Halloween Town Tales No 6 – Haunted History


Halloween 2016

“Oh my fucking…I’m gonna cum, Lyssa…oh God, yes I’m coming, I’m…aah, aah, aaaaaahahahahahahahaha, it’s coming out of your nose!”

Spitting Scott Denon’s cum – and his cock – out of my mouth, I grabbed the nearest piece of clothing, frantically scrubbing away the white fluid that had splattered down my chin after I accidentally sucked a ton of it up the back of my nose.

Turning away so he couldn’t see how violent my blush was, I blew like a trumpet, wincing at the nasty sting his cum left in my nasal passages. It was almost the same sensation as inhaling seawater. The sting was similar, as was the panicky feeling that was born of being unable to breathe, and the choking and spluttering was twice as embarrassing.

Once my eyes stopped watering, I turned on the guy sat chuckling on my bed. Scott was gorgeous. All whitened teeth and fake tan, with well-defined muscles and a killer smile, his body was everything a girl like me could ask for. His personality, however…

“Bastard,” I hissed, balling up his cum covered t-shirt and lobbing it at him.

Scott grimaced, letting his sopping top dangle from the tips of his fingers. “Thanks for that. I don’t get why you have to act so pissy, you knew I was gonna cum. I specifically said, I’m gonna cum, Lyssa, so you’d know to shift your face.”

“Yeah, then you grabbed my hair and held my fucking head still so you could jam your cock down my throat, and you didn’t pull out, not even when I started choking. Then you had the audacity to laugh at me? Jesus!”

He just shrugged. Damn, he really didn’t give a shit about what he’d just done. “Get out, Scott,” I sighed. “Just get out.”

I left him there, in my room, while I shuffled off to the bathroom to clean what was left of his betrayal off my skin. I usually loved how I looked after sex. My hair always looked amazing when it had been finger tousled, and my already plump lips looked extra pouty and kissable. But right now both those things were eclipsed by the black streaks of mascara that choke-tears had dragged down my cheeks.

Scott was gone when I got back to my room, and my mobile was beeping. Following the instructions in the message, I opened my window and peered down into the garden. I had to smother a guffaw when I saw a zombie white rabbit and a rotten corseted, green skinned Madonna staring up at me from the turf.

“So you’re not coming to the cemetery Haunt either?” my best friend, Meg, stage whispered. “I’m gonna be the only one there at this rate.”

“You don’t need to whisper, guys, my folks aren’t home.”

Meg’s boyfriend, Dale, pointed over his shoulder and said, “Was that Scott Denon I just saw leaping over your fence into next door’s –”

“No,” I said sharply, cutting him off.

God forbid any of them ever finding out I’d had sex with Scott. It was bad enough that he’d been caught with Chloe. My dad worked with Ken Day, my friend Debbie’s father, and he’d told him that poor Debs was devastated about what Scott had done with Chloe. She so didn’t need to know he’d been sleeping with me for the past few months, too. I knew I should have turned him away when he’d landed on my doorstep at tea time, but my parents were with my grandma in another town, and Scottie really was hard to say no to. It would be easier after his performance tonight, though, that was for sure.

Pointing at Meg I added, “Chloe and I are the only ones not going. Everyone else will be there.”

“But you’re my best friend, Alyssa. And Tracey has her eye on Dave Beesley, which means I’ll be left to deal with ditsy Debbie. I can’t cope with her bawling about Scottie screwing her over all night.”

“Rosie Sweets will be there, babe,” Dale offered, earning himself the Megan Walker evil eye.

I took the fact and ran with it. “He’s right, Rosie will be there. You know she’s loved sob stories ever since Emma left Richie, she’ll be happy to listen to Debs whine all night long.”

Megan scowled deeper at Dale and said something, but I didn’t catch it. I was too busy looking over my shoulder, wondering what the noise I’d just heard was. I cocked my head and closed my eyes, listening hard to see if it happened again.

There it was! It sounded like…a giggle?

Turning back to the bickering couple in my garden I said, “I gotta go, guys. Have a great time tonight, and stay away from magic toadstools. We don’t want either of you hallucinating dead Chillington residents this year.”

