Something New

“I bumped into Louise today.”

My fingers stilled in the act of shifting the cursor across my computer screen. I stared at Dane’s reflection in the mirror by the door, making an effort to keep my expression neutral. Within ten seconds of him making that announcement, my mind had run through every possible outcome from such a meeting. Not many of them were good.

Shifting the mouse, I clicked the cross at the top right of the page. Suddenly, I didn’t want to be shopping for a new vibrator. “What did she have to say for herself?”

Dane draped his tie over the back of the clothes airer in the corner. I watched him, waiting for him to answer, but he just unbuttoned and removed his shirt, whipped the belt from the loop of his trousers. My thighs tightened at the sound it made. I wriggled in my chair, my ass immediately sensitive to the touch of the velour that pressed into it everywhere my cotton knickers didn’t cover.

But I didn’t let that show for Dane. His lack of response suggested that I wasn’t going to be happy about whatever the ‘ex’ had had to say, so I wasn’t about to tell him how watching him loop the belt and snap it before hanging it next to his tie made me ache.

By the time he answered me he was wearing nothing but his jockey shorts. “She said she’d been looking for me.”

Of course she had! The interfering little witch wasn’t going to leave this alone. She wasn’t going to accept that Dane and I were together, no matter how happy she was with Robin. I wondered if he’d tell me what she’d said, or if he’d just edit out everything except for ‘so how is Crystal’ like he had last time.

It didn’t go that way, though. He opened his top drawer, dropped in his watch and picked something up. I watched with curiosity as he brandished a sealed CD case. It was one of those ones you bought in packs of ten from the market. The ones you recorded stuff onto.

Padding across the room, he hopped onto my chair, nudging me forward until he was jammed in behind me. “She was with Robin,” he said. “They both asked how you were, and they said they’re sorry about the way things have been recently. You won’t answer their calls or emails, so they recorded a video message for you and asked if I’d mind if you watched it alone.”

I took the CD with the tips of my fingers, dangling it like it was a dirty thing I didn’t want to be touching. “And do you mind?” I grimaced.

“Nope. If you want me gone say so and I’ll go make a start on dinner. I trust you to be sensible no matter what those crazies have put on that disc.”

With that, I decided he could stay. Dane was reasonable, trusting. He would never try to censor the things I saw or heard for his own comfort. Whatever was on this disc was guaranteed to have one purpose; causing a rift between us. Louise would try anything, and Robin was just as bad. But Dane and I were strong, and I refused to be afraid of anything they had to say.

Slotting the disc into the computer, I waited for something to happen. Dane played with my hair, kissed my shoulder, made me laugh when he said, “Would you tell your wobbly ass to quit making my dick hard, please?”

I wriggled on purpose, squashing my cheeks against his burgeoning cock. He responded by grabbing my tits, thrusting forward and making ridiculously fake sex sounds. I joined in and we laughed, until we heard a soft, feminine giggle.

My head whipped around, my eyes found the screen. I stared, nipples still between Dane’s fingers, stunned by what I was seeing. Louise and Robin on a bed that was almost identical to the one behind me, both naked and shaking their tits at the camera.

“This is for you, Crystal,” Louise sang. “We know you’re too proper for porn, but we thought you might feel different about porn made just for you.”

I wanted to turn it off. To snap the disc into a million pieces and mail it back to the shit stirrers who had sent it. But I couldn’t, because Louise was playing with Robin’s nipples and I was mesmerised. I watched her plump lips wrap around a rosy bud, sucking, licking, baring her teeth and stretching it until Robin spasmed.

Dane was silent behind me, and I wondered how this made him feel. Watching the two of them touching each other, seeing how they moved, and how they sounded. Did it turn him on? Of course it did, how could it not? Both women were stunning, there was no escaping that.

In one fluid movement, Louise folded onto the mattress. Robin lay over her, their round tits, soft bellies and trimmed mounds mashing together. I could hardly stand seeing them kiss. Eyes closed, hands in hair, tongues thrashing together like warring serpents. So sensual. So erotic. Such a fucking turn-on.

