Halloween Town Tales No 8 – Succubus


Halloween 2016


I snagged the balled up, cum contaminated t-shirt Alyssa Ferrell lobbed at me just before it hit me in the face. When I shook it out, I realised that, of all the clothes on the floor, the bitch had cleaned herself up with something of mine. That was just fucking great, I had to walk home in that. I didn’t live far, but that wasn’t the point. What if I bumped into someone…interesting?

“Thanks for that,” I said, with no small amount of distaste. “I don’t get why you have to act so pissy, you knew I was gonna cum. I specifically said, I’m gonna cum, Lyssa, so you’d know to shift your face.”

She looked at me then, her eyes full of accusation. “Yeah, then you grabbed my hair and held my fucking head still so you could jam your cock down my throat, and you didn’t pull out, not even when I started choking. Then you had the audacity to laugh at me? Jesus!”

God, her face was so red, I was half tempted to call an ambulance. I might have done, if I hadn’t seen her turn this colour so many times before. I’d never been able to tell if she was angry, horny, or humiliated when she looked like this. To be perfectly honest I’d never really cared about her moods or feelings. They were all the same to me, cos no matter how she was feeling, it always led to the same thing. Sex. It all led to sex, and sex was all I cared about.

But I could see right now that she felt hard done to, and I didn’t get it. She was the one who’d wanted to get things started with a bang, or rather, a blow. I shrugged, thinking it was her own fault. I’d told her a dozen times that if she chose to put my cock in her mouth she couldn’t blame me if it shot its wad down her throat.

“Get out, Scott,” she said, getting awkwardly to her feet. “Just get out.”

I half laughed. There was no way would she kick me out, not before I’d given her pussy a thorough battering with my fat dick. My forehead wrinkled when she grabbed her dressing gown and headed for the door. She passed through, leaving it open for me, and I heard the bathroom door slam, the lock engaging. She was just being her usual, dramatic self, she’d be back.

Hopping off her bed, I peeked in her wardrobe, grinning at the Halloween costume she’d intended to wear to the Haunt. She’d been looking forward to it, but she just couldn’t say no to me. Not when she’d looked down and spotted my cock sticking right out through my open zip. Not when I’d stepped in really close and slipped it through the gap in her dressing gown, stroking the damp tip over her clit while she waved at the people passing behind me in the street.

I opened her knicker drawer, running my fingers through the multi coloured lace, sniggering when I found the long silver vibrator I’d watched her fuck herself with the last time I’d talked my way into her bedroom. It was a slim thing, but it was long, and she’d taken so much of it inside her, all she’d had to grip was the little black dial at the bottom. But grip it she had, and watching her fuck herself with such ferocity had been so hot, I’d spurted all over her belly before I’d had a chance to take the vibe off her and replace it with my dick.

All in all, I mooched around her room, pawing at her stuff, for over ten minutes. It took me that long to realise she wasn’t coming back. “I cannot believe she’s actually kicking me out.”

Grabbing my clothes from the pile on the floor, I started to get dressed. Just before I pulled up my boxers, I leaned over Alyssa’s bed, wiping my still weeping cock on her pillowcase. That would teach her for throwing me out on my ass.

Her front door slammed behind me. Luckily, I spotted the two fools stomping up Crow Street in their Halloween costumes, so I skipped over into next door’s garden and vanished around the back. Dale Robinson would be cool with me, but his girlfriend, Megan Walker, would tear me a new hole to shit through if she found out I’d been fucking another one of my girlfriend, Debbie’s, friends behind her back.

Even though I was fully prepared to go straight home, the third back garden I came to offered me a potential diversion. Tracey Larkin was at her bedroom window, big bouncy tits very much on show. I watched her for a few seconds, wriggling and making them jiggle as she squeezed into her costume. I loved sucking on Tracey’s tits, her nipples were like bullets.

Stooping to grab a bit of white gravel from the border by the fence, I launched it at the window. Tracey jumped, covering herself with a section of her caterpillar suit, albeit poorly. I could still see one tantalising boob.

“Oh, it’s you,” she said. “What do you want, Scott?”

Ask a silly question… “I want what I always want. To fuck you until your legs give way.”

