least one of them down with me when I went. If I had my way, it would be the red-headed instigator. He looked like an arrogant bastard who would be well deserving of a good ass-kicking.

Closing my eyes for a few seconds, I prepared myself. As I opened them again I took a step forward, always a believer that the best defence was a good offence. I stopped again, choking on a shocked cry.

“Where the fuck are their clothes?” I whispered.

All three of them were buck naked! Silver glinted everywhere on Steel guy. Red’s pubic hair matched that on his head, and the tattooed one…his body was covered from head to toe in black scrawls. They ran down his neck, over his chest, his belly and legs…not even his cock had escaped the needle. The guy was hardcore, to say the least.

Blinking fast, I gave myself a shake. Who gave a fuck if a bunch of guys had ink and barbells on their cocks? We were about to throw down and they were nude, for God’s sake!

“Do not utter that name here, not even in your head.” Red had a deep, melodic voice that I’d swear had stroked my neck as it drifted past. “Upstairs belongs to him, but down here? This place and everything in it belongs to us. And you…are….in it.”

The candles flared again, illuminating Ink’s body. The words ingrained into his skin leapt out at me immediately, making me feel sick, excited, and confused. There had to be hundreds of scrawls, and they were all names. Jake, David, Karl, Robert, all names traditionally given to men. But on his cheeks and forehead… there was only one word etched there.


He had my name written all over his face.

“You have two choices, Nick.” Red played with a candle’s flame as he spoke, not stopping when his skin blistered. “You can leave now, and that will be that. Or, you can stay. But understand that, if you do, that will also be that. We’re not like the men you usually play with. You have to be one hundred percent certain of your choice, because once you give us your consent, we won’t let you take it back.”

“Not that you’ll want to take it back,” Ink smirked.

I had it in me to leave. My toes were already flexing in my boots, my calves tensing, preparing themselves for the abrupt about-turn they could feel was coming. Every sensible part of me screamed at me to haul ass out of there, but one thing stopped me.

And that thing was Red’s cock. It reached past his belly button, and that would have given me pause all on its own, but that wasn’t the only thing about it that caught my attention. The tip? It was shaped like an arrow. Like the tail of a cartoon devil, but thicker and veiny. And it was a shocking shade of red.

Steel dropped to his knees. My uneasy gaze shifted to him, and I watched him crawl toward Red like a prowling cat. I desperately wanted my cock to stay soft and unresponsive, but it had no chance. Not in the face of what was happening now.

Stopping by Red’s leg, Steel gave me a sharp-toothed grin. “Is this what’s captured your attention?”

He grabbed Red’s cock and started to stroke it, bending it forward and craning his neck so he could run his tongue around that arrowed tip. I tried to force the filthy images the sight created out of my mind but failed miserably. Visions of sucking it, of lying on my back, propped up on my elbows so I could watch it disappear into my ass…they battered me from the inside until I had to part my lips so I could keep breathing.

“Are you thinking about being fucked by it?” Ink asked. He was beside Red now, cupping his balls with one hand and pulling Red’s nipple with the other.

“Are you imagining it fucking your throat, and your little human ass…and then your mouth again?”

“Human?” I scoffed. “Are you telling me you’re not?” I said the words, though a terrified part of me already knew the answer.

Red sniggered. “Oh, I think you know we’re not.”

Then what are you?” I only spoke those words in my head, but they were answered none the less.

Shaking off the others and walking toward me in slow, measured steps, Red smiled. It was a frightening, dirty, inviting smile, and as hot as fuck. “We’re cruelty,” he said.

From his right, Steel picked up the thread. “Malignance. Debauchery. Evil, lust, and insanity.”

The floor beneath me started to shake, plaster fell from the walls and shattered on broken pews.

Appearing on Red’s left just as the candles flared again Ink added, “We get what we want, whenever we want it because we were born to take it.”

All three of them stopped when only a foot of space separated us. Three pairs of terrifying eyes and three hard cocks pointed right at me. Everything became still and silent as Red finished their horrifying little word round.

“We’re the children of the devil and his whores, Nick. And we want you. But the question is, do you want to let us have you?”

My internal monologue went something like this… ‘Say no and get your ass out of the door, Nick. Take those stairs out there three at a time, find your brother and tell him to get this fucking place back on the market. Cut your losses, move to another city, and make sure that churches and anything remotely similar are off the table in the future.’

