O Come All Ye Faithful

It’s amazing what a person will do for love, isn’t it? Some will up sticks and move to another country. Others will get tattoos that declare ownership in one way or another. But me? Well, last year I took part in a reindeer race – where I was one of the reindeer – for my boyfriend, Kris, and this year?

This year I’m standing in the middle of a round clippy mat in the front room of Nick’s flat wearing nothing but a pair of black stockings and the big sparkly diamond ring that has been glamming up my left hand since last New Year’s Eve.

Once again, I’m hazy on the details of what Kris has planned. All I know is he’s gone off with Nick and a few of the other guys to buy beer and snacks, and that he wants me to be naked and waiting for them when they get back. It doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me at this stage. I mean, why do I need to be naked to help Nick trim his tree. That’s what we came over here for.

I shiver a bit, wrinkling my nose at a few rogue flakes of snow that drift in through the open window. Then I let myself look around Nick’s sitting room, taking in the state of the place without worrying about offending him. Damn, the place really has gone to shit since his girlfriend, Mary, buggered off with Joey Carpenter during the summer. Cantonese boxes stacked on top of pizza boxes lined out beside empty beer bottles…I’ll have to tell him to buck his ideas up. He’s a grown-assed man, for Christ’s sake, there’s no need for all this mess.

The door opens and a rag-tag group of snowmen stagger in amidst a cacophony of laughter, groaning and clinking beer bottles. Kris looks straight at me, probably checking to see if I’ve done as he asked. When he sees me standing in the middle of the room, buck naked, he gets that hungry look about him that always means I’m getting fucked and I’m getting fucked hard.

It takes the others longer to realise I’m no longer wearing any clothes, and it’s fun to watch them stop and stare, one after the other. Nick has one arm still in his coat and he’s looking from me to Kris and back, his expression clearly asking, what the fuck?

Slowly, they all shed their snow encrusted coats and boots then gather around the small dining table in the corner. Noel of the red hair parts his lips, points at me, shakes his head and then presses his lips together again.

Man, the way they’re looking at me! I’ve never seen such a mix of confusion, arousal and curiosity before. The only one who knows what’s what is Kris but he’s momentarily preoccupied with his quickly stiffening cock. He’s got his hand in his pocket – the pocket I put a hole in so I could grope him without obstruction – and I know he’s touching himself.

Standing here like this, having my body gawped at by a bunch of men…I can’t deny that it’s making my thighs feel a little slick. I’ve been naked in front of all of these guys before, but always in the presence of their girlfriends. The thing is, since last December, I’m the only girlfriend left. Kris and I are still going strong, planning a spring wedding and everything, but the others are all in varying stages of the post break-up blues.

“So, Donna,” Nick says, croaking a little. “Care to share why you took your clothes off?”

If I knew I’d tell him. But – as ever – the only answer I have is because Kris asked me to, and I don’t want to sound like a broken record, so I just shrug. I make it a good shrug though. Twitching my hips and bouncing my shoulders so that my tits do a little jiggle.

Kris takes a few steps closer to me, firing the cutest wink at me before facing Nick. “We’re gonna help you festive up the joint.”

Ugh, desire has thickened his voice so much I honestly feel like I could straddle his words and ride them. He sounds so fucking sexy when he’s turned on.

It doesn’t have the same effect on Nick though, he just looks confused. “How?”

“By helping you decorate your tree.”

“I don’t have a tree, Kris. I have baubles, lights and tinsel, but Mary was always one for buying a real tree every year. She’s not here so I haven’t bothered to…yeah, no tree.”

Kris is nodding and looking smug, looking very much like he expected this. What is he up to?

He claps and points at me. “I know, that’s why I brought Donna. She’s gonna be a stand-in.”

Ummm, did he just say that…oh. I should have known. Last year I was the reindeer, this year I’m to be the Christmas tree. My mind plays over what that might entail. They’ll probably string lights around me, and a bit of tinsel. I’ll likely have shiny baubles hung from my fingers and ears. Get a pinch or two on the ass and maybe a nipple tweak that sets them all off into peals of boyish laughter, and then be made to stand there and sparkle while we all get pissed.

I feel a lazy smile creep onto my lips when I imagine the end of the night rolling around, the guys all passed out drunk and snoring while Kris and I have a sloppy fuck behind the sofa. It won’t be magical and fun like last year, but a good fuck is a good fuck no matter what the events are that lead up to it.

After a bit of mumbling and exclamations of ‘this is crazy’, Nick drags a box with XMAS scrawled onto its side in black marker out of a built-in cupboard. After opening it, he gestures at Kris to begin.

Oh, my guy has such a wicked smile. He walks over to me, his broad shoulders shielding me from view. His lips are moving, puckering into air kisses and over exaggeratedly mouthing, I love you.

