Halloween Town Tales No 3 – Body Swap


Halloween 2016

Chloe was staring at me again. Staring, and probably scowling, if I knew her, and know her I did. I didn’t even need to look at her to know that her eyes would be dark and demonic, that her arms would be folded over her glorious chest, and that her lips would be pursed so tightly the lower half of her face could pass for an asshole.

But what did I care? We’d been pissing each other off for three weeks now, and it wasn’t looking like the war was gonna end any time soon. My buddy, Dale, was convinced that all of the bad feeling was caused by our alleged mutual attraction, but he was barking up the wrong tree entirely. Chloe was all about Scott Denon these days, and I was…well, I wasn’t in the habit of chasing after girls who ruined our friends’ relationships.

No, we were housemates and that was all. It didn’t make any difference that my belly churned every time she walked in the room, or that my pulse sped up every time she spoke. As she was about to do right now.

Her intake of breath was a deep one, so I knew she had a long, well thought out tirade to throw at me, but I got in there first.

“Fuck. Off,” I said simply.

A brief pause, another loud inhalation, and then, “Grow the fuck up, David. You’ve been acting like a dick for nearly three days. I’ve told you I hate what I did with Scott, and that’s why I can’t go to the fucking Haunt. It’s not because I don’t want to hang out with you, so don’t think…”

The kitchen door opened, cutting off her ridiculous speech. My younger brother, Jake, leant against the frame, legs crossed at the ankle, and let go of a long suffering sigh.

“I thought you were with Raven and Sam tonight,” I said, hoping to god he’d stay home at least until I left.

Chloe didn’t like fighting in front of my brother. She thought of him as a kid, even though he was only a couple of years younger than us, and didn’t want to expose him to our toxic relationship. He already knew we were poison, though. He’d been around us long enough not to have missed it.

Jake smiled that dirty, lucky little bastard smile of his, and suddenly I didn’t want his company as much as I had. “I am,” he smirked. “We’re headed back there now after… after being someplace else. I just called in to get that bottle of Bacardi I bought last week, cos Raven’s banned me from touching Dale’s booze in case he kills me.”

He cocked his head, narrowing his eyes as if seeing me for the first time. “What the fuck are you dressed as? I thought the theme was all things Alice in Wonderland.”

Brushing one hand over my padded costume and straightening my crown with the other I said, “The White King, obviously.”

“The White King? Then why is your costume all grey, green, and black?”

What an imbecile, surely that was self-evident, given the date. “Uhh, it’s Halloween? I’m the zombie version.”

Jake’s laugh grated on me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my brother and would never see him harmed, but he was one helluva a cocky little bastard. That’s what came of getting to dip his dick in two girls at the same time with no negative consequences. Little shit thought he ruled the world.

“You look like the Stay Puft marshmallow man caught a fungal infection. Zombie White King my ass.” Turning his winning smile on Chloe – who looked at him like he was a cheeky little boy – he said, “I’m guessing… ex-cheerleader who just can’t let go of the past. Am I right?”

If the new ice age could be brought on by a look, that would have done it. I could see where Jake was coming from, given that Chloe was wearing the butt hugging shorts and cropped t-shirt combo she used to wear when she practiced her jumps in her aunt’s back garden a few houses along from ours, but she wasn’t amused he’d gone there.

“I cannot believe the level of stupidity there is in this room. The Davison’s must be turning in their graves, knowing two grade A morons now live in their old school house.”

“Who?” She got that in stereo from both moronic Beesley brothers.

“Millicent and William Davison? The Sunday school teachers your great-grandmother bought the house from?”

A name occurred to me then, and without thinking I spoke it. “Maria?”

I had no idea why that particular name had popped into my head, but it was ringing in my ears now. I could hear a girlish laugh, and the name LuLu, then a soft pop made everything go silent.

Jake looked from me to Chloe, looking as confused as he was expectant. I wasn’t sure what to say to him, but Chloe saved me from having to think of something. “I’m not going to the Haunt, Jacob. I went as Toto last year for the Wizard of Oz theme, but I’m giving this year a miss.”

“Because of the thing with Debbie and Scott?”

Oh man, what was he doing? It was almost like he was goading her into a showdown. She was happy to argue with me about Scottie, and I’d heard her yammering on about it with Megan Walker, but anybody else was treading on thin ice bringing it up. Even Jake’s usual immunity to her wrath wouldn’t save him from his one.

But to my surprise, Chloe just shrugged. She patted her hair as if adjusting a crown, just like I had before, and started packing the drinks and snacks I planned to take to the Haunt into my rucksack. She was humming at first, then started to sing softly, I only caught a few words, but it wasn’t a song I’d ever heard before.