She rolled her eyes at me. “Sorry, buddy. I told you that wouldn’t ever happen again the last time you were here.”

“What did I do?”

“You know exactly what you did.”

She was right, I did know, and I didn’t regret it one bit.

“Your dick popped out of my vagina then you ‘accidentally’ shoved the entire thing in my ass after being told I would not do anal sex at least a dozen times. It hurt, Scott. It hurt, and I bled, and I vowed right there that you would never touch me again.”

I narrowed my eyes. “But if I recall correctly, you came so hard your ass muscle almost snapped my cock in two. You liked it, Trace. Don’t pretend you didn’t.”

The window closed, followed by her curtains, and I was left out in the dark. Ungrateful bitch, let her see if her precious Dave Beesley fucks her as well as I do. I knew she was after him, and I wished her luck. She would need it, given the size of the boner he had for his housemate, Chloe.

A few gardens along proved much more fruitful. I lived at 26 Crow Street, and Mrs Vanderbilt lived at number 22. She was in her mid-fifties and a bit saggier than the girls I hounded after, but she was lonely and always eager for attention. As luck would have it, there she was in her garden, emptying a dish of potato peelings into her composter.

When she saw me vault her fence, she straightened her spine, sticking her chest out. “Scott,” she said breathily.

“Mrs V.”

My cock was in my hand before she’d even had time to drop the dish. I spun her around, bent her at the waist and spat on her pussy, then pushed my cock into her in two thrusts. She was still dry, but that would change as soon as I shot my load.

I don’t know what was different about our hook up this time. It might have been guilt for what I’d done to Alyssa, or maybe it was discomfort caused by being turned down by Tracey, but for the first time ever, I kinda cared about Mrs Vanderbilt’s pleasure. I usually fucked her until I came then walked, assuming her husband would sort her out, but tonight was different. I wanted to feel her come.

So I did a reach around. Her pussy was getting wetter, but her clit was still as hard as an acorn. Nevertheless, I rubbed and fucked until she started to make a hacking sound in the back of her smoker’s throat.

“You’re making me come!” she spluttered. “Oh I’m coming, thank you, Scott!”

She was? Man, that was one weak assed orgasm. I could feel her clit twitching beneath my finger, but it didn’t throb and retreat like the other girls’ clits did, and I couldn’t feel her walls squeezing me at all. It didn’t matter though. I’d made it happen, and now I was filling that dry cavern with my own cum. My cock hadn’t even spurted its last when I pulled out of her, kissed her cheek and bounded over the next couple of fences. She was still waving when I closed my back door.

The first thing I did was run up the stairs and throw myself into the shower. I loved sex. I loved pussy, but I didn’t like smelling of it in my own home. I washed my hair, then my body, and as soon as my soapy hand wrapped around my cock it sprang to attention. There was no ignoring it, so I grabbed the shower gel, soaped up some more and wanked until I splattered the glass door with sticky white globs.

The next thing I did, after drying, was hop into bed, fire the laptop up and head straight to my favourite porn site. Watching two blondes rubbing their bald pussies together, I rubbed out another one, and by the time I found my favourite daddy-does-his-stepdaughter video, my dick was raring to go again. I stroked my cock, smiling at the actress’s hammed up expression of surprise at just how good daddy’s dick tasted, cumming into a tissue as the sweet virgin’s throat bulged when she became an instant deep throating pro.

Last time I’d talked about how often I need to cum with my friends, Dale had said there was something wrong with me. He said it was unnatural for a guy to be able to fuck so much, and wank so much, and still be horny afterward. He’d also told me I was risking everything with Debbie by sleeping around so much. I’m just pleased Meg never told him I’d tried it on with her after Halloween last year, cos he’d pound me into a paste if he ever found out.

Just after I’d beat my meat and jizzed to the sneaky video I’d taken of the usually stolid Helen Brogan drunkenly dripping melted strawberry ice cream all over her naked tits in the kitchen at Debbie’s birthday party so Meg’s brother, Joey, could lick it off, I switched the laptop off and decided to get some sleep. I’d go see Debbie tomorrow. Maybe if I put things right with her she’d do that special thing she does with her tongue. Damn, I always came so hard whenever she did that.

Sleep came quickly, and waking came soon after.

