Just One More

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“Bugger, bugger, bugger, bugger!”

Ugh, I should have grabbed a towel to dry my hands instead of my t-shirt, my belly feels all clammy with dirty dishwater. Shit, I’m breaking my fucking neck, now! Chew toys all over the floor again, this sodding dog! Don’t stop, don’t stop, please, no, don’t…


I always get to that damned phone a second after it stops ringing. Charlie can whine all she likes, I’m gonna have the landline taken out altogether, it’s a pain in my arse. There’s no point to it anyway now that everyone and their dog has a mobile. See, mine is buzzing right now and I don’t have to flee all over the house to answer it cos it basically lives in my pocket. It’s something I will never, ever misplace.

Bollocks, I can’t get it out, my zip has jammed again. It’s probably just Charlie anyway. She said had something to ask me before she whizzed off to work and I herded the kids off to school, but she never did say what she wanted. This’ll be her now with her instructions, I’m sure of it.

And I’m right. Well. Sort of. I missed the call, but she’s sent a text instead.

Well, I’ll be fucked. I usually get texts like ‘don’t forget bread’ or ‘Millie has a dentist appointment’, cos Charlie is convinced that every day is my first day as a stay at home husband, even though I’ve been doing it for the past eight years. The only time it isn’t a spoon-feed-Harry message is when it’s one that says, ‘brace yourself cos my mother is coming for dinner tonight’, which is the kind of news Charlie likes to break to me by text because she doesn’t like to hear me bemoaning the arrival of the dragon.

It’s nothing like that this time. No, this time, she’s sent me a picture of her tits.

Seriously, this woman has the most delicious tits I’ve ever seen. A good handful on the left, just a little more than that on the right. Areolas so dark they look almost black against the warm sandy tones of her skin. I’ve had my mouth all over those tits. I’ve had my dick between them. That time I accidentally jizzed on Charlie’s chin while I tit fucked her is something I’ll never forget, and not just because she slapped my cock so hard in shock that she nearly broke it.

Shit, my mouth’s gone dry just looking at this picture. My coffee is freezing now, it must have been sat there at least an hour. Ugh, that’s vile. Still, coffee is coffee.

Okay, as much as I enjoy looking at tits, I can’t help but wonder why this particular pair is splashed all over my phone’s screen. It’s not that it’s unusual for Charlie to send me nudes. I sometimes send them to her, too. But she’s never sent me one from the frigging desk in her office before. I know it’s not a throwback photo, the top she’s wearing in the picture was only delivered yesterday.

Damn this cock, I wish it’d keep still. I’d love nothing more than to slip my hand beneath my waistband to give it a little shuffle, but I can’t. Anyone from the houses opposite us could be watching me through the kitchen window. They won’t care that Charlie started it, they’ll just report me for indecent exposure. I could throttle her for getting me all worked up when I’ve got so much to do. I’ve got dishes to finish washing, bread to put in the oven, dirty laundry to wash, clean laundry to dry, dry laundry to fold…

You know what, fuck it. If she can stop in the middle of her workday to take sneaky snaps of her tits in the middle of her office, I can stop what I’m doing to pay her back in kind. She doesn’t love me sending her pictures of my dick, though, she says it’s been done to death, so I’m gonna have to get creative.

Ignore the dog’s mess, Harry. Ignore its big lying eyes, you walked the hyperactive little bastard not half an hour ago. Don’t see Millie’s shoes on the stairs, don’t even think about looking in Jacob’s room, it’s Lego hell and you don’t have time for it.

Bedroom door locked, clothes off, one more look at Charlie’s tits…right, where should I do this? Would lounging on her reading chair look weird? It might not look too bad if I shift it out of that shaft of light from the window. That said, she’ll probably flip her lid at me for daring to put my naked arse on her mother’s antique furniture.

What about the rug? I’d look good against the cream. Oh, creaky knees are…ugh! That rug feels horrible, what an itchy piece of shit. So, not the rug then. Not the floor at all, in fact, my knees will give way and I’ll still be lying there when Charlie comes in from work. Can’t have her yelling at me for missing that dentist appointment. I suppose it’ll have to be the bed again, and I’ll probably fall asleep and get yelled at anyway.

Oh, Jesus, I nearly had a heart attack! It doesn’t matter how long we live in this house, I will never get used to those mirrors on the ceiling. The only time I’ll ever not hate them is when I’m on my back with Charlie riding my cock. Watching her fuck me is so damned hot, I don’t know how I ever manage to last beyond two minutes.


That gives me an idea…

Would it work if…

It might, you know. I know there’ll be more bed than body in the snaps, but taking pictures of myself watching myself take pictures of myself has got to be better than another sweaty closeup of my cock, surely?

Right, that’s the first one done. Smiling, kinda cheeky looking, legs together as if I’m some kind of innocent. Away it goes. She won’t get it until after her two o’clock meeting, but I bet that this phone is ringing by five past.

Second snap, away. I wonder if she’ll find that one hot. Man, my dick looks massive stretching up my belly. It’s almost to my frigging belly button. There, I’ll just send one picture of me holding it. Three messages will be more than enough.

But look at it, though, I can see the veins in it even from here. If I squeeze the base like this, they really stand out. And it looks even bigger! I’ll send her that one, too. Four is definitely enough.

I wonder if they’ll turn her on. Dick pics usually don’t, but these are different. I look different. My hair seems darker in this light. Less salt and more pepper. My podge looks a bit flatter when I’m on my back, and if I tense up, I can see all the muscles in my calves. Is this what Charlie sees when she climbs on top of me? It’s odd, cos she doesn’t look all that different when I watch her in these mirrors.

Christ, Harry, this isn’t the time for wanking. I need to step away from the cock, I’ve got things to do. But I’ve never watched myself do this before. Not like this, anyway. I kinda like it. Not just how it feels, but how it looks.

That there! When I pull my dick like that it looks so swollen. Has the head always been this shiny? Shit, look at the way it flicks when my fist hits the ridge. Precum already? That’s either really good or really bad. I don’t care which.

My nipples have darkened! I’ve never given them much thought before but…oh! Running my thumb over them like this feels good and…fuck! Pinching them feels better. Damn, I can’t see as well, I’m shaking my forearm so fast I’m shaking the bed, the reflection above me is going blurry.

I wonder if Charlie would lick my nipples next time we fuck.

Ah, shit, shit, shit!

I wonder if she’d bite.

Does she use the mirror? When I’m on top of her, pumping my cock into her cunt, does she watch? Does she watch my arse pistoning against her, does she watch tracks appear on my skin where she scratches me? Does she stare at her feet digging into my thighs when I bury my face in her neck and groan that I’m about to come? Or does she hold her own gaze so she can congratulate herself for making me come so damned hard?

“Aah, fuck!”

Oh God, look at that! I’ve never noticed how far up my body my spunk travels, it’s all over my chest. My neck even copped it. I look like such a lazy sod. Lounging in bed in the middle of the day, sweating and covered in come. If I angle my head just so, it glistens on my throat.

Hehe, I think I’ll send Charlie just one more pic.

Week #227

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