“From the bottom to the top…hum, hum, hum… time for them to swap…hum, hum, hum… one mind for the other… laa…laa…laa… to pursue an illicit lover.” My ears popped again, and Chloe smiled. “I must away! The mirror in number thirty calls.”

Jake and I watched her sway from the room, then met each other’s bewildered stares. “She’s nuts,” he said before I got a chance to. “Seriously, Dave, watch yourself with her. I won’t be back tonight cos Mr Robinson is outta town, but I’ll probably be home early tomorrow. Raven says he’s going straight to the morgue, and I don’t want to be there when he gets back in case he flips his shit about cctv footage.”

With that intriguing half-confession, he was gone.

I milled around for a bit, checking my bag to make sure Chloe hadn’t missed anything, double checking my costume and wondering if maybe Jake had been right about it. The wooden dining chair scraped across the floor and I perched uncomfortably on the edge. I had to be honest with myself. I did want Chloe to go to the Chillington Cemetery Haunt with me, and it was pissing me off that she’d opted to stay home and have a sleepover with her friends.

I’d told her Scott and Debs weren’t even going, but she was insistent. I’d even suggested I stay home and join in, but nope. Get yourself to the Haunt, Davey, and leave me and the girls to enjoy each other’s company in peace. Those were her exact words, and they stung just as much thinking about them as they had when I she’d first thrown them at me.

It was getting late, so after hearing the doorbell ring and half a dozen feet patter up the stairs, I set off. It didn’t take me long to reach the cemetery, but by the time I passed through the gate I was exhausted. I leant against the railings, closed my eyes for just a second, and when I opened them again I got the shock of my life.

“Oh, right there! Yes, yes, yes, Ally, right there. Please don’t stop.”

What the hell was this?! I shifted in the chair I was in, feeling so out of sorts it wasn’t to be believed. My eyes raked around the room, spotting so many familiar things, like the unicorn bedspread and the skull and crossbones curtains, as well as noticing so many other things I hadn’t ever seen before…

The Ouija board with the missing planchette was new for a start, as was the bong on a low table in the middle of the rainbow rug, the absinthe fountain on the bedside table, and the three multi-coloured dildos that were stuck to the mirrored wardrobe doors.

Oh, and the seven naked women fucking in various spots around the room. They were new too. I could hardly believe my eyes. No matter where I pointed them, there was skin. Tits and pussy everywhere I looked, it was like falling face first into my wildest dream. Maybe that’s exactly what had happened. That’s the only reason I could think of for them looking at me and smiling mucky little smiles instead of screaming bloody murder.

Belatedly, I realised that there was something missing. Or rather, someone. I may have been in Chloe’s room, but she was nowhere to be seen. So I just sat quietly, watching the girl called Ally slowly sliding a little blue vibrator in and out of Jenni McQueen’s pussy.

God, I was riveted! I’d always wondered if Jenni would have pubes as white blond as the hair on her head, and she did! It was fine but abundant, and watching it caress that little blue buzzing thing every time Ally pulled it out… it made something between my legs throb.

And what a jarring sensation that was! I was used to the twitchy bounce of my cock, so this gaping, pulsing spasm made me glance down at my own body, wondering why it felt so different.

I’d found Chloe. I was Chloe.

Yep, I was dreaming. There was no other reason I would be inside of my buck naked friend’s body. And what does a guy do when he discovers he’s dreaming he’s a hot woman? Yeah, that’s exactly what I did.

My hands wrapped around Chloe’s – my – tits, and I squeezed. I rubbed my thumbs around those big, pointy nipples, waiting for the orgasmic rush I’d always believed women felt whenever I did that to them, but nothing much happened. I mean, it was nice, yeah, but nothing life altering.

I jiggled them, lifted them and let them drop, felt their weight and firm softness in my hands. What would I have given for them to have been big enough for me to have gotten a pink nipple in my mouth? Everything, that’s what.

Pinching felt much better. My back pressed into the rough furry cushion behind me, and I kept my eyes fixed on the two girls I could see just over the peak of my tits. Each time the one on her back – Sue, I think she was called – cried out, I stretched those nipples and let go with a quick twist.

“Oh wow!” I gasped.

Molly, the girl licking Sue’s pussy, had shifted her position, and I was staring right at everything she had between her legs. She was clean shaven, her asshole tight and pale pink, her pussy engorged and red. My head swam as I watched her rock her hips up and down, faster and faster, until both holes seemed to suck inward for a few seconds, before pushing back out again. They did that spasmodically, and the way her hair fanned out over her pale ass cheeks when she arched her back and threw her head back was hot as fuck.

“Oh man, I wanna fuck that,” I muttered. “I wanna fuck that so much I can’t stand it.”

“All in good time,” a voice to my right said.

