Jack & Jill… and Jon

What a hard, shitty day it had been. I’d worked my fingers to the bone for a boss who doesn’t appreciate me, just to come home and find a handful of unpaid bills on the dining table. Jill was angry, too. She’d been arguing with the head of year at our kid’s school, so her mood was as pissy as mine.

We weren’t talking to each other, and I didn’t feel like starting a conversation. The kids were in bed, the dishes were in the dish washer and this was the first quiet I’d had all day. It wasn’t peaceful, though. It was strained. We both needed a release, a way to relax.

Luckily, there was one waiting for us upstairs.

Jon got home long after we did, and as soon as he’d eaten he headed to the shower. We could hear him now, thumping around in the bedroom, getting ready for bed. I watched a bead of moisture run down the side of my glass, and my head warped the image into droplets of shower water running down Jon’s powerful thighs.

I looked at Jill, then. She was looking back. A reluctant little smile played at the corner of her mouth and I had to fight my own. Which of us would move first? Usually it would be me, but Jill’s challenging gaze was keeping me firmly in place. She knew I wanted to go. That’s why she was leaning forward to unfasten the shoe straps around her ankles. She was all too aware that the sight of the bony expanse between her breasts made my cock bounce like a puppet on a string.

As soon as she’d kicked the second shoe off I was blinking at her back vanishing out of the door. I laughed under my breath, giving chase. Little bitch had better run fast, cos when I got my hands on her…

I burst into the bedroom not ten seconds after she did, but she was already on her knees with Jon’s cock in her mouth. Leaning against the doorframe I released my own, stroking slowly as I watched saliva start to run off her chin to drip down between her exposed tits.

What should I do? Should I stay here and watch her choke on him until he exploded down her throat? Or should I coax her onto the ottoman so Jon and I could take an end each? It had been a while since we’d both taken our wife at the same time, and Jill truly did enjoy having two juicy holes filled at once.

It would seem that she was leading the show, though. She didn’t often walk away from Jon’s cock, but there she was, getting to her feet, wrapping her hand around the long shaft and leading him to the bed by it. When she crooked her finger at me, I followed. We’d shed our clothes as we went, and by the time Jon and I were kneeling at her feet we were as naked as he was.

I loved watching Jill stroke her pussy. Her lips were fat and hairless, and the squelching sound she made when she slipped her fingers around between them made my balls ache. She spread herself open with her fingers, slipped the middle one into her cunt, fucking it almost as slowly as I was stroking my cock.

Jon dipped his head and spat on her. I watched the bubbly fluid trickle over Jill’s clit, watched her fingers push it into her. My eyes flicked to her face just in time to see her eyes rolling back into her head. Damn, she was such a fucking beauty. I thanked God every day that she’d been open to Jon moving in with us. She could have left me when she’d discovered I was sleeping with him behind her back, but she’d surprised us all – including herself – when she’d come up with the idea of us being one big, happy family.

Jon shuffled closer to me. Dragging Jill’s leg toward him, he wanked against the sole of her foot. She shifted her other leg so I could still watch her playing with her pussy. Always thinking of me, no matter what we were doing. At the same time, Jon reached around me. His long fingers parted my ass cheeks, making my hips thrust forward when one finger penetrated, pressing against my perineum from the inside.

“You two are so fucking hot,” Jill murmured.

You’ve never seen two men listening so intently for whatever words came next.

“Cover my body in all that delicious hot come, boys. I want it on me, in me. In my cunt, my ass, my mouth, my belly. Stroke those cocks faster and give me what I want right now.”

Her voice was an intimate whisper but there was no mistaking that she was telling us, not asking. It was a command and we were both more than happy to obey.

Jon dropped Jill’s foot and started to jam his finger deeper into my ass. I rode it, stroking and rocking, grinding and moaning while I watched our woman slap her own tiny tits and fuck her soaking cunt with three slender fingers.

I came first. Fat globs of white splashed over Jill’s pussy lips, into her vagina when she exposed it for me. I was still spurting when Jon leant in, stroking his tip over her clit, through my mess, before swivelling his hips so he could come on my slowly softening cock.

Jill hadn’t come yet. We all knew why, but she would say it all the same. Looking us in the eye one after the other, she rested her gaze on Jon. “Bend over and suck Jack’s cock until it’s hard again,” she breathed. “I haven’t come yet and you two are going to take turns at fucking it out of me until I fall asleep.”

Jon was smiling when he took me in his mouth, but not as much as I was. Even though I had a shit job, money worries and crazy kids, this made it all worthwhile. It’s like my father always used to say, ‘work to live, Son, don’t live to work’. We’d all ignored that advice for a long time, but not anymore. There was no denying that the three of us were living life to the fullest, and we couldn’t have been happier.

Week #136

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