No One Can Hear You Scream

I’m not supposed to be out here. When the selections were made, my name wasn’t generated by our region’s computer. Thirty-four people were randomly chosen from the database of fertile twenty year olds – of which our region had forty-three – and I just wasn’t lucky enough.

Brian was, though.

I stared at him. He was tucked into a little recess in the wall, waiting for a drone to pass. He looked tired and anxious, but his eyes never left my face. I’d explain to him how I’d come to be on the Ark, but not yet. I had so much more to say first.

As soon as the drone rolled past, Brian rose to his feet, grabbing my hand and pulling me toward a white oval door. It unnerved me that he used his thumbprint to get inside. If that was how the people onboard got around the upper levels I was in trouble.

When the door closed, he turned me to face him. I knew he was talking, but I didn’t register a word of it. As happy and relieved as I was to finally be with him – after three weeks of sneaking around the lower levels with the maintenance bots – I didn’t watch his lips move with my usual level of fascination. I couldn’t take my eyes off the window I could see over his shoulder.

It took up an entire wall, and outside of it was a horror I couldn’t begin to process. I didn’t think it would be like this. I thought there would be stars, planets and galaxies, but there wasn’t. There was nothing. The blackness was too vast. It made me feel small and inferior. Unimportant, just like the region’s computer had suggested I was.

I started to breathe heavier, panic building, ratcheting my pulse. But then soft fingers trailed over my shoulder, up the nape of my neck and onto my head. My hair fell around my shoulders in a tumble and Brian pressed his face into it. I could feel his chest expanding and shrinking with each steady breath he took, but I could hear nothing.

Dragging my eyes away from that terrifying nothingness outside was the hardest – well, second hardest thing I’d ever done. But I needed to see him, and I knew he needed to see me. As soon as my eyes focused on him I felt calm. Home. He was so beautiful, enthralling me with his tawny beige skin and hypnotic green eyes…and I knew exactly what the look in those eyes meant.

Slowly, we undressed, dropping the white tunic and trouser sets we’d been given on Earth to the floor. Brian licked his lips when he looked at my chest. He loved my tits and didn’t ever miss an opportunity to take them in his mouth. Even now, he was dipping his head, pushing one mound to his face and wrapping his bee stung lips around the already hard nipple.

He sucked for a while, stroking my skin with his wide palms, teasing my pussy with his long fingers. Then he straightened and smiled at me, cupping my cheeks in his hands. “Hold on to me,” he mouthed. I didn’t hear the words, but we’d learned to read lips long ago.

Just as my fingers curled around his biceps, a red light pulsed in the room. Slowly, my feet peeled from the floor and we began to float. It was strange to be laughing but not hearing myself.

Brian was laughing, too. He made like we were dancing, pulling me close, dipping me…but I kept going, letting him turn me until my hair was skimming the floor. He pulled me closer, higher, and when I felt his mouth press into my vulva I wished to God I could hear. I loved the starved growl he always let go of on that first taste.

Just for a brief second, I wondered why we hadn’t hit the ceiling. But the thought soon left my mind when I opened my eyes and saw the big, twitching cock that stood at attention a few inches from my face.

I opened my mouth, letting a trail of saliva trickle off my lips. It floated just like I was, hitting the underside of Brian’s balls, running slowly up to the base of his cock and along the shaft. I’d always been greedy when it came to sucking cock, and this angle was perfect. Brian’s dick was shockingly long, but it fit inside of me like it had been made for me, no matter which part of me he decided to fuck with it.

I sucked, nipped and throated, licked and bit, tickling his balls and asshole with my fingers. He pushed my legs further apart, slipping a finger into my cunt, then two and, before long, three.

He’d be making all kinds of animalistic feeding sounds up there, but I couldn’t hear a damned thing. I could feel, though. Could feel him pushing me down while he rose up, could feel his cock dragging over my teeth and slipping past my lips.

Then we were moving, twisting. I didn’t want to, but I was being turned to face the window. Panic returned with the sight of all that blackness, but Brian didn’t give me a moment to embrace it.

He was above me, spreading my legs as wide as they’d go. A quick glance was all it took to chase my fear away. He was angling his cock down. Stroking slowly, he teased my clit, using my wetness to glide gently over it. Then faster, rougher, grinning maniacally as big fat drops of fluid floated past his face.

His cock sank home and I stared off into space, feeling my mind start to snap as my lover fucked me, pulling me against him in harsh yanks until I could barely stand the ball of tension I was becoming.

And then, just as a hint of light in the distance caught my eye, I came. My cunt squeezed the cum from Brian’s cock but still he fucked me, sending bizarre white shapes drifting toward the ceiling. I screamed as I came, and in that scream I put all of my anxiety, rage, love and terror. I didn’t hold anything back, because I didn’t need to. Nobody could hear me.

Brian turned me upright, just as the red light started to flash again. Heaviness returned to our bodies and we crumpled to the floor in a tangle of damp limbs.

It was time for me to explain how I’d ended up aboard the Ark. How my best friend had given me her place because my love had been chosen and hers hadn’t. She didn’t want to repopulate the new world with another man, so she had made the greatest sacrifice for him that she could have; she chose to die on earth with her love, and that meant I got to live somewhere else with mine.

I had no idea how we were going to make this work, but I knew we would. We were headed to a brave new world, after all, and even if the Ark’s keepers chose not to accept me, there was one truth that would see me through; in space, no one had heard me scream, so no one would hear them scream either.

Prompt #259 – Space

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