I opened my mouth to tell them I was leaving, but that’s not what came out. It shocked me to the core to hear myself say, “Fuck me.”

The words were barely past my lips, and I was naked already. My clothes had just vanished, jeans, jockeys, boots and all. Ink’s tongue was pushing its way into my mouth, Steel was on his knees, biting my little human ass cheeks, and Red was nowhere to be seen.

I moaned with enthusiasm, encouraging Ink to move his mouth to my throat so I could see the whole room. As good as this felt, it was Red I had stayed for. I looked for him, and I found him, over by a wooden block with straps dangling from its sides.

He saw me watching him and… Christ! That smile was pure filth. I didn’t care that it was filled with all the lies of Hell, all I was interested in was the promise I could see in it. Red was going to fuck me, and it was going to be life-changing.

When I felt something wet and prickly stroke over my asshole, I groaned quietly. “Oh God, please don’t stop!”

“U-oh, you said that word again, and out loud, too. Naughty…naughty…Nick.” Red licked his lips, pursed them, then sniggered. “Someone do something with that mouth of his before it gets him into trouble.”

My knees hit the cold stone floor. Ink pressed a knee against my back, pushing me forward. I wanted to put my hands down to brace myself, but Steel wouldn’t let me. He held my wrists as Ink fisted a handful of my hair, jerked my head back and held it still.

Two marble-sized balls of metal glinted in the candlelight, the bar that separated them buried in the head of the cock that hovered in front of my mouth. Steel rubbed that head over my face. He stroked my cheek with it, tapped my jaw, traced it over my lips. There must have been a bead of moisture at the tip. There was no other reason for me to be tasting such a salty tang.

“Open your fucking mouth,” Ink commanded.

My lips parted, and he laughed at me.

“You’re gonna have to do better than that, Nick. This is gonna hurt if you don’t.”

My jaw trembled. The corners of my mouth felt like they were about to split. My tongue was forced against my bottom teeth as that heavy cock pushed its way in. Steel’s first thrust had me gagging, choking, fighting against it even as I tried to take it all. I was suffocating, my airways cut off by the monstrous thing being shoved down my throat.

Ink wouldn’t let me move. He straddled my back, keeping that one hand in my hair and using the other to whack my ass. Fuck, how it burned! It felt like his hand was a hot coal, each smack branding my skin. Whenever I managed to steal a breath I was surprised that I couldn’t smell burning.

Steel fucked hard, letting go of one of my wrists so he could catch my saliva. He slapped me over and over, soaking and reddening my face.

Both of my hands hit the floor, just as Steel dropped to his knees. He was still now, apart from the hand that gripped my jaw to encourage me to take over. He tasted vile, but delicious at the same time, and even though it was killing my neck and throat, I sucked that cock like I’d never get the chance to suck cock again.

Ink was still behind me. Pushing my legs further apart, walloping my ass cheeks before pulling them apart so harshly I nearly choked on a scream. My eyes rolled back then my lids snapped closed when he started to lick. To force his tongue inside me and swirl it around, tickling, sucking, fucking.

As hellish as these guys were, they knew exactly where my heaven was.

Each jerk of my hips made the tip of my cock brush the floor. If they would just let me drop down a little so I could stroke it against the cold stone, I knew I’d come. I imagined myself letting go, spurting while Steel blew his load in my mouth and Ink sank his cock into my ass. They’d probably be pissed at me. Push my face into the mess I’d made in the dust, make me lick it up, even. I’d do it, too, purely because they said so.

But that’s not what happened. I didn’t come. Neither did Steel. And Ink didn’t fuck my ass, either. In the blink of an eye they abandoned me, letting me collapse with a pained ‘oof’. I looked around with a newly blurred gaze, trying to find someone, anyone, willing to help me up.

Red was laughing maniacally, head thrown back, devil’s tail cock waving in the air. He stopped abruptly, and with a click of his fingers, I was in front of him. What must I have looked like? Watering eyes, spit covering my face, dust sticking to my damp skin. I must have looked pathetic. Six feet, and two hundred and thirty pounds of pathetic, sad little man.

“Oh, I don’t see you that way, Nick,” Red said. “You’re beautiful to me. Weak, small, and insignificant, but beautiful, inside and out.”

