Halloween Town Tales No 5 – The Perfect Spell


Halloween 2016

Quieting my giggles as my friends and I got closer Richard Sweets’ front gate was hard work, but I managed it. I knew he was watching me. He always did when I came home from work. I felt his resentful eyes on me every time, accusing me, hating me for falling out of love with him, even though he was never around long enough for me to remain in love with him.

Yes, I knew he was watching, so I wasn’t trying to hide from him. I just didn’t want to rub the fact that I was happier living without him zipping to France every other week on business in his face.

Well, I was mostly happier without him. My peace of mind, self-esteem and social life had all improved, tenfold, but I could have done with his seven inch cock in my bed. It was a shame we couldn’t keep the best parts of our lovers when we parted ways. It would be remuneration for giving them the best parts of us for years on end.

The girls were still chattering as we passed by the house next door to Richie’s. True to her wicked nature, Tracey Larkin raised her voice, for no other reason than she wanted Richard to hear her.

“Oh come on, you know you’re gonna try it. You can’t not, Em, it’ll be fun!”

She had to be kidding, surely? They knew I didn’t go in for all that hocus pocus rubbish Richie loved so much. “Wait, you actually want me to do it?”

Tracey did her usual stage nod, making sure poor Rich knew we were having a ball without him. “Sure we do!”

A quiet cough let me know Helen Brogan was about to speak, and I hoped she would show a little compassion. I hoped in vain.

“I would just like to take this opportunity to remind you that we both thought it was a silly idea,” she half yelled. The reminder was wholly unnecessary, they’d apologised ten times already.

“We wanted to get you this mirror, but the old gypsy literally bullied us into buying the spell, so I bought it for myself. That’s why we got you vodka too, just to take the edge of getting such a crap birthday present.”

Ugh, the mirror. I was so pleased the gypsy lady had convinced them to buy me the stupid spell instead of that. I’d lived in number thirty Crow Street with Richie for four years, and an exact copy of that mirror had hung above the sink in the bathroom the entire time. I despised it, and asked if I could replace it so many times, but all I got from Richard was its historical significance to the house.

How a replica could have historical significance I didn’t know, and even if it did, why would anyone of sane mind worship a replica of a murder weapon? The more I thought about that, the happier I felt about being away from Rich. He had funny ideas, and I was glad I wasn’t around to see him come a cropper by putting one into action.

We soon passed out of earshot and I sighed in relief. I lived at number 60 Crow Street nowadays, and couldn’t wait to get inside so I could kick my work shoes off. They killed my feet on a normal day, but I’d had them on a few hours longer than usual having gone straight to the Crow’s Nest for a birthday drink after work. I needed them off.

“Are you coming to the Haunt tonight?” Tracey asked. “I’m gonna do it. I’m finally gonna do it.”

We stopped outside of my garden gate, and Helen whooped.

“You mean Dave Beesley?” I waggled my eyebrows in villainously suggestive manner.

Tracey raised her hands in front of her chest and clapped quickly. “Yes! He’s been eyeing me for long enough, and Chloe isn’t going to the cemetery with him this year, so I’m going to make my move.”

Fishing my keys out of my bag, I shook my head. “Good luck, honey. I’m not going to bother with it this year. I have no costume, I have no money to donate to the booze pot…hell, I don’t even think I have feet that would carry me there.”

Tracey pouted, but Helen was more reasonable. “Well enjoy the rest of your birthday, Emma. We’ll catch up in the canteen tomorrow, see how things go for Tracey and Davey.”

We air-kissed, then I watched them walk down Crow Street, both of them singing Tracey and Davey, sitting in a tree.

By the time I got the key in the lock and my ass through the door my feet were screaming. I dumped my burdens; handbag, gift bag with a scroll in, bottle of black vodka. My bare feet sank into the fluffy carpet, my jacket dropped to the floor because I misjudged the peg, and I picked up the vodka.

The contents of my fridge were a joke. Celery, which I didn’t even eat, orange juice, two days past its use by date, fresh milk, and that was about it. I grabbed the OJ, heading for the bathroom.

I lingered in the hot water until it wasn’t hot anymore. There’d been a little teabag looking thing in the gift bag along with the scroll that had ‘Cleansing sachet – use before spell casting’ written on a small tag. I had no intentions of casting any spells, but the bag had smelled divine, so in the bath it had gone.