It wasn’t the sunlight streaming through my window that woke me. It was still dark outside. It wasn’t a noise either, and it wasn’t a feeling. It was movement. I lay still when I slept, I didn’t toss or turn, so the mattress dipping wasn’t normal.

The blankets were on the floor, I was freezing cold, and there was a woman between my legs, stroking my dick between her huge tits. I stared, stunned to stillness, watching her forked tongue slip out and catch the jets of cum that shot from my dick.

“What the fuck?” I yelped.  I’d come in her mouth. I’d seen it happen, but I hadn’t felt a thing.

She smiled at me, showing me her white teeth, two of them pointed like vamp fangs. Her mouth closed over my cock, she drew in her cheeks, slid right down the length until her nose was pressed against my belly. I could feel her tongue stroking the underside, and her sharp teeth pressing into the top.

Oh God, she was so good! Or at least I logically knew she was. For some reason, my dick was completely numb. “Why can’t I feel you?” I whispered. “Are you doing that?”

She didn’t speak to me. All she did was lift her head, shifting until just the tip of my cock was in her mouth, and nod. She showed me her teeth pressing into the tight skin, then dropped back down again, bouncing her face off my body. Again and again she did it, getting faster, sucking my cock like nobody ever had before. I wanted to scream when she opened her mouth again and did the thing with her tongue that Debbie did, only better. One fork slipped into my pee hole, sinking in about an inch, and the other fork tickled my frenulum.

But I couldn’t fucking feel it! I watched her eyes roll, watched my cock pulse, groaned at the way her throat moved when she swallowed the cum I’d expelled in her mouth, but felt nothing.

Then she was on her feet, switching on the lights. I’d seen dozens of naked women in my time. Young and old, and every shape, colour and size you could think of. But never had I seen anyone quite like her. Her skin was too white, her eyes and hair too dark. She was tiny, in height and weight, but her tits were colossal.

She walked over to me, stood on the bed with her feet either side of my hips, and sat on my dick. My eyes were fixed on the tip parting her folds, piercing her pale pink hole. Her juices trickled down my shaft, then all of a sudden she dropped. Rocking back and forth, she moaned quietly, sending little splashes of fluid across my belly every time she thrust forward.

“Why are you doing this to me?” I whined. “Please let me feel you. Please!”

She shook her head.

Most people would have freaked out if they’d woken up to someone in their bedroom, sexually assaulting them, but not me. I was going crazy with desire. She could fuck me all she wanted, I wasn’t going to tell her no. I wouldn’t have said no even if she’d only been half as gorgeous, but there was no way was I missing out on this. Being fucked by a woman who could only exist in a wet dream was…well, it was a dream come true.

Her hands pressed against my chest, clawed nails raking red lines into my skin, but that was numb too. I wanted so much to know whether her palms were warm or cold, dry or wet. I wanted to know if I liked the feeling of someone scratching my nipples hard enough to make them bleed, and I wanted to know how tight her pussy felt around my cock, but she wasn’t going to let me.

I knew I’d come again. I could tell in the way she’d lifted and hung her head so she could watch my dick throb inside her. Then she was on her feet again, her tits bouncing as she bobbed up and down. The slap of her ass hitting my wet skin rang in my ears. I didn’t think I’d ever hear anything as sexy as that, until she came.

She wailed like someone was killing her, her voice high and girly one minute, deep and sensual the next. It triggered me. I came again, this time on her cunt instead of in it. Shuffling on her feet, she hovered over my belly button, letting all of the fluid drip out of her. Then, she bent her head, lapping it up slowly. Before I could think of a funny cum-hungry quip, she was climbing onto my cock again, this time facing away from me.

“Oh my good God, look at that ass.”

And look at my cock, penetrating the tight pink hole. Oh boy, was she good at this. I knew every inch of me was straining to get even deeper inside her. I silently prayed that she’d come again, because of me. She leaned forward, letting me see every move. Twerking one second, grinding in circles the next, then back to riding me like a stud in a stable.

“Silly boy,” she laughed, in a voice as hard as ice. “When I come it’ll be because of me, not you. Now shut your mouth and let me take what I’m here for in peace.”