Our gazes are locked, but when he reaches for my nipples his fingers don’t falter. He finds them first try and, rolling them softly, he whispers, “Is all of this okay with you? You can tell me if it isn’t and that’ll be that.”

Be bold, Donna.

I reach for his hand and guide it between my legs, letting him feel just how okay with this I am. He gasps, sinking his fingers in a little deeper, pinching my clit until I gasp, too. “So goddam wet,” he practically whines. “You exhibitionist little bitch, I wish we could just drop to the floor and fuck right now.”

That would be okay with me. I’m no longer the shy girl who had won that race last year. When he’d had me strip off in the snow for the reindeer race he’d created a monster and ever since then my motto has been any place, any time.

But no. He’d had a plan for tonight and I would help him stick to it. For Nick. No…not for Nick. For Kris.

With a bracing breath, he turns to his friends. “Lights first, boys,” he grins.

After pulling Mary’s meticulously wrapped lights from the box, four men get down to coiling them around my body. Fingers brush my neck. Backs of hands skim my nipples, my belly, knuckles knock against my mound when I part my legs. Each touch is almost innocent, apart from Nick’s. He’s the only one who touches me on purpose, and though Kris notices him massaging my right ass cheek he doesn’t say anything. He just smiles, dragging his finger up my thigh. When he pulls his hand away that finger glistens with my juices, and he’s not the only one to groan with need when he wraps his lips around it and sucks it clean.

Someone is lifting my arms. Just as I expected, baubles are hung from my fingers. Red ones and silver ones, with a random black one thrown in. I don’t expect Noel to lean forward and lick my nipple, but he does. Kris is behind me, pulling my hair back so he can watch over my shoulder. Nick leans in too, taking the other nipple into his mouth.

The two men suck and bite as I push back against the hard cock I can feel twitching against my ass. God, I want Kris to fuck me. I want Nick to fuck me. In fact, I want them all to fuck me, one after the other, choking me with fairy lights, with cock, filling every hole I have to offer with all of the frustration their broken relationships must have left them with.

I hear a soft tinkle and something metallic and shiny appears in front of my face. It’s too close so I can’t focus, but when Kris moves his hand back a little and breathes, “Remember these?” into my ear, I know what they are. They’re the nipple clamps I wore at the reindeer race, the ones with little bells on.

He hands one each to Nick and Noel, and they secure them to my now rock hard nipples with cruel snaps. I shake my shoulders, making the bells ring, making Kris reach around and grab handfuls of tit while his cock throbs against me.

I know he wants to fuck me. I know he’s going to, but just as he starts to unbutton his jeans one of the guys – Jack, I think – announces that there’s no tinsel in the box. I laugh at the sudden halt in play. Is a lack of tinsel really enough to put the brakes on this?

Kris’ warmth vanishes from my back. His legs, jeans beneath his knees, appear on the floor between my ankles. I don’t know if he pulls me down of if I sit down, but I’m suddenly on him and his cock is coming to an abrupt halt at the deepest part of me.

A moment of stillness passes and then, without making a conscious decision to do so, I’m fucking Kris – hard. Bells jingle, skin slaps against skin, baubles slip from my fingers and skid across the floor.

Unzipping his jeans, Nick laughs. “No tinsel, huh? We’ll just have to make our own, won’t we?”

Oh shit, how hot is this?! Kris is power fucking beneath me, thrusting up with such force he’s lifting my knees off the floor. I reach out, telling myself I’m seeking support, but I’m not. I’m looking for cock, and I find it. I stroke two men – not knowing or caring which ones – and open my mouth in invitation for a third.

To my delight – and Kris’ by the sounds of his growl and the way his hands gouge into my hips – it’s Nick. He’s got such a lovely cock, short enough for me to take it all in without gagging but thick enough to be a challenge all the same.

There’s so much noise! Tearing stockings. Wet stroking. Gargling, moaning, whispering, slapping. Searing pain rips through me when Kris smacks the clamps off my saliva soaked nipples. Each thud of his cock makes the ache in my belly get increasingly worse until I’m choking on a dick muffled scream.

Oh God, they’re scratching me. Someone is nipping me, Kris is biting my neck. He’s wrapping his hand around my throat and squeezing, making Nick holler and slap my face.

My cunt starts to convulse, Kris holds me against him, pulsing inside of me, and then the others begin covering me with their homemade tinsel. Their hot jets splatter over my chest, my face, over my shoulder and into Kris’ face. I can see he’s got his tongue out to catch it and he moans at the surprise extra hard squeeze my pussy gives his dick.

When the blissful moans quieten to a sated hum, someone flicks a switch. The fairy lights blink on, turning the ribbons of cum that are seeping down my skin red, green, blue and yellow. With a laugh, Nick scoops a blob off my cheek and slips it into my mouth.

“I think it’s safe to say we’ve well and truly trimmed this tree.”

Week 171

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