The window slammed shut on Meg’s loud I was not hallucinating protests.

I perched on the end of my desk, listening to the quiet, waiting for another sound. I was home alone, all the TVs and radios were unplugged (my dad was a safety freak)…the only sound in that house should have been my mildly asthmatic breathing.

But there it was again. It was definitely a giggle. A girlish one at that, and it was turning into a laugh. I pulled my dressing gown tighter, fisting it at my chest and dropping my head to bite a knuckle. The laugh was joined by another, higher pitched one, and then someone moaned.

“Meg,” I whispered hopelessly.

Meg wasn’t going to come, though. If I wanted to know which TV was switched on, I’d have to go and look.

Stepping out of the sanctuary of my room was one of the hardest things I’d ever done. My bare feet made peeling sounds on the passage flooring, and I walked back and forth, peering down the stairs toward the front door at one end, and up the stairs into the pitch black third floor at the other. If there was a TV on up there it could fucking well stay on, cos there was no way in hell was I going up there on my own.

As it went, I didn’t need to. Just as I was passing the spare room at the top of the stairs, I heard the giggle again. This time, someone spoke right after. “Do you like, dumpling?”

“Mmmm. Open your legs wider…you, move further under so I can see what you’re doing. Stick your tongue out a little further… oh, wonderful.”

What the hell? Someone was in there, and they were watching porn!

The very thought of pornography in my house did funny things to me. Amusement was the first thing I felt. Imagine, of all the things someone could do when they broke into someone else’s house, this fool had chosen to settle down and watch some porn. Whoever it was, they were probably masturbating, too, getting their mess all over the guest bed.

Shame came next. My parents despised this kind of thing, they’d go ballistic if they knew it was in their home. There was a good chance that they’d forgive the breaking and entering, but my father would definitely call for hanging to be brought back to punish the intruder for sullying his wholesome corner of Chillington with filth.

“Move your hips,” the male voice said. “Lower yourself, grind on her face.”

Another feeling blossomed inside me, spreading out from my groin until my body was filled with an uncomfortable warmth. Whatever this crazed intruder was watching, it sounded pretty hot.

It didn’t take me long to decide to open the door and look in. I told myself that it was probably Meg’s crazy brother, Joey, acting like his usual self, and that I was only going in because I knew I’d be safe, but it was all lies. I wanted to go in because I wanted to see what he was watching.

“You’re a slave to your clitoris, Alyssa Ferrell,” I whispered, turning the handle loudly then hesitating. I’d give whoever it was a chance to put away whatever they were wanking before bursting in.


When I reached one, I swung the door wide and flicked on the light. The two young women on the bed didn’t even look up at me, and neither did the guy on the wicker chair in front of the window. One naked brunette kept on riding the other’s face, while the villainous looking – yet very hot – guy stroked his small cock with one hand and his handlebar moustache with the other, and watched.

Reaching for the chest of drawers, I grabbed an ugly vase with ‘Cyprus’ splashed on the side in black lettering, and brandished it at the ignorant fuckers across the room. “Umm, what the fuck?”

The thin, rosy cheeked woman on top threw herself forward and latched on to her chubby companion’s pussy, and I got an eyeful of her puckered butthole. The guy got up, sat beside them on the bed, and swiftly pushed a finger inside, making the woman buck and groan.

They’d completely ignored me! They were having a threesome in my house and they didn’t give even half a shit that I was watching. I couldn’t decide if I was furious or fascinated.

Clutching the vase to my chest like a shield, I walked forward, slapping my feet off the floor, making sure they weren’t just so lost in each other they hadn’t noted my arrival. I got closer and closer, not stopping until my knees hit the bed.

“Walk away, Alyssa,” I murmured to myself, even as I sank down, right on the edge of the mattress.

“Alma,” the guy said, tugging on the thick, shiny dark hair of the woman on top.

Alma sat up, wiping her pouty mouth with a long nailed thumb, and the woman beneath her cried out in frustration. I watched, spellbound, as the man bent his head forward, sucking almost all of Alma’s left breast into his mouth. He bared his straight, white teeth, clamping them around the long pink nipple, shifting his jaw from side to side as Alma threw her head back and called a woman’s name.