The vodka had gone in the bath with me too, and so had the orange juice. The cheery mixer had lasted me three doubles and I’d drank five. My feet felt much better for a soak and a drink, though, so I didn’t feel too bad.

Wet hair piled on top of my head, I padded back downstairs. I hiccupped and giggled, picking at the wedgie my knickers had become. That was a bad move. I got the wedgie out, sure, but I’d also tugged the cotton gusset against my clit one too many times. The damned thing was so easily aroused it was ridiculous.

I’d told myself I wouldn’t do it anymore. I promised myself after my laptop broke and I had to get it fixed that I would never have anything that could embarrass me in my search history again. But my clit was subtly pulsing, and as soon as I started rubbing my thighs together I knew it was inevitable.

Cranking up the laptop took just a few minutes, and a few words tapped into the search engine brought up a list of results. I clicked one, feeling my cheeks flame red. I was alone, nobody could see me, but I was still embarrassed about watching porn.

My shame almost made me turn it off, but the sound of a man saying, “Tell I’m your daddy…tell me!”

Finger hovering over the fingerpad I chewed my lip, listening to the sharp sound of a palm meeting a soft cheek with force, waiting for the response I knew was coming. Then another, deeper male voice cried out, “You’re my daddy! You are, you are, oh god, fuck me, daddy!”

That very sentence could have been the reason I sank into the swivel chair, legs wide, bullet vibrator out of the drawer and on my clit. Or it could have been watching a massive cock sink into a peachy ass, while two hands stroked the peach owner’s cock until he was grunting like a pig that did it.

I loved watching two men fucking. Richie had always preferred MFF threesome porn, and Tracey loved bondage while my friend Megan Walker loved to watch woman on woman, but there was something about gay porn that held me rapt. It never came across as overacted, there was no showmanship or obvious pandering to an audience. All there was, was beautiful, honest fucking.

But as much as I loved it, it wasn’t doing what it usually did for me. I drank and wanked, drank and wanked, until without warning the vibrations making my clit dance stopped.

“Shit!” I spat. “Shit, shit, damn and fuck!”

The laptop screen went black. I couldn’t masturbate with my fingers, I didn’t have the patience for it. I didn’t have any more batteries either. I’d be stuck with the dull ache in my groin all night now. So I did the only thing I could do. I drank some more.

God, I needed a good fuck. Not a missionary, smoochy, romantic fuck, but a face mashed into the carpet, burned knees, battered numb pussy kinda fuck. I wanted a mouth on my clit, a dick pummelling away at my cervix, fingers and thumbs in my ass.

But what I had was half a bottle of vodka… and a magic spell.

Stubbornness made me walk straight past the gift bag I’d dumped on the hall table. Desperation made me double back, pluck it up and carry it into the front room. Unpicking the wax seal like it might explode, I pulled out the parchment that was rolled up inside and flattened it on the table.

“What the fuck is all this then?” I mumbled.



Once I’d finished reading I laughed, loud and heartily. What kind of idiot was going to do this? Who in their right mind would cast a spell, hoping they might conjure up their soulmate? I laughed louder and uttered one word.


Yeah, Richie would definitely go in for something like this. I considered rolling it back up and slipping it through his letterbox, but something occurred to me, killing my laugh dead. What if it worked? What if I gave my soon to be ex-husband the perfect partner spell and he cast it. He was definitely the type to do it, and what if he did and it worked?

The thought of Richie walking past my house with his forever lover made me feel sick. Fuck that, he wasn’t getting my spell. He wasn’t getting the perfect lover. I was.

Crashing around the house with the parchment list in my hand, I gathered up everything I’d need. Well, when I say everything…

“Who the hell has a cauldron in 2016?” I rummaged in the cupboard under the sink, cackling with satisfaction when I found a perfect substitute.

Yes, the wok was old, and it had no handle, but it was the best I could do. I didn’t have white or pink candles either, but I did have a black one and a red one that were left over from a set Rich had bought me last Halloween. One was called Dragon’s Blood, and the other Queen of the Night. They’d do nicely!