I’ll confess to being a total guy when I looked to see who had spoken. I took in the wide open legs and slick, damp pussy first, then the mid-brown skin and big bulbous tits with their black nipples next, coming to the beautiful face crowned by cornrowed hair last.

“Dana,” I whispered.

That’s when I made up my mind. I was definitely dreaming, and I was dreaming about all my Christmases coming at once. I had a ‘hitlist’ you see. A short list of girls I would have given my left nut to fuck, and Dana Reid was on that list, right after Emma Heatherington, and Helen Brogan. Chloe was at the top of my list, though. Well, she was joint first with Tracey Larkin, anyway.

Dana didn’t speak to me again. She just drew me to the floor, lay me down, and leaned over me. I held my breath when she sucked that first nipple into her mouth, which was a good thing, cos if I hadn’t I’d have probably screamed. Was there ever a sensation like it? She lifted her head, lips pursed as if sucking on a straw, then pushed her face right into the soft flesh.

I hated girls biting my nipples, but when Dana bit the ones I seemed to be in charge of right now… the sensation travelled in a line down my belly, settling in my groin and building into some kind of ball of energy. It was the only way I could describe it.

Interest piqued, I lifted my head, watching her suck her way down my belly, licking and nipping until she reached my… OH MY GOD! I had a cunt! My very own pulsating pussy that made a sucking noise every time widened my legs. I could feel it dripping, feel the cool air of exposure slamming into the heat, cooling the torrent of wetness there.

Who knew Chloe got this wet?! Scott had said that fucking her had been like fucking an unbuttered baguette. He’d told me his cock had been burned with friction after he’d finished, and that’s why I’d smacked him so hard he now had a lopsided face.

But he was wrong. Chloe wasn’t an unbuttered baguette, she was a sweet bun doused in double cream, and Dana was lapping it up.

The first touch of her tongue sent such a jolt through me, I arched violently enough to have snapped my spine. If I’d been in my body I probably would have, but Chloe was flexible. Having my cock sucked was fucking superb, but having my clit sucked? There were no words in any language that could describe it. I could say that it was miraculous, or incredible, or wondrous, but I was a simple guy, so I’d settle for fucking amazing.

Dana had a long tongue, and feeling it probing into my vagina – words I never thought I’d utter in a million years – was maddeningly good. So good, I bucked off the floor, grabbing her head at the same time and more or less smothering her in pussy.

“Slow down,” she laughed, crawling up my body again. The way she moved was a vision. Her tits swayed softly from side to side, and I could feel a section of my skin cooling in a narrow line. She was dragging her pussy over my skin, leaving a trail of wetness in its wake.

Then her knees were either side of my head, her hands on my tits, and she was lowering herself down. Quickly shifting my hand, I had one finger poised just beneath my chin, and she sank straight on it. In one second, I was up to the third knuckle in Dana Reid’s ass. My thumb was in her cunt, my lips on her clit.

And what a clit it was! It was bigger than any other I’d ever seen, not that I’d seen many. Every millimetre of it seemed to offer her something different, so I spent my time slowly touching it, licking it, sucking just off to the side, rubbing it with my nose. Two fingers in her ass now, and she was literally riding my face.

Then without warning, she was cumming, each spasm squeezing my fingers until they popped out of her. I thought she would do me next, but she didn’t. She just crawled over to Molly, whose ass was still expanding and retreating, and promptly started to poke her wet tongue into the small hole.

The other two girls – Jade and Kirsty – were doing the ultimate, and my day was made. I shuffled back against the bed, exploring my own clit, and watched them rub their pussies against each other. They were frantic, and it occurred to me that Jade, who appeared to have the lead position, would be an awesome fuck.

My own thought shocked me. I wasn’t thinking of me in her type sex. I was thinking about her in me type sex. I told myself that it was Chloe’s body doing the thinking, but it wasn’t. I was imagining her fucking me, David Beesley, up the ass with one of the rainbow-bright dicks that were bobbing on the mirrors.

Mirrors! Why was this only occurring to me now?! Shuffling quickly, I took a damned good look at something I’d been aching to see. Every night for the past few months, I’d closed my eyes to go to sleep in the room right next door to the one I was currently in, and I’d stroked my cock while imagining my lovely housemate walking around this very room with no clothes on.

I had a sample bottle of her perfume hidden in the back of my porno mag drawer that I’d sneak under the covers with me, and I’d inhale her scent while pretending that the hand I wanked with was hers. That the lube I poured over my cock were her juices, and that when I came, I wasn’t filling my palm but her pussy.

I imagined her stomach would be rounder than it really was, and that she’d have pubic hair, but she was toned and shaved completely smooth. Spreading my legs wider, I rubbed quick circles around my clit, watching my chest heave, my stomach crunch and flex. Two of my fingers slipped inside that glossy cunt with ease, and the sounds and sights of Chloe fucking herself in the mirror drove me wild.