“Oh Lord, Ethel! Do little fast licks, please.”

Ethel must have been the one on her back. She must have done as she was told, too, and she must have done it well, because Alma was going buck wild with her facesitting.

“Her too!” Alma demanded, pulling the guy’s slick black hair. “Oh, her too, Bertie, I want her to do it with me.”

Bertie reached out his hand. His cock might have been tiny but his fingers more than made up for it. They were so thick and ridiculously long! Two of them were probably a good match for the size of Scott’s cock, and he was busy plunging them in and out of Ethel’s wiry haired pussy.

I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Ethel’s soft chin grinding away between Alma’s bony legs, Alma’s nipple getting redder and redder between Bertie’s teeth, Bertie’s fingers sloshing in and out of Ethel’s vagina… then both women were stiffening, crying out each other’s names, and Bertie’s tiny dick was peppering Ethel’s huge tits with splodges of white.

I hadn’t realised I was stroking my own thigh until the three people on the bed moved. I backed into the bedside table, thinking they were sure to pay attention to me now, but they were only changing position. Bertie was quickly on his back, watching the astonishingly beautiful Ethel lower her puffy vulva to his face, while Alma wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked her in her already hollow cheeks until she looked like she was drinking from a straw.

Another feeling came to me then, and it had me backing out of the room, the vase shattering on the floor when I misjudged the height of the drawers. The door slammed, and I rested my hot forehead against the cool wood. This new emotion had shaken me in more ways than one, leaving me feeling a little queasy.

I was jealous.

Something in me had wanted so much to be invited to join in, but they hadn’t even spared me a glance. Surely they’d known I was there. I was right on the edge of the bed, Bertie should have seen me at the very least.

Just as I began to mentally chastise myself for wanting to join in with the crazies in the spare room, a noise from behind me made me turn around.

“Oh my God,” I whispered.

My pussy throbbed so hard I had to give the wall my weight. Directly opposite the door I’d just walked out of, kneeling against the wall right beneath my mother’s painting of Chillington Cemetery gates, was a pretty young woman, probably around my age just like Alma, Ethel and Bertie. Her pale cheeks were painted with small red dots, she was lazy eyed and smiling, and pushing her plump breasts together so the gorgeous black dude with the roundest ass cheeks I’d ever seen could pump his cock between them.

The noise that had alerted me was the sound of her leaning forward and taking the tip in her mouth, sucking so it made a loud pop when he pulled out. God, his cock had to be about nine inches long, if not more.

“It’s so big,” the woman giggled, waggling her tongue against the rounded head every time it was close enough for her to reach.

The guy looked over his shoulder. Was he looking at me? I was almost sure he was, but seeing as though he didn’t speak, I guessed he was probably looking at the door, behind which Ethel was loudly encouraging Bertie to stick his tongue as far up her tight asshole as he could.

“Do you want this in your ass?” the dark skinned god in front of me said. He was still looking at the door. He laughed then, and shoved his partner to the floor.

Her moan as that massive cock disappeared between her ass cheeks was so erotic I started squeezing my thighs in time to his thrusts. He wasn’t even on his knees, he was just squatting over her, using one finger to keep his dick in check. It was a damned shame he hadn’t been talking to me, because even though my answer would have been hell no, I do not want it in my ass, I would have finished with, but you can put in in any other hole I possess if you like.

Turning away from the sight didn’t do my frustration level much good. All the way along the passage, from staircase to staircase, people stood, kneeled, lay, and fucked. They were everywhere. An albino woman riding the cock of an olive skinned Adonis, two circus strongmen wanking each other off, a young blonde woman hanging off a hulking guy’s neck like a pendant while he fucked her ass and an older, grey haired man pounded her with a…

I spluttered out a shocked laugh. “A fucking cucumber? That better not be from our salad drawer, buddy.”

Opening the next door, I slipped in and closed it behind me, thinking I’d be safe in my brother’s room. My mother hadn’t been in there since he’d moved to Germany with the army, and the place stank of every fart he’d ever had in there.