Red rose petals I had, courtesy of the birthday bouquet my mother sent me every year, but I didn’t have a rose quartz crystal. “Crystal, crystal,” I murmured, tapping a box of matches on my chin. “Aah, I know what’ll do!”

Zooming upstairs, I snatched up the gift Richard had bought me for our last Christmas together. It was a Swarovski crystal bunny rabbit. He’d smiled when he’d handed it to me, but I’d known it for what it was. He’d made more than one comment about us doing nothing more than fuck like bunnies, so I’d understood that the crystal rabbit was just his subtle way of sniping about our relationship consisting of only sex.

I’d been furious that he’d stoop so low. It was his fault that the first thing he wanted to do when he came back from France was fuck. I still regretted buying him the antique shaving set. It had cost me a small fortune and the ungrateful bastard had just sniggered at it.

Pushing him out of my mind was getting easier and easier, and I was soon back to gathering the ingredients I needed to make magic. Salt I had plenty of, but red wine was out of the question, the stuff was vile. I had black vodka, though, so that would do.

After dragging one of my nesting tables into the middle of the front room, I scattered salt in what resembled a circle. Okay, it was egg shaped, but that wasn’t my fault, it was the vodka.

Settling in front of the cluttered table I started following the instructions. Lighting candles, ripping rose petals straight from the flowers and chucking them in the wok… “Fuck!”

A fat bead of blood blossomed on my finger. “Damned thorns.” In went the rest of the petals, and the stripped flowers were thrown in for good measure.

Acting like the inebriated fool I was, I hopped the Swarovski bunny around the table before plopping him into the wok on top of the petals. A guilty bubble popped in my belly when I saw his tail snap off, but I got over it fast.

Then came the hard part. Visualising the love I desired. An image of Richie, naked with a rock hard cock, appeared in my mind, but I forced it right back out. Once he was gone, I realised that I had no idea what I wanted. Whoever it was, he’d have to be from Chillington. Someone who wouldn’t travel for work, leaving me alone all the time. Oh, and someone who knew how to fuck. That was an important one for sure.

Once I had an imperfect image of perfection in my mind, I took a deep gulp from the vodka bottle then splashed some in the wok. The red candle followed, and the second I spoke the last word in the stupid incantation the alcohol ignited. The room filled with white smoke, which slowly rose to hang around the plastic beaded chandelier above me.

Slack jawed was not the word to describe my expression. Nor was stunned, amazed, or utterly disbelieving. But I was all of those things, and a whole lot more besides. To my astonishment, the spell had worked. It had conjured what was supposed to be my perfect lover. To be honest, half of me had expected it not to work at all, and the other half had expected it to bring me Richie. But it hadn’t.

Who could have guessed that, sexual identification and porn preference aside, my perfect lover would be a woman?

And what a woman she was! Everything about her was perfection, from the tumble of red ringlets resting on her shoulders and the scattering of freckles over her nose, to the slender bare ankles peeking out over the tops of her low heeled boots.

What was even more surprising to me than her sudden appearance was how totally willing I was to believe that magic had delivered her to me. Not once did it cross my mind that some stranger wearing an old fashioned dress, clipped up in the front to reveal three quarters of her legs, had wandered into my house, or that my life could be in danger. I readily accepted that the cosmos had just handed me something I’d never considered reaching for, and my shy smile showed my guest that I was pleased to welcome her into my home.

“Charlotte,” she said. “My name is Charlotte.”

Her voice was so deep! Deep, but not rough. The balance of depth and smoothness in it conjured images of someone with large, masculine hands and well-manicured nails pouring runny honey into a tumbler of bourbon. It didn’t make me thirsty, though it did awaken an all too familiar hunger about half a foot beneath my stomach.

Charlotte cocked her head, watching me with patient curiosity as my mind worked out exactly what it was that I was feeling, and why.

Was it just the drink in me that gave me these feelings? I was only twenty four, so it wasn’t like Charlotte’s appearance had freed long suppressed desires in me. It wasn’t like I’d hidden from my true sexuality. I’d always been attracted to men, hadn’t I? Being with Richie had never been forced, and sex with him had never felt unnatural, had it? My unhappiness with him had stemmed from his constant absence, from only having half a marriage, hadn’t it?

