Pretty in Pink

Okay, sugar, park your ass on the sofa. Yeah, right there on the throw. The pink of your skirt looks good against that baby blue, right? And damn, I love the way those white knee socks pop against the black leather down there. That blonde hair of yours is gonna pop against the black, too. Lean back a little, lemme see. Fluff your pigtails a bit. Yeah, just as I thought. Pop!

Now sit forward, right on the edge of the seat, and part your legs. Wider. A bit more. Good, good! Now keep your feet where they are – fuck, those Mary Jane’s are hot – and pull your knees together. Nice!

Elbows on your knees. Shoulders back, hands on your chin. Ohh, cute. Now that’s cute. Isn’t she cute, Tommy? She’s got some striking eyes on her, amarite? Damn, I could look into those peepers all day long. You make my heart throb, do you know that? Come on, flutter your lashes for me. Lick your lips. Gimme your best pout. Fuck, you’re making something else throb now, too.

Am I thinking about what? Haha, am I that obvious? I was thinking about that, yeah. Every time I look into those baby blues I get an image of you throating my cock. They’d sparkled brighter then, you know. When your tears fucked up your mascara cos I face fucked you and made you cry? Yeah, I’ll never forget that squeak you made when I shot my load in your face. Or how wide you opened your mouth to catch my spunk.

Shit, I can’t work when my dick is this hard. Let’s forget the throat fucking until we’re done here. Yeah, we can do it again if you want. Later. Now straighten the bows in your hair for me, sweetie. Sure, I dig the gingham ribbon. It matches your dress, but the tails of those bows are a little on the long side, don’t you think? Oh, you left it long for that, huh? Sure, I can choke you with it later. Anything you want, baby.

Okay, I have the sock shots, the ribbons and the gingham, all the cutesy shit. Let’s take off some layers, shall we? Undo that ribbon at the top of your dress. Yeah, baby, avoiding buttons was a good call, less fucking around is always good. Pull the panels apart for me. Not too much! I don’t wanna see nipple yet, we’ll get to that after…

Now that’s some fucking cleavage! Tommy, would you get a load of this cleavage. It goes on for days, weeks even. Damn! You know what, you’re the only girl I ever met with tits as firm and round as this. I’m gonna have you on your back later, I wanna see them bounce.

What was that, baby, do I remember what? Of course I remember that! Like any guy is ever gonna forget titty fucking you. You know the part that sticks in my mind most? Watching you eat my spunk off your nipples. Oh no, don’t be embarrassed that it came out of your nose when I made you come. I didn’t even realise it had happened until you told me, I was too busy watching what I was doing between your legs to notice.

Can you see how hard my cock is? Ah, you can suck it soon, princess, I promise. Okay, get your tits all the way out. Pinch your nipples. Harder, I want them redder than that. Tommy would have me rouge them cos it’s quicker, but I’d rather watch you do it. It’s hot. No, I don’t want you to suck them yet, you’ll smudge your lipgloss. It’s what? Candyfloss flavoured? You picked it because I love that stuff, huh? Don’t worry, baby, I’ll lick it off soon.

Okay, play with your nipples. Just use the tips of your fingers for now. Ohh, that stretching is good, do more of that! You can feel it between your legs, huh? Squeeze your tits, honey, give them a jiggle. Ah, whassamatter, is touching them making you twitch? Hell yes, I’m gonna go down on you. Does it taste of candyfloss down there, too? Wait, really?! Woah, who knew candyfloss flavoured lube was a thing? Can’t wait to cover you in that shit.

You what? Well, I was gonna do some standing shots but if you’re ready to get your knickers off go right ahead. No knickers, huh? Ha, easy access my ass, if there’s one thing that’ll never get between me and what I want it’s flimsy fucking lace. I’d have torn them off, darlin’. Now that would have made for some hot shots. My sweet girly girl with shredded drawers dangling beneath her pretty dress. You have a surprise for me, do you? Can’t wait to see what that might be.

I need you to shift your leg a little to the left. That’s it! Oh my God, would you look at that. Tom… you know what, no. I’m not dragging him in here to look at you like this, I’m keeping it to myself for now. Yes, I do see my surprise and I love it. That little strip of curly pubic hair is new for you and it’s gorgeous, I can just imagine how good it smells. I thought it would have been darker than that, but nope. It matches your hair perfectly. You do not! Well holy shit. I always thought you were a natural blonde but here’s you telling me you dye your hair and your pubes. That’s dedication to your image, I gotta tell ya.

Inch your skirt higher for me. Keep going, I don’t want it casting shadows. Let me see that girl-cock in all its glory. Oh my God, I remembered that your tits were big, but I’d forgotten how fucking huge your dick is! I’ve never seen one like it. No, not even Tommy’s. He’s hung, sure, but not like a horse. And he’s just a basic guy, he isn’t a pretty little sissy like you are. You’re getting fucked so hard I can’t even begin to tell you.

Get your hand around that cock, honey. Pull back the foreskin, I want to get a shot of that hot little slit right at the tip. Judas Priest, what are you tryin’ to do to me? Let me get a bit closer so I can get a shot of that precum. Stroke it for me. Stroke your girl-cock, squeeze as much of that stuff out of your tip as you can. Yeah, pink polish looks great, it makes your pointy-assed nails look cute as well as vicious. Dig the tips into your shaft. Just until it hurts. Show me the marks. Damn, sizzlin’ hot!

Let me just…one…two…ah, so fucking satisfying. You like it when I slap your cock, huh? Haha, busted! You’re right, I did just want to get precum on my hand. What can I say, I’m hungry. Ohh, you taste so good. I don’t think we’ll need that candyfloss lube, angel. Not unless I can put it on your ass. I can? Oh boy.

Okay, I can’t do this anymore. Gimme the lube. Turn around and bend over the couch. Reach back and pull your ass cheeks open for me. Oh, it’ll only be cold for a minute, we’ll soon warm that up. Let me get a picture of your soaking wet asshole. I love to hear you begging for my cock, baby. You like me slapping your balls with it, do you? Relax now…let me in… fuuuuuck! Hold still while I get one last shot, just one picture of my dick buried in your ass.

Stroke your cock now, sugar. Do it fast. I want you to be ready when Tommy comes back in here. It would be a wasted opportunity not to get a photo of your girl cock spurting. Your pictures are always sexy, but we all know that’s the money shot.

Prompt #350 – Erotic Photo

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