Something told me that in my bed, fast asleep, I would probably be humping my duvet, if not full on sleep wanking, and that when I woke I would be covered in crusty cum from belly button to ankle. There was no way would I only cum once, not with a dream as potent as this!

A strange, overwhelming sensation settled in my gut. The smooth area between my vagina and ass started to twitch, and my eyes flicked between Chloe’s reflection, and the two girls backing on to colourful dongs, rattling the wardrobe doors so violently I wouldn’t be surprised if they fucked them off their very hinges.

Next thing I knew, I was being pulled up, and that amazing feeling of explosive warmth that had been brewing faded. Sue led me to Molly, who was lying on the floor with a black vibrator in her hand. Once I was positioned on my knees in front of her, she gave it to me, along with a set of instructions.

“This time I want you to finger fuck me and use that on my clit. I came so hard last time we did this, but I want to come harder.”

“Okay,” was all the speech I could manage.

The bullet was on high and on her clit, my fingers were on a swollen lump inside of her that she’d informed me was ‘fucking it, oh my god, fuck it hard’ and Sue was standing in front of me with her knees bent, fucking a dildo Molly held upright for her. She had a flesh toned dildo in her own hand, and we both sucked it together.

“Are you thinking about him?” she asked quietly, reaching down to rub me with the dildo.

“About who?”


Well fuck me! Wish fulfilment at its grandest. I would love to have thought that the real Chloe thought about me in a sexual capacity, but I was too aware that she didn’t, so I said, “Not really. But I am thinking about being fucked, I know that much.”

“Good thing too,” Dana said. “Cos I’m ready for you, Chloe.”

The first word that came to mind when I looked at her? Help. She was wearing a pair of black knickers now, and out of the front poked a huge pink dildo. I didn’t even have time to say yes, or no, or good fucking grief, what hole do you think I have that’s gonna accommodate that. I was already discovering that the hole that could take it was my pussy, and that was all I needed to know.

Dana was slow at first, so it was easy to enjoy the sensations of having a massive dick slipping in and out of me, as well as making sure I was giving Molly what she needed, but that didn’t last long. Soon enough, Dana had my ass cheeks spread apart so she could watch herself hammer me, and I couldn’t keep up.

I dropped the bullet, making Molly have to not only hold onto it but snap her hips to fuck my incapable fingers, and Sue had abandoned the dil-blow to hold the dong she was wildly fucking with both hands. Her tits kept slapping me in the face, Molly’s knee kept grinding into my clit, and the other girls were screaming out orgasms and stiffening in their scissor position.

“I’m gonna cum!” I wailed, half in shock, half ecstasy. Fuck cock stroking, having a well handled pussy was where it was at.

Pants were exploding from my throat, along with wheezes, shrieks and moans. My pussy tightened excruciatingly, painfully deliciously, and I knew this was it. I was a man experiencing a female orgasm in his sleep.

I didn’t really know what Ally, Jade and Kirsty sounded like when they weren’t screaming in delight, so I couldn’t say which one said, “That’s enough fun for David.”

But the next second I was freezing and wet, leaning against the side of a huge stone cross with my limp, weeping cock in my hand while Tracey Larkin wiped the corner of her mouth and put her tits back in her black heart print bra, before winking at me and walking away.

Sounds of music, happy screeching and people having a fabulous time filtered through my confusion. I could smell dope, taste beer, and feel the shaky sensation in my thighs that told me I’d just had an almighty orgasm. If I’d read Tracey’s movements correctly, I’d had it right down her throat.

Visions of Chloe’s pussy, Tracey’s mouth and Dana’s cock flooded through my head, making me slide down the cross until I landed ass first right over some poor dead guy’s face. I was a mess. A buzzing in my pocket drew my attention, so I fished out my phone.

It was just a text message, and the screen ID’d the sender as Chloe. Swiping my finger in a zigzag pattern, I unlocked it and opened up the message.


My phone buzzed again, announcing a second text.


What the fuck? I didn’t know whether I should be amused, confused, laughing or crying. A third buzz tickled my fingers, and I was afraid to read whatever it was she said next. But I opened the message anyway.


What a bitch! She got to fuck Tracey Larkin’s mouth and tits, and she got the orgasm I worked so hard to achieve? What a fucker life was sometimes. I’d more or less decided to sit on that grave and cry my eyes out, when the phone buzzed again.


Well, that was unexpected, but it had certainly dried my tears. Maybe we would talk about that sometime, and try figure out what the fuck had happened. And if we did get to the bottom of it then maybe, just maybe, we could figure out a way of making it happen again.

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