I felt Dane’s cock throb behind me. Knowing he was watching this, wanting this, made me feel queasy. He watched porn all the time, but never in front of me. I made a move to get up but his feet rose between mine and shoved my legs apart. I hissed when his fist knotted in my hair, tried to resist his attempts to make me face the screen. Weakly. I tried weakly, and in no time I was watching Robin smothering herself in Louise’s pussy.

Her hips were bouncing quickly, fucking something that wasn’t there. She was groping, sucking, growling like an animal as she mauled Louise’s body. And Louise pulled Robin’s hair, pushed her face closer, ground against her, her eyes not leaving the camera for even one minute.

I closed my eyes, hating her for assuming I’d watch them do this. Despising myself because she’d assumed right. This was wrong. Destructive and damaging. I was causing this heartache myself, and all because I wanted to watch my two ex-girlfriends fuck.

But then Dane shifted, pulled me closer and started to whisper in my ear. “Watch them, baby,” he said. “Open your eyes and watch. Watch them fuck. Tell me how it feels to know they’re fucking not for each other, but for you.”

Louise jerked and screamed, riding Robin’s shoulders as she came.

Dane reached around me, slipped his hand into my knickers and groaned at the juicy wetness that was my pussy. “She’s coming for you,” he murmured. “All of that is for you, but they don’t know I’m watching with you. They don’t know that it’s my fingers on your cunt making you feel good, or that my cock is gonna feel it when you come. Don’t see Robin and Louise. See two hot women fucking for no other reason than to get you off.”

Eyes back on the screen, I relaxed into him, watching the performers shifting on the bed. The dark-haired girl bent over, exposing her dripping cunt, while the redhead stuck out her tongue and lapped at her twitching asshole. Moans, gasps, cries for more, for fingers, for fucking.

Dane sucked my neck. I could feel stickiness on the small of my back, his cock throbbing and twitching. What would he do if…

I leant forward, pulling my knickers to the side. “Fuck me while I watch,” I commanded.

No sooner had I said it than was the head of his cock pushing through my folds, sinking deeper and deeper in as he lifted his hips and started to thrust. Elbows on the desk, nose not a foot from the screen, I watched those two sweaty bodies slap off each other, watched one rise and wrap her legs around the other’s, stared at their cunts rubbing together in a frenzied snapping motion.

Dane fucked me, my past fucked for me, and just as Louise stiffened and cried out that she still loved me, I came. My eyes were closed. In my little orgasmic bubble, I was just me. There was no Dane, no Louise or Robin. No past, present or future. All there was, was pleasure. This I liked.

When I came back to reality, the screen was black. I ejected the disc, climbing off Dane’s spent cock. His cum and mine gushed down my thighs. I was shocked at myself. At what I’d let myself see, how I’d reacted to it, and how hard I’d come because of it. That was the first time I’d ever watched porn. My relationship with Louise and Robin had ended because I hadn’t ever wanted to watch it and they’d tried to pressure me because they were deeply into it.

One of the things that had drawn me away from them and to Dane – my first male partner – was the easy attitude he had toward sex; if I didn’t want to do it, it didn’t happen. He loved porn, but he never pressured me to watch it with him, never tried to coerce me into doing something I was uncomfortable with. But now I was questioning my own discomfort. Did I really dislike porn as much as I thought I did? Perhaps it was time for me to try something new.

Fanning myself with the CD case, I pointed at the computer.

“Show me one of the movies you have saved on there,” I said.

He raised an eyebrow. “You want to see more?”

“Maybe. I don’t know. I can’t decide how I feel about it based on a video my exes made. Once I’ve watched something I can be impartial about, I’ll let you know.”

With a nod, he lunged forward and started clicking. Smiling, he asked me one final question. “Cunts or cocks?”

Prompt: Porn

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