Something was trying to occur to me, but my alcohol addled mind wasn’t letting it through. All I could cope with were the bare facts, and the fact was, I knew what Charlotte was here for. And I wanted it. I wanted all of it.

She must have seen it in my eyes, because she was smiling now. A lopsided, amused smile that widened until it revealed a row of crooked teeth. There were no words exchanged between us. All we did was grin at each other, but somehow she knew exactly when to move.

I followed her up the narrow staircase, listening to the shush of her wide skirts rubbing against the walls, watching the way her hips tick-tocked sharply from side to side with each step she took. I stayed three steps behind to ensure I didn’t trod on the grey fabric, and the sound of her heels swiftly clicking against the polished floorboards on the landing were matched by my ever quickening heartbeat.

All of the doors were closed, but that didn’t seem to matter to Charlotte. She walked straight past the bathroom, airing cupboard, and both spare rooms as though she knew exactly where the master bedroom was.

“How did you know which one was mine?” I asked, following her inside and closing the door behind me.

She shrugged, stunning me by immediately starting to undress. “I used to live here.”

Well that was bullshit. This house had belonged to my family for years beyond count. My mother had grown up here, as had her mother, and hers before that. It had passed from daughter to daughter until my mother had refused it. My grandma had died just after I’d walked away from Rich, and the house had passed to me.

“It was a long time ago,” Charlotte said. “A friend of mine had a child that was given to the Heatherington family right after birth and she appointed me live in nanny for a time.”

“Oh, that makes sense I guess.”

I hadn’t heard a word she’d said. Her dress was on the floor now, and I was too busy staring at what it had revealed. Dimpled thighs, fleshy belly, shocks of red hair…I wondered idly what she’d think of my waxed bare mound.

“Stop stroking it through your clothes and let me see it,” she said with a shrug. “It’s the only way you’ll find out.”

Woah, mind reading much? And how the fuck did she know which drawer I kept my sex toys in?! I had two chests of drawers, a bedside table with a drawer, and a book case with a drawer, but she went straight for the one in the bottom of the wardrobe.

I was kinda freaking out now, but that wasn’t stopping me from stripping. By the time she turned to face me she was holding an armful of dildos, and I was buck naked.

Her cocked smile was back, and I kept my eyes on hers as they travelled down my body, stopping once she was staring at the top of my legs. “It’s very pretty,” she told me. “I always kept my natural look, but my friend, Lulu, preferred to be bare. I used to giggle and call it her plucked chicken, but as amusing as I found it I still couldn’t keep my tongue off it.”

Oh. My. God. Going by her wistful, lust filled expression, Charlotte liked giving head. I pleaded with the Lord to let her be good at it. Prayed that she would devour me in the exact way I needed it.

“Oh, I will,” she said, pointing at the bed. “But even if I didn’t, all you’d need to do is tell me how you like it and I’d see it done. Didn’t that ever work with Richard?”

Did I notice that she knew my ex’s name? Nope, it didn’t even register. I just lay down on my fluffy cream quilt, opening my legs at Charlotte’s request, blushing because I had never thought to direct Rich when he went down on me. I’d always let him…


All thought of Richard was forgotten. All thought of myself was forgotten. All there was, was Charlotte’s mouth between my legs. Propping myself up on my elbows, I watched her. Her eyes were closed, and she was making out with my pussy. Literally French kissing it, clinging to my thighs and moaning like she was the one receiving.

I could see her nostrils flaring as she breathed me in, and her belly lowered to the bed, lifting her ass in the air like she was exposing herself, preparing to receive a cock. Her ass was so round, and the slight scattering of freckles over both cheeks was cute.

But there was nothing cute about what she was doing to me. She tilted my hips, lifting my entire butt off the mattress. Her pink tongue stuck out between her lips, stiff and long, and she then winked at me before plunging it inside of me. One finger stroked the exact spot just above my clit that drove me crazy, and she tongue fucked me until I was coming so hard I was almost ripping tufts of hair from her head.

Charlotte sat back on her heels, rubbing her own clit with one hand and wiping her sopping face on the back the other. “That was quick,” she said, her green eyes sparkling. “Do you need to wait or can I keep going?”

“Keep going!” How embarrassingly eager.

