Halloween Town Tales No 2 – The Mortician’s Daughter


The Mortician’s Daughter

Halloween 2016

It was only half three in the afternoon but the preparations for Chillington Cemetery’s annual Halloween Haunt were already well underway, and though I tried to look completely uninterested as I crossed the road at the south east side by the willows, I was secretly excited. I had no intentions of going, but I loved to walk past the gates and see everything coming together.

This year looked to be some kind of macabre Alice in Wonderland theme. Not surprising really, given the current trend in the media. I was still a good five minute walk from the gates, but I could see a few vehicles in the distance, most of them belonging to my brother’s friends. I couldn’t see the drivers though, but I could see giant black and white toadstools, putrid green love hearts, and warped pocket watches bobbing back and forth from car boots and the backs of vans.

It would be one hell of a party, but that wasn’t my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I liked living it up and misbehaving as much as the next girl, I just didn’t like doing it in places it was acceptable, or rather expected of me. I liked my entertainment on my terms, not society’s, and even though Halloween was a massive thing in Chillington, I wasn’t about to let that change how I did things.

The cemetery railings were cold and damp beneath my left hand, and one or two flaking pieces of paint jabbed and prickled at the pads of my fingertips. I didn’t stop letting my hand bounce from baluster to baluster though. I just kept going, feeling them start to stick into my skin. I liked how it felt.

A flash of colour caught my eye and I focused on one of the older graves, not far from the willows. It was a built up altar affair, and on top of it sat the most ludicrous bunch of flame coloured flowers I’d ever seen in my life.

“Christ, the girl really is obsessed.”

Oh, how mocking did I sound? It wasn’t Megan Walker’s fault she’d lost the plot. Someone had slipped her some drug or another during the Haunt last year and she swore to all the known gods that she’d had amazing sex with the ghost of long dead local, Vernon Cleveland the Third.

My laugh was as uncharitable as my thoughts, and it rang through the quiet end of Crow Street, startling a cat and a couple of birds. I felt bad for still finding it all so funny, but I couldn’t help it. The look on my brother, Dale’s, face when Meg had blurted out that, while he was frantically combing tombs and empty graves for her, she’d been up to her uvula with a spook’s cock had been priceless.

Still grinning, I looked up ahead and saw something that roused my interest. Parked not far from the cemetery gates, was a horse drawn gypsy caravan. I picked up my pace, eager to find out where that fit in to the Wonderland theme, and whether or not there was a real gypsy inside.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t. There was just a crazy old lady in a tattered velvet dress and black lace shawl standing beside it, talking to a few of my brother’s friends. She was waving a scroll at Tracey Larkin, who was shaking her head and pointing at the mirror Helen Brogan was holding. I liked Helen, so I slowed, hoping she’d notice me. I wanted her to approve of my relationship with her sister, so I had my best smile fixed firmly in place.

“The one you’re buying for isn’t vain,” the old crone hacked, shoving the scroll at Tracey again. Her head was bobbing up and down, making her crispy grey hair flop around her shoulders. “She’ll appreciate the love spell more than a dirty old mirror.”

“But that’s all hokum,” Tracey complained. “Emma is a practical woman, she’d make use of the mirror.”

By the harried looks on their faces, this argument had been going on for quite some time. Helen nodded at me as I came to a stop, but she didn’t say one word to me. Was it her sister having sex with a girl that made her so disapproving, or was it me? Logically, I knew it was the other thing, but that was nobody’s business but mine and Samantha’s. Oh, and Jacobs.

The old crone cocked her head, steadying her cataract clouded gaze on me. One corner of her mouth lifted in a weird grin, revealing more gums than teeth. Pushing the scroll at Tracey with one hand, she pointed a long, warty finger at me.

“Now you,” she barked in that hacking voice of hers. “You I like. You remind me of me in the days of my youth. Aah, the things I used to get up to.”

There it was again. My patented, derisive laugh. It always escaped me before I could stop it, and it often spoke for me, saying things I would have held back if my words had been working. This time it was saying, whatever grandma, and the crone seemed to know it.

“Do you know my name, child?” she asked. “Do you know just who it is you’re laughing at?”

I pursed my lips. Shut up, Raven, shut up, Raven, the more sensible part of my mind warned, but I’d never been a good listener. I had always been cheeky though, so before I could stop it the words, “Belle Watling?” shot from my mouth.

The old girl’s eyes flashed, and she showed me those stumpy teeth again. “Close,” she chuckled. “But not close enough. My name is Lucretia, and while Ms Watling and I do have some things in common, there’s one thing I have that she doesn’t.”


Tracey took the scroll and stepped back until she hit the side of the caravan, and Helen went with her. I’d spoken at exactly the same time as the old woman, and we’d both said the same disrespectful word.