But, oh boy, had I been wrong. There was no fart smell, but there was a hint of smoke, and the room hadn’t been spared by my uninvited guests.

On her knees in the middle of my brother’s bed was the biggest woman I’d ever seen. Her boobs were pendulous, her stomach enormous, and her butt was bigger than me. That wasn’t what shocked me, though. It was the blonde guys at her head and her tail, one jackhammering away at her ass, while his twin growled like an animal and fucked her mouth.

Saliva hung from her chin in long rivulets, and each thrust from the guy between her knees sent ripples across her skin. It was so fucking hot I couldn’t stop myself from cupping my pubic mound through my dressing gown, pressing one finger between my own folds.

The fabric was soaked in seconds, and when I heard one of the guys speak I actually moaned.

“Do you want him to fuck you harder, my sweet Rose?” the one with having his dick sucked said.

Rose gurgled out what I – and they – took for a yes.

“Fuck her, Arthur. Smack her, make all of that glorious flesh jiggle.”

I backed out of the door, coughing when the now stronger smell of smoke caught my nose. I couldn’t watch Arthur spanking and fucking Rose. I needed to be in my own room so I could…so I could what? Did I want to lock myself away and forget I’d seen any of this? Or did I want to grab the little rabbit vibrator my last boyfriend had bought for me, curl up beneath my quilt and get rid of this horrible, tight tension that was twisting knots in my belly?

Whatever I decided to do, I wouldn’t be doing it in my bedroom. Not when there was someone bent over with their hands on the door being whipped with a belt.

The only room with no outside obstruction belonged to my parents. Surely I’d be safe in there? Surely the ringleader of this fuck-circus would have some respect for the prudish wishes of the owners of the house?

Not bothering to sneak, I stepped over the blissed out, grey haired woman who was covered from head to toe in jizz and lying right in the middle of the carpet runner, and barged into my folk’s room.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” I half yelled.

This room was full too. I categorically did not want to watch people fucking on my parent’s bed. I did not want to watch my mother’s favourite white eyelet lace bed linen getting covered in god knows what body fluids. I wanted to leave. But I didn’t. I couldn’t. I had to stay and watch.

Sitting on my father’s desk chair was a woman. She had to be my parent’s age, going by her wrinkled hands and neck, but the rest of her was completely flawless. Her eyes were huge, though narrowed, and her long legs were draped over the chair arms. I couldn’t see much of what lay between them, though, because she had one of her own hands buried to the wrist in her vagina.

She twisted her arm, rocked her hips, stilled so she could quickly rub three fingers over her clit, and then started wriggling her arm again. And just like the others, she didn’t as much as look at me. Her attention was all for the three men on my parent’s bed.

The one on his back was sweating, his muscles hard, all of the sinews in his arms and neck sharply defined. I couldn’t help myself. My hand pushed past the elastic at the top of my knickers, and I whimpered when my fingers found my swollen clit.

I rubbed slowly, running my eyes up his body. Kneeling over him was another beautiful black guy. His abs were flexing, his thighs twitching as he rose and fell on the pink tongue that stood proud right beneath his asshole. I could see it. Could see that tongue vanishing inside of him. He was playing with his own nipples and…

“Oh, God,” I whispered, feeling the first little twitches that promised orgasm wasn’t too far away.

Taking a deep breath, I noted the smoky smell was in there too, but I chose to ignore it. There was too much going on to worry about who had lit up inside the house. It was probably the only tame rule that had been broken.

Following the lines of that prone body back down, I watched the tanned guy’s soft cock flop around in his pubic hair for a minute or two, thinking it would be one hell of a size when erect, then gave my attention to the oriental guy stroking his own cock. He was doing it slowly, sensually, sucking his lip into his mouth and watching the woman fisting herself by the desk with naked lust in his eyes.

All of a sudden he sank forward, not missing the waiting ass in front of him. Tanned guy cried out, but took it all.

There was so much going on in the room. Too much, and I didn’t know where to look. The fisting woman had withdrawn her hand and was squirting everywhere, the black guy was actively fucking tanned guy’s face, and the oriental guy had pulled out and had his cock mashed together with the one in front of him, jerking them both in a haphazard manner.