But my enthusiasm only served to make Charlotte smile again. She lunged forward, and in one swift move, three of her fingers were inside of me. I writhed against them, bounced off her hand, swivelled and ground my hips into her.

The concentration on her face was enthralling. Her brow furrowed, her eyes narrowed, and she pressed her free hand against my stomach, bracing herself, keeping herself steady while her other arm picked up speed. Her fingers slipped in and out of me so fast I could hardly tell when they were in and when they were out. The sensation built and built until just one, quick slap above my clit sent me tumbling into orgasm again.

Before I’d even come down from those giddy heights of pleasure, something else was being shoved into my pussy. Not carefully inserted, shoved. Rammed. Forced so far in, and so quickly, I would have come again if she’d given my clit any attention.

But she didn’t. She just held onto the balls of the curved silicone dildo with two hands, pounding its full seven inch length into me. I widened my legs, pulled them back and grabbed my own ankles, trying to let her go deeper. But there was no more dildo for her to give, and she knew it, so she slowed, eyes on the bed, searching for something else.

A small shove at my anal opening made me yelp. I usually used a bucketful of lube when I inserted a butt plug, especially one of the big ones, but Charlotte had only used a smallish amount by the feel of it. I didn’t realise what I’d been missing. It was a textured plug, and it felt so much better when those nubs weren’t masked by too many lashings of thick lube.

The addition of the plug made the dildo feel bigger, and I knew I was smiling deliriously as Charlotte picked up speed again. It was my own fingers on my clit that pushed me over the edge this time, and both of us laughed.

“Oh, I wish I had a cock,” Charlotte announced. “Your pussy is made for penetration, Emma. Some could take it or leave it, but yours loves it.”

With that, she ditched the dildo, yanked my ass off the bed again, and then cocked one leg over me. Her red pubic hair tickled my thigh, and she had to flatten her belly so she could see where she was going. The first feel of her labia pressing against mine made me shudder, and the sucking sound of our pussies squelching together made my eyes roll to the back of my head.

Slaps on my breasts, scratches on my stomach, nips on my thighs. Charlotte snapped her hips in wild abandon, rolling her clit against mine. Of all the things that could have made me come right then, I was wide eyed and surprised that it was the sight of her squashing her chin against her chest so she could lick her own nipple.

As soon as my pussy started to spasm Charlotte stiffened, and I could feel her pulsing in time with me. We’d come together.

I don’t know why, but I’d expected a tender moment to happen when I opened my eyes. I’d expected her to be watching me with the same wonder I knew I’d be looking at her with. But no sooner had my lashes left my cheeks was she jumping off the bed and rummaging around in my knicker drawer.

I thought it was all over. She was holding my knickers up against her, probably planning to dress again and leave. Disappointment grew in me, spiked with a little spite when I saw she’s selected my most robust pair of knickers. I loved those things, but I wouldn’t stop her taking them.

It turns out she hadn’t been planning on going anywhere. She dashed back to the bed, picking up the largest dildo I owned. It was an eye watering twelve inches, and so thick I couldn’t make my fingertips touch when I held it. This one had no balls, but it did have a suction cup. It was my favourite to ride in the bath, though I always ached after.

Once she was satisfied with the dong, the most shocking thing happened. Charlotte shoved the front of my workhorse knickers between her teeth and tore a massive hole in them. My mouth opened in protest, but nothing came out. I was silent, stunned that she was jamming the big silicone dick into the hole.

Then she was lifting a leg onto the bed, wriggling the dildo she’d just fucked me with into her own pussy. She gasped, making my belly flip when she started sliding it slowly in and out of her. “I love Halloween,” she whispered. “A year is too long to wait between having a cunt stuffed full of cock, be it real or rubber.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her the only rubber people liked inside their bodies these days were condoms. Still, right now wasn’t the time to educate my new lover in sex toy safety. Not when she was stepping into my knickers, shimmying her hips to get them pulled up, supporting the weight of the dildo with one hand.

My jaw dropped. She’d fashioned a harness out of my underwear! And that meant she was going to… “Oh fuck!”

She was between my legs, stroking that pink dick like it was her own. You could almost believe she could feel every stroke, given the way her face was creasing with pleasure. “I can feel it,” she murmured. “I can feel every inch of this cock as if it was part of me.”

