Put a Ring on It


Donny had said he’d meet me at six but he was nowhere to be seen. Nerves made my hands tremble as I thought of the blaring sirens that had troubled me all the way here. Gods, if he’d crashed that fucking car again like he had this time last year when he’d proposed…

My mobile buzzed in my bag.

Still steaming up the shop window with shaky breaths, I fished it out, sighing in relief when I saw it was from Donny. I knew he wouldn’t have a good reason for not being here, but relief at knowing he was okay saved him from my wrath.

“I’m parked in the alley, babe.”

Reading his words out loud didn’t make them any more sensible. What the hell was he parked there for? Maybe he wasn’t. Maybe a pick pocket had stolen his mobile and was messing with me. Or worse, a psycho might have conked him on the head and was using his phone to lure me to my death.

“Really, Jane,” I muttered, kicking my heels. I really could be ridiculous sometimes.

Rounding the corner, I left the bright flashing lights of the main street, heading into the dark, quiet alley. Some would call me stupid, but I wasn’t. Not one hundred percent, anyway. I had my rape alarm in my hand, having snatched it up as I’d slipped my phone back into my bag.

Sure enough, there was Donny’s car, and slouched against the side of it was Donny. He laughed as I approached. “What took you?”

“I was out front, waiting for you. You promised me coffee and doughnuts, asshole, what’re you doing out here?”

Reaching behind his head, he picked up a tall latte mug and waved it at me.

“Oh, cool. Did you get doughnuts too?”

Palm forward to hold me off, he narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips, responding to my suspicious expression. “I got six, but there’s only one left. I saved it especially for you. The question is, are you gonna eat it now or later?”

Before I could reply he straightened up, grinning like the dirty pervert he was. He’d saved my favourite doughnut – a strawberry sprinkle ring – and it was currently nestled around the base of his cock.

I wasted no time getting to my knees.

Donny gasped as I ran my tongue down his rock hard length. I let the tip just graze the side of the doughnut. Slurping. Nibbling. Drooling. I throated as much of him as I could, using the melting sticky strawberry glaze as a makeshift lube.

It never took him long when we were outside, and soon he was exposing my tits so he could cover them with come.  “Oh, you dirty little bitch,” he groaned.

Hot splatters trickled between my breasts, pooling around the edge of my bra. Donny slipped the doughnut free and handed it to me. I licked my lips then took a bite. Never had sucking cock been so delicious.

No. 11

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