I abandoned the orgasm I was on the brink of, and fled. Into the passage, across the rug, shoving at the guy with the belt so I could get into my room. The door slammed, and I spun around, hands flat against it.

“Oh no,” I half sobbed. It was all too much for me.

There was a lone man, sitting on my bed. He was fully clothed, wearing a black suit, complete with white shirt and dark red waistcoat. His tie was loose around his neck, and he was staring at the door.

A cute little smile tilted the corner of his mouth, and he wrinkled his nose. “Is that what you think I’m looking at?” he said.

I just stared. Was he actually talking to me? Or was there someone else in the room? That was it, I’d had enough. I stalked across the room, almost tripping on the rug on the floor, ripping my wardrobe doors open. It amazed me that there wasn’t anyone hanging from the rail by their nipples. I checked behind the curtains, behind the Japanese screen in the corner, then dropped to my knees to look under the bed.

Nothing. The guy was totally alone.

Before I could even huff out a dissatisfied grunt, I felt something. There was the softest feeling, the gentlest of touches, right on my left butt cheek. I stilled, frozen in the motion of pushing myself to my knees. Was I imagining it? Had my dressing gown caught on something that made it tug against my skin? That must have been it, it couldn’t have been anything else.

“Ow, what the hell?” The sharp smack that had made me holler put that conclusion to rest.

Once I was back on my feet, I found myself staring into the eyes of the man on my bed. He did that cute nose wrinkle again, cocking his head. Leaning forward, he rested his wrists on his knees, letting his hands dangle loose between them.

“I’ve been watching you, Alyssa,” he said.

Dumbfounded. I was completely dumbfounded. If he could see me and talk to me, that meant all the others could too. They’d definitely ignored me, in my own house and… wait a second! That meant they were all actually in my house and… “Oh my god,” I whispered. I’d just watched three men fucking and sucking on my mother’s eyelet lace, and I’d watched a woman fisting herself in my dad’s chair too.

“They didn’t ignore you,” the stranger said. “They wanted you to join them, especially Alma and Ethel. Yes, Alma loves the way you stick your tongue out when you finger your pussy and ass after a hard day at work, and she so wanted to run her tongue from one end of your smooth shaved crack to the other, but I said no. I wanted you for myself.”

“What are you talking about? How…when did she see that?”

“Wednesday. And Tuesday, oh, and Saturday. You were especially frantic on Saturday, you must have had a terrible day. I did my best to help you, but there’s only so much I can do for three hundred and sixty four days of the year. Halloween is the only time I can put in my full effort.”

“You’re here all year? And I can’t see you? Does that mean you’re a…?”

He smiled at my hesitation to say the word. Meg would have said it, but I wasn’t going to. I didn’t want to be committed, and that’s what my parents had suggested after stories started spreading about what my best friend thought had happened to her at the cemetery Halloween Haunt last year. The scent of smoke that had been steadily growing stronger caught my attention, but only fleetingly. The guy was moving, and I was enthralled.

Shuffling forward, he deepened his smile. It was arresting, to say the least, and any thought I had of checking out the smoke deserted me.

“It means I’m here right now, in the flesh. And that means that I finally get to fuck you.”

Pulling back my shoulders and pushing out my chest I said, “Does it now?”

He nodded. “Yes, it does. Your robe. Take it off.”

Don’t you dare, Alyssa Ferrell, I warned myself. Do not dare unfasten that sash!

My dressing gown fell at my feet. Cool air pressed against my skin, making my nipples shrivel and pucker into tight points, and all of the fine hairs from my head to my toes slowly lift.

The guy got to his feet, undressing like he had all the time in the world. “My name is Charles,” he said. “But you don’t need to know that, because you won’t be speaking until I’m done.”

What the hell did he have in store for me? I knew I shouldn’t have been still standing there. I knew I should have been running buck naked down Crow Street, screaming for someone to save me, or at the very least give me a bottle of gin and a whack on the head. I was still considering doing exactly that, right up until the second Charles dropped his pants and revealed a cock the size of my forearm.