I didn’t scoff and say, impossible. I just said “How?” totally believing her. She had appeared in my front room in a puff of smoke, after all.

“Magic,” she whispered.

Still on her knees and wanking that huge dildo, she moved further up the bed.

My entire body tensed, my heart pounded, and when she wrapped her hands around my ankles, raising them to her shoulders, I did nothing to resist. Then I felt it. Something hard and smooth, slowly stretching the entrance to my vagina. It seemed to take forever for the rounded head to push past my pubic bone, but as soon as it did Charlotte cried out.

She stilled, mouth hanging open, one hand massaging my right breast, pinching the nipple, slapping it to make it wobble. Then she began to move, and each thrust made her jaw swing a little lower. She took her time, sinking half of the length into me before pulling back, almost all the way out. Just as I felt my pussy starting to close, she pushed back in, savouring the feeling of being inside of me.

Then she looked at me, and an uncomfortable, eerie feeling erupted in my gut. Her eyes weren’t green anymore. They were scarlet red, and shining with so much cruelty and lust I didn’t know whether to feel terrified of the impending fuck, or impatient for it to begin.

“I’m going to fuck you senseless,” she whispered. “I had wanted you to sit on my face, and I’d thoroughly intended sitting on yours, but now that I have this inside of you…I’m going to fuck you with it and I’m not going to stop until I’ve fucked you unconscious.”

She cocked her head again, and I knew she was asking for permission. I wasted no time in giving it to her. Reaching down with both hands, I dug my nails into her ass cheeks and pulled her into me.

She slammed down so hard I took all of the dildo, screaming at the pain the four inches I’d never been brave enough to take gave me. It hurt so much, but I loved it. Charlotte’s hips swung down again and again, smashing against me, forcing animalistic grunts from the deepest parts of me.

I was flipped onto my front, face mashed into the pillow, fingers and thumbs in my ass while she mercilessly pounded away at my pussy. Each thrust drove me closer to orgasm, and then another, and another followed in swift succession.

And Charlotte showed no signs of stopping.

She pulled me to my knees, whispering filthy words into my ear, biting my neck and shoulders, keeping up her punishing pace the whole time. I laughed at her cheer when I decided to fuck back, bouncing hard even as she forced all of that dick inside of me.

Her fingers were in my mouth, on my tits, on my clit, penetrating my ass…she was everywhere, and each orgasm she gave me sapped my energy until I was flat on the bed again, staring at the silver trees on my wallpaper, helpless against her onslaught.

Tears made the trees blur. I was coming again, but I didn’t even cry out. I just lay there, being bounced off the mattress, taking everything she gave me, willing to keep going until I died of pleasure. But my eyes were drifting closed now. Charlotte was getting her wish. She was fucking me unconscious.

The next thing I knew, I was on my back. Charlotte was straddling my chest, pushing the smaller dildo into my pussy while she pushed the massive one that was her cock into my mouth. Moving in perfect synchronicity, she fucked both holes until I was gagging, choking, coming.

To my utter horror, she pulled out of my mouth, spraying my face with sticky hot cum, crying my name and still pounding my pussy with her other hand. God, there was so much of it! It was in my eyes, up my nose, in my mouth and down my throat. That should have been impossible and I knew it, but I knew it was real.

Charlotte scraped the gunk from my eyes, slapping me to get my attention. “My beautiful girl,” she whispered. “My beautiful, good girl. I’m going to give you one more, and it’ll be so intense you will sleep, and when you wake I’ll be gone. But you know what you need now, Emma. You know what is perfect for you, so now you can look for it, and you will find it. Good night, secret Cleveland.”

All of a sudden the butt plug was gone. In its place was Charlotte’s cock, and my pussy was still full of the other dildo. Another sensation made me shudder, but I didn’t dare open my eyes to look. I didn’t want to know how she’d bent herself to be fucking me and sucking my clit at the same time.

There was no build up this time. There was just an orgasm so strong it felt like the waves of sensation were shattering my bones, making my veins crumble and my heart explode. And then, just like Charlotte said, there was the black peace of unconsciousness, and I slept soundly as my body recharged, getting ready to face the world a changed woman when I woke.

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