He leant in, brushing the tip of his nose over my jaw. “And do you know what I do to beautiful things?” he whispered. “I play with them until I get bored, then I fuck them until they’re as ugly on the inside as I am.”


I stared at my chest, wondering what the red stuff that trickled down it was. There was four lines of it, and it got thicker and thicker. Before my brain could even register the fact that I was looking at my own blood oozing from deep claw marks, I saw the flames. Two of them, dancing right in front of my face.

Running occurred to me, but I couldn’t. Steel and Ink had an arm each, and they had pulled them taut. I couldn’t get away even if I tried. But they knew as well as I did…I wasn’t going to try.

Red gave me a wrinkle-nosed smile, then tilted the candles. My scream made my ears ring. It hurt so much. The wax poured over the open wound, mingling with my blood, stinging and bringing genuine tears to my eyes.

Ink kissed me. Steel reached down and wrapped his hand around my cock. Red kept pouring wax into each fresh wound that appeared on my body. So much pain and so much ecstasy, almost more than I could take.

I was forced onto Red’s block and my hands were bound. The wood was rough and tore at my ravaged skin until I sobbed. But as much as I cried, I didn’t once ask for it to stop. No, quite the opposite, actually. I endured the flaming whip, tightened my thighs while my ass was whacked with a spiked paddle. And every scream that passed my lips had three intelligible words in it somewhere.

“Please fuck me!”

After what felt like hours of being beaten, of being fed strange tasting things, and of being kissed, edged, teased and tormented, I finally felt it. The familiar sensation of a cock probing my ass. The pressure of it seeking entry, and at last, the slow stretch of penetration.

When my hole closed around that arrow tipped head I was lost. I gave the wooden block my weight and went limp, taking every manic thrust Red chose to give me. He was so deep one minute, then trying to pull that flat underside of his head out through my tight ass the next. It felt so good I could have stayed there until the end of days.

But the end was coming right now, now. Ink cupped my face, making me take his forked cock into my mouth, and Steel was between my knees, pulling my cock down, sucking on it while Red owned my ass.

They nipped, slapped, and scratched me, tearing me apart, subjecting me to the most agonising pain even as they made me feel the most incredible pleasure.

Ink came first. His cum tasted disgusting, but I sucked as hard as I could, refusing to allow any of it to escape me. When he pulled away, I could see from the last bead on the end of his cock that his cum was black.

Forsaking my cock, Steel appeared in front of me. He wanked fast, exploding in my face, his cum scorching hot and smelling sulphuric. With one last slap, he sauntered away.

I was left with Red.

He’d reached around and was stroking my cock while he fucked the stuffing out of me. My legs wobbled, and my head swam. I begged him to let me come, but all he did was laugh. The sound grew louder and louder until the floor beneath my feet began to crack, a deep chasm opening up and swallowing us. We were free falling into a glowing red pit, but Red didn’t stop until he was finished. He yelled something in a language I didn’t understand as his cock pumped searing hot cum into my ass.

This was it! It was my turn now, they’d all had theirs and now I was going to get mine. I didn’t even care that I’d had to journey into the belly of Hell to get it.

I blinked slowly, my eyes coming to rest on the bronze Jesus. He wasn’t looking apathetic anymore. Now his expression said, I told you so. But what had happened? All I knew was that I had an ache in the pit of my stomach like nothing I’d ever felt before, and my balls were so heavy they felt like boulders. My skin felt like it had been removed and stapled back on, and my ass…it felt like I’d been getting fucked for hours!

The door at the top of the stairs opened and someone raced down them. It was Ian. He stopped, looked at me like he’d seen a ghost, then started to yell.

“Where the fuck have you been?”

Getting to my feet, I tried to stretch. Nope, far too achey for that. “Calm the fuck down, I was just checking out the basement like you asked me to.”

Ian gave me a doubtful look. “For six days? Yeah right, whatever, Nick. Don’t tell me if you don’t want to.”

“Six days?” I whispered.

Ian didn’t hear me. “Listen, I’m gonna use the blowtorch on those doors cos I want to be in there. You go get cleaned up and I’ll let you know what I find.”

As he walked away from me an image blazed in my mind. It was an image of a face, and once I realised I recognised it everything came rushing back. My blood turned to ice in my veins when I read the name that was inked on the forehead and cheeks. It didn’t say Nick anymore. Now, it said Ian.

Week 165

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