“Holy shit,” I gasped. There was no way would that fit inside of me, no matter which hole he chose.

Charles laughed. I loved the sound. “Well, it won’t be your mouth because that will be gagged, and it won’t be your ass because I don’t think you’d ever walk in a straight line again if I dared, so it’s looking like your pussy is my only option.”

It really wasn’t. The boob fucking I’d seen earlier had looked hot, and mine were big enough to make that happen. I’d even get to taste his cock that way too, and it would only be the tip so there would be no chance of him trying to choke me with it like Scott had done.

“You should have bit it,” Charles said, with no small amount of distaste. “That was exceptionally rude of him. Open your mouth, my darling, there’s a good girl.”

Stepping closer, I let my jaw drop. Charles picked up my squishy silicone, apple shaped stress reliever and jammed it between my teeth. The thing was huge, and my jaw felt like it was going to break. He then wrapped his leather belt around my face and tied it at the back of my head, holding the apple in place.

He was still behind me. Soft trails of fingertips up and down my spine, palms cupping my butt cheeks, lips on my throat, a hand on the nape of my neck, pushing gently, making me bend at the waist until my breasts were mashed against my knees. My dressing gown sash appeared, and Charles wound it around and in and out, until my wrists were firmly bound to my ankles.

What the hell was he going to achieve like this? I was angled too high for him to fuck me.

He grabbed my hair, yanking my head back. Breathing heavily through my nose, I looked up the length of his body, watching his cock lift off his leg, growing straighter and harder until it stood out from his body at a ninety degree angle. He bent his knees, palmed the thick length, and slapped me in the face with it.

Then he was gone. I was alone in the middle of the rug, listening to him shuffling the stuff in my wardrobe. When he came back, he pushed one finger into my pussy. His tongue flicked my clit quickly, and to my utter shock orgasm ripped through me. Charles laughed loudly, holding me to make sure I didn’t keel over.

Before the waves of pleasure had even faded, a sharp thwack snapped through the room. I yelped, biting down on my gag. A soft stroke, a light kiss right over the burning sting, then another crack.

“Your soft ass is made for slapping,” Charles murmured. “You really are wasted on that limp wristed young fool you had in here earlier. He thinks only of getting his prick in your pussy, he doesn’t think of all the other wonders your body has to offer. Take this part, for instance.”

His hand was on the small of my back.

“If I press my fingers here and massage it a little…”

Oh my God! Each time his fingers completed their tiny rotations my pussy throbbed. It was almost like he’d found a nerve that ran from my back straight to my clit. He kept the same rhythm going, moving his massage down my butt, stopping when he reached my thighs. Suddenly, he nipped, and my vaginal opening pulsed as if he’d found an open switch.

“And here. This spot here makes you wetter, and wetter is better for us both. Also, we mustn’t forget here…”

He nipped the thin layer of skin on the inside of my elbow.

“And here…”

He was on his knees, running his tongue around my slightly damp armpit.

“And he knows about here, but he’s too selfish to see how it feels for you when he touches it. All he can think about is getting his dick in it, just like your pussy.”


My moan was noisy and unashamed. Charles had pulled my cheeks a little further apart, and he was dragging the flat of his tongue back and forth over my anus. Oh, how my legs shook! My head thrashed, tickling my toes with my hair. Involuntary muscle spasms tightened my ass, but I felt a firm push, and then his tongue was inside. He rolled it just around the entrance, flicked my clit with one finger, laughing in the back of his throat as my orgasm forced his tongue back out again.

I screamed behind my gag. The belt came down on my ass, clipping my pussy. Then it was lashing my thighs, my arms, my calves, and back. After having the very tip of it slapped off my clit for almost three minutes, I was coming again to the backdrop of Charles laughing.

I would never have thought it possible. I’d only had sex with three guys, and each one of them had come right after I did, mostly. Sometimes they did it before and finished me off by hand when they were done. And when I masturbated, I always fell asleep after an orgasm, so I had no idea I could have more than one.

But here was Charles, tearing one after the other out of me, making me experience things I knew I never would have with anyone else.