Of all the girls I’d been with, not one had been as commanding as she was. I was used to taking the lead, used to being the one doing the thrusting, the taking, not giving a shit whether the body I was fucking even liked what I was doing or not.

Yet here I was, numb, unable to move, in the middle of the fuck of my life with a woman who not only knew, but was somehow making sure I was getting nothing from what she was doing to me. Had she drugged me? I was tired enough to believe she had. I had impressive stamina, I never flaked out during sex, but right now? I really could sleep.

But she was moaning again, leaping off my cock so she could catch my cum in her mouth. Always in her mouth. I knew I’d filled her ass too, and I had a sinking feeling of what I was in for when she crawled up my body, rubbing her nipples on my skin, stopping once she was straddling my face, holding her ass cheeks apart.

“Suck it out of me but do not swallow it.”

Jesus Christ! I couldn’t even move my head, all I could do was stick out my tongue, penetrating her tight ass, coaxing my own cum out of her and into my mouth. My smile was half disgusted, half wryly amused. I couldn’t taste anything either.

Then she was kissing me, but it wasn’t a sensual or even sexy kiss. She was scooping the fluid from my mouth with her tongue, gulping it down like it was food.

“Please no, aah fuck!”

I wanted to sleep, but she was riding me again. Slapping her own tits, pinching her own nipples, flicking her own clit. Her pussy was splashing me again, and with each thrust of her hips, my cock spurted. Every pulse seemed to weaken me further, making me desperate for a rest that she wasn’t going to give me.

I turned my head. I didn’t want to see her or her bouncy tits anymore. She didn’t give a shit about me, all she cared about was herself.

“Remind you of anyone?” she sniggered.

I could see my reflection in the mirror on the wall by the bedroom door, and that reminded me of someone. My black hair was now grey, my tanned skin wrinkled and ashen, my muscles diminished so much I didn’t think I’d have had the power to join in even if she’d wanted me to. The guy looking back at me from that mirror with haunted eyes wasn’t Scott Denon. It was Harry Denon. My grandfather.

“What have you done to me?” I groaned.

“I’ve taken something you had an excess of, something you should have put to good use with the woman you promised to love faithfully. I’ve taken your sexual prowess, and your vitality with it.”

“Why?! Why would you do that, you creepy fucking bitch?”

Her eyelids fluttered closed and I guessed I was coming again. “Because I’m a succubus and this is how I feed. I thrive on drinking men’s vigour right from their cocks while they sleep, but you…you deserved special attention. You thrive on drinking the self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth from women while they’re awake and trying to love you, so I decided to show you what damage that does to their insides by letting you see what I’ve done to your outside.”

Horrified wasn’t the word. I was fucking livid, and a whole lot of terrified. “Will I stay like this?”

The succubus shook her head. “No. You will be your beautiful, heartless self again in the morning. But you won’t ever be the man you were. It’s unlikely you’ve learned a lesson, because men like you rarely do, but the women around you will learn. They’ll look at you and they won’t see what they once did. They’ll see less.”

Lifting off me once more, she started licking the tip of my cock again. “And when a mouth next does this to you…” She took me down her throat, her black eyes holding mine. “You won’t feel the rush of power you once felt. The next time a pussy or a tight ass wraps around it, you won’t feel like you rule the world. You’ll be self-conscious, wondering if you’re good enough to please.”

Sensation rushed back into my body, just as her fingernails punctured deep holes in my thighs. “Now come for me. Give me the last of everything you are, scream for me, and once I’ve taken your pleasure I’ll be gone.”

Flipping her over as best as I could, I ploughed into her mouth, not giving a fuck that I was probably damaging her throat. It felt so fucking good it wasn’t long before I was giving her the scream she’d asked for, pouring everything I had right into her belly, willingly feeding the succubus.

I rose to my knees to laugh at her for letting me feel it as I destroyed her throat, but she was gone. She was gone, and so was the memory of how that orgasm had actually felt. I touched my cock, and it started to stiffen, but I couldn’t have cared less. I got no pleasure from the stroking. I wasn’t sure I would ever again. She’d been wrong about one thing, though. I had learned a lesson. I’d learned that casual sex wasn’t as carefree as it seemed. I definitely would go to see Debbie tomorrow, and I’d take what I’d learned with me.

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