“Disrespectful indeed,” the hag said. “You’ve offended me, young Raven. If you should find yourself in the place where the dead lie with your two young lovers tonight, beware the wild winds of Wicked Wenda. She always did like to punish the mouthy ones for me. If the winds blow, you should go, or you’ll get so much more than you bargained for.”

Nodding to the others, I quickly hurried home.

I thought about the old gypsy’s words all through dinner. Dad was working away so Dale had cooked lasagne, and he was at the table with me, chatting to Megan. They were talking about the Halloween Haunt, and Meg was ranting that her friend, Chloe, wouldn’t be attending this year. Apparently, she’d been caught having sex with Debbie Day’s boyfriend, Scott, a few weeks before, and she didn’t want to go in case she bumped into her. Scott wasn’t going either.

I thought they’d all missed a trick, I mean, Debbie and Scott were both gorgeous, and so was Chloe. If I’d been her, I’d have fucked the pair of them.

Before long, Dale was in his zombie white rabbit costume, and Megan was in her zombie Madonna corset, barbed wire tit cones and all – she never would conform to a theme, and I adored her for it – and they were off out of the door.

Just as they walked out, Sam walked in, hand in hand with Jacob. They were looking over their shoulders, and as soon as the front door closed on my brother, their faces mashed together.

Watching the two of them kiss always made my pussy throb, but there was no way were we having sex in my parent’s house. I might have snuck Sam up to my room for a quickie on occasion while my dad was working, but that was when there was just the two of us. Now we were three, and my appetite for excitement had grown to accommodate us all.

“Where to,” Sam gasped, groping Jake’s hard cock before coming to kiss me hello.

Her lips tasted of his favourite mints, and her tongue tasted of cherry coke. Jake pressed his cock against her ass, leaning over her to cup my cheeks. By the time the kiss was over, we were all glassy eyed and breathing hard.

Jake’s back muscles rippled as he reached into the top of the dresser, hunting for Dale’s Jack Daniels. “How about the Haunt?” he said. “This is our first Halloween as a triad, maybe we should go and sneak into a mausoleum or something.”

The hag’s words echoed through my mind. If you should find yourself in the place where the dead lie… “No.” I spoke too quickly. Too harshly, and it earned me two curious stares.

Clearing my throat I said, “I just don’t want to do the norm, you guys, you know that.”

“Having a threesome on top of some poor bastard’s grave is normal to you?” Jake laughed.

“It is when your brother and his fiancé did it the year before you. Everybody fucks at the Haunt. Alyssa Ferrell’s dad didn’t let her go until last year cos of all the drink, drugs and fucking that goes on there, and she’s nearly twenty two. No, it’s got to be something more… just more.”

Sam slapped Jake’s butt as she passed him, disappearing into the kitchen and coming back with the JD. I’d told her not to tell him that Dale had started stashing it behind the bleach purely to hide it from him, so was pissed when she said, “He keeps it in the cleaning cupboard now.”

It crossed my mind to tell her she’d overstepped, but then she said, “How about the old Cleveland place?”

“It’s abandoned.” I was trying to keep my irritation out of my voice, but it came out in other ways. A deep sigh, and the sound of nails drumming on the dining table.

Sam flattened my hand on the green and white spotted oilcloth with hers. “There was a light on earlier. I think. If I’m right, that means that the little imp in you who aches to be caught will be nice and happy.”

“My imp does not ache to be caught,” I retorted. “But it does get off on the threat of it, and if there’s lights on in the abandoned house, it isn’t abandoned anymore. We can’t break into someone’s house to have sex, even I’m not that stupid.”

“It could just be people doing what we’d be doing,” Jake offered, not helping at all.

“And then what we do could very easily change from a threesome to an orgy, and I don’t want that. I don’t even know if I want to–”

The shrill ring of the house phone saved me from saying something I’d regret. I didn’t really want to call off our plans. Not on our first Halloween together. I answered, and sighed when I heard who was on the other end of the line.


“Good, you’re home. I just wanted to make sure you don’t go to the Haunt tonight, honey. I’m stuck in the city until tomorrow, and I’d much rather you stayed home while I’m away.”

He didn’t have a hope in hell. Just like my brother, dad always seemed to forget that I’d grown up. I was nearly twenty, I could do what I liked. But the girl in me didn’t want to cause her father any distress, so I said, “Okay, Daddy. I’ll stay home and watch TV with Sam and Jake. Is that okay?”

“You’ll stay downstairs?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Fully clothed?”

I was horrified he’d even gone there. “Of course!”

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye, honey.”

“Bye, Daddy.”

My last words were echoed by my lovers, and I giggled. Jake loved the sound, and I loved the goofy way he smiled at me whenever he heard it. It made my belly feel warm, and my pussy even warmer still. I needed to get him naked, and that phone call had brought a specific place to my attention. Specifically because it was empty. Specifically because it was monitored by on site security guards. And specifically because I knew where the keys were.

“I know the perfect place,” I said with a grin.

The car ride to the edge of Chillington only took five minutes, and soon we were parked up in a carpark, right under the droopy trees that obscured the skips and wheelie bins of the surrounding businesses.

Robinson & Son’s Funeral Directors was in darkness, and it would have to stay that way until we got down the back stairs and into the room where the fridges lived. We could probably risk light in there, but only from the torches Jake still had in the boot of his car from that time we’d taken our three-way love affair to the beach.

After Ned the security guard did his walk-by, we closed the car doors as quietly as we could, then dashed across the carpark. We reached the funeral parlour doors without incident, which was more of an achievement than you might think. Sam was terrific at tripping up whenever she ran, so the fact that she’d covered upward of fifteen metres without face planting was pretty miraculous.

Getting into the building was a little trickier than I would have liked. Well, it wasn’t so much getting in that was the problem, it was staying in. A key was all well and good, provided you knew how to switch off the alarm system after you’d used it.

Sam flapped her arms like baby bird midway through its first flight, and Jake glowered unblinkingly at the flashing red lights on the sleek black box as if his will power alone would be enough to switch them out.

Going as quickly as I could, I sang the little song my father had dreamt up to help him remember his own pass code, pressing the corresponding key each time I said a number. “Five free pizzas for two people, but I was the only one there, so I ate them all.”

534218. And with that the beeping stopped, the lights blinked out, and we all sighed in relief.

Jake took the lead, strutting off through the warm, sombre coloured reception, through the short corridor of privacy rooms, heading in the direction of the staircase that would lead us down to the cold clinical room where the bodies were usually laid out, waiting to be prepared for their funerals. He made taking charge of two girls look so easy, but both he and I knew he was faking it. We both knew who would be in charge once the lights went on and the clothes came off.

Sam followed behind me, her fingertips tucked beneath the waistband of my jeans. Our relationship had always been equal, but she’d quickly fallen into a more submissive role once Jake joined the equation. She’d found a comfort she didn’t know she was looking for after letting me take charge, and she’d waited patiently to discover where Jacob would fit with the new dynamic. He’d been less keen for me to be the one behind the wheel, but once he’d accepted it, he said he never wanted it to change.

So it was easy for me to make things happen the way I wanted them to. Making sex between three people work for all involved wasn’t as simple as getting naked and doing what felt good. It took work, communication and understanding, and luckily, we had that hashed out down to the last detail. Whatever I suggested, they would be open to, and I felt free to suggest some fucked up things because I trusted them to tell me if they weren’t comfortable.

While Jake positioned his torches around the mid-sized, sterile room, I got things under way. All it took to get Sam to come to me was a faint smile. Her hips swayed softly as she slinked her way around one of the three metal tables, and as soon as she reached me, my lips were on hers.

Sam kissed with her eyes closed, but just like Jake did, I always kept mine open. I wanted to see how I was making my lover feel. I could tell exactly where she was in any given situation, just by looking at the wrinkles that played around her forehead, and the top of her nose. Right now? The wrinkles were softening around the edges, telling me she was falling deeper and deeper into my kiss.

My hand was down the front of her jeans, in her knickers, stroking the spot just to the left of her clit that made her suck in her belly and curve her pelvis up toward me. Feeling those soft folds gently moving against my stilled hand as she rocked her hips made me moan into her mouth, and just for a brief few seconds, my eyelids fluttered closed.

“So fucking hot,” Jake murmured.

His icy hands hit my warm stomach, making me hiss. I wasn’t sure if it started out as a positive sound, but it certainly became one when those blocks of ice cupped my breasts and squeezed. He had this way of pinching my nipples, a rhythmic rolling massage that made my clit pulse and twitch in perfect synchronicity.

“I wanna suck them,” he whispered. “I want your hard nipples in my mouth, Raven. I want your pussy in my face. I want Sam to ride my cock and kiss you while I stick my tongue deep in your cunt.”

Oh my god, that word! I loved to hear either of them say cunt in that breathless way, especially if they were telling me what they wanted to do to mine. Damn, I adored these people, and I needed them to know how much. I needed to worship them, and I was going to make sure they let me.

Backing up, I started to undress, knowing they would follow suit. T-shirts joined jeans, knickers and bras in a pile on the floor, then there was two perfect, naked humans standing before me.

My father’s chair squeaked as I settled into it. “Bend over,” I said quietly, inclining my head to Sam. She did exactly that, putting her hands on the floor at my feet.

Jacob palmed his cock, approaching her from behind. It was far too soon for that, so I muttered, “Ah-ah-ah,” and he hesitated. “For that, you get to kiss her ass.”

Hesitation evaporated. Jake got down on his knees and I watched his pink tongue lap slowly at Sam’s asshole, teasing it with the tip, penetrating just a tiny bit, retreating to flick the little puckered star until Sam started rubbing herself against his face.

It occurred to me to make them stop, put my idea into action, but he’d shifted his focus, and the way Sam moaned when someone was sucking on her clit mesmerised me. I closed my eyes, one finger pressed down and held still on my own clit, and listened to the sounds she was making. A few pants…a grunt…oh fuck…a long drawn out groan followed by a few quiet yips and a whispered command to finger fuck her…


I was on my feet in less than a second, and already they were obeying my command, putting a few feet between each other and me. They both shivered when I passed between them. Their wrists were in my hands, and they followed where I led. Straight to two of the metal tables.

God only knew how many corpses had lain on these tables. The thought of decomposing bodies, of their gasses, odours and colours should have turned me off completely, but it didn’t. It just made me even more aware of how vitally alive and beautiful the two living bodies currently occupying them were, and I wanted them all the more for it.

Sam’s firm breasts didn’t flop to the sides like mine did when I lay down. Her nipples were pointing straight at the ceiling in much the same way Jake’s cock was. Happily, the tables were pushed close enough together when not in official use for me to reach both, so I took my time sucking Sam’s rosy pink nipples while stroking Jake’s hard cock.

“Here’s what we’re gonna do, my beauties.”

My voice was hushed, intimate but wavering with barely controlled desire. I wanted what Jake wanted. I wanted to fuck his face while Sam fucked his dick, but while that would quench my sexual desires, it wouldn’t satiate the need I had to do something different.

But this idea I’d had when I realised my father – the Chillington mortician – had left his work space empty on Halloween… that would satisfy my yearning for the dramatic and then some.

Both of my lovers were watching me with wide, expectant eyes, so I continued slowly, eking out what I wanted from them. “You’ll both lie here on your tables,” I muttered, walking around them, groping a thigh here, and flicking a nipple there. “And you’ll both have your eyes closed. You’re lying on cadaver tables, so cadavers you will be. You won’t move, you won’t respond, you won’t react… I don’t want to hear either of you speak or make any kind of noise. You will both play dead, and the only reason I want to be reminded you’re not is if you want me to stop.”

Sam chewed her lip and glanced at the trolley of weird looking instruments not far from where she was lying. “And what will you be doing, exactly?”

“Whatever I want,” I smiled. “Is that okay with you?”

The number of times she looked from me to the trolley and back in just a few seconds was almost comical, and I really did think I might have gone too far for her this time. But then she put her arms by her sides and closed her eyes, and I knew then that I had consent. I could do whatever I liked.

For my first trick, what I wanted was to make her wait. She’d been unsure of my intentions, but Jake had pretty much become a corpse the second I suggested it. His cock was the only thing about him that wasn’t playing ball, but I wouldn’t hold that against him. I would, however, hold it against me.

My ears were straining, listening for that sexy little ‘oof’ I always earned from him whenever his dick hit the back of my throat, but it didn’t come. Jake could play this game well! I sucked harder, faster, now slower, stroking his shaft with one hand while carefully massaging his balls with the other.

A rogue element in me wanted him to break character. It wanted to see him react, purely so it could punish him by taking him right to the edge of orgasm then abandoning him there. But he didn’t move. He usually responded well to the sound of me gagging, so I throated as much of that big veiny cock as I could, making tears drip from my eyes and saliva leak down my chin. Nothing. I even nipped his balls with my fingernails, trying to get him to flinch and give me that agonised smile I loved so much. But despite my efforts, he remained steadfastly ‘dead’.

This was infuriating, why was he so fucking good at this? My weight rocked the table, shifting it a couple of inches as I clambered on top of him. My eyes were zeroed in on his face, looking for even the faintest sign of life as his cock disappeared inside me, but still nothing. I fucked that body as hard as I could, slapping against him so violently his heels were banging off the table.

And there it was! My fast, furious fucking had done what I wanted it to do. The tendons in Jake’s neck had become visible, his already defined abs were flexing, tightening against his will as they always did in the lead up to orgasm.

That was my cue. He visibly flinched when I slowly lifted off him, letting his wet cock slap against his belly. His eyes tightened as I climbed down off the table, leaving him wondering what I was doing to Sam.

She was lying patiently, legs slightly apart, just as they had been when I’