Even now, he was growling into my pussy, scraping what had to be deep scratches into the fleshy parts of my thighs, rubbing his cock against my hip as I howled out another orgasm.

I panted, wiggled, and pushed myself up onto my tiptoes, begging him silently to fuck me.

Charles made me hobble to the bed. I made a ridiculous attempt to throw myself down, but he stopped me. I thought that maybe he planned to climb up there so he could fuck me from above, but he didn’t. He untied me instead and said, “Come in.”

The door opened and all of the people I’d watched filed into the room. Once there was a loose semi-circle all around us Charles said, “Begin.”

Alma winked at me, reaching between her legs to stroke her clit. Ethel did the same, and so did the other women. Bertie licked his lips, tugging his little cock slowly, and every other guy there followed suit. There was more than a dozen people in my room, all of them masturbating.

“Over you,” Charles said, wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me closer. “They’re masturbating over you.”

He jiggled his cock between my thighs, then all at once it was in me. “Ohh, fuck.”

Starting slowly, Charles fucked me, squeezing my tits, fingering my clit, sucking my throat. The twins blew me kisses, Ethel raised a leg so I could see her fingers slip inside of her, and as soon as I moaned again, Charles fucked harder.

Before long he was slamming into me hard enough to hurt, fast enough to cause friction burns on my thighs. His pubic hair was rubbing my ass raw, and I was dripping juices all over my own feet.

He yanked my hair back and bit my ear. “We all come together,” he growled. “We all come with you. We all come for you, Alyssa, and then we go.”

“Please don’t.” I didn’t want him to leave. Didn’t want any of them to.

But orgasm was pulling me apart, and as each cock let go and each pussy began to contract, my guests disappeared. Charles pulled my face to the side and kissed me, pulling his spent cock out of my clinging body. A gushing mix of his cum and mine splashed down my legs, and then I was alone.

The first thing that occurred to me was how utterly alone I actually felt. The second thing was the thick white smoke rolling in from beneath the bedroom door.

Pulling on my dressing gown, I hunted for the sash, tied myself in, and raced into the passage. Flames licked the walls and the ceiling, poured down the staircase from the loft. Agonised screams followed me down the stairs, out of the front door and into the night.

Mrs Holland, the old lady from next door, was already in her garden, waving her phone at me.

“I called them!” she yelled. “They’re on their way.”

Huddled in her arms, I accepted the condolences of the gathering crowd of neighbours. My bloody house was burning down! It had been for quite some time, by the looks of things, and I’d been too busy ghost fucking to notice. Meg would love this.

We couldn’t see any smoke or flames, but we could smell them, feel their heat, and hear the quieting screams from inside. Listening to them was horrific, but hearing them stop was worse. I hoped none of the ones that were still going belonged to Charles.

Two fire engines arrived, and soon a handful of firemen were dragging a hose through the front door. Ten minutes passed, and then they all appeared together. Mrs Holland waved and one stepped over the fence to join us.

“Who called it in?” he asked.

Mrs Holland perked up. “I did.”

“Huh. I was getting ready to roast some young prankster, but if it was you I guess it was an honest mistake.”

“I’m sorry, what?” I choked out.

The fireman shrugged. “There’s no fire. Not even a whiff of smoke.”

Pushing past everyone, I sped inside. He was right, there wasn’t a thing out of place. All I could smell was the cotton fresh plug-ins my mother snuck into sockets my father couldn’t see. Every room I looked in was as perfect as it had been when I’d come home from work.

My bedroom was the hardest room to check. If there was no sign of Charles in here I’d lose what was left of my mind. It had been real, I knew it had. There was no convincing me otherwise, not when I still had his cum trickling down my thighs.

But there was nothing. No wet patches on the floor, no half chewed silicone apple. Just as despair was setting in, I noticed something peeking from under my quilt. Pulling it back slowly, I cried out with joy. There, coiled on my pillow, was Charles’ belt. It had been real. All of it, and this gift told me that Charles was still with me.

So I did what any haunted girl would do. I lay on my bed, opened my legs, and said “This one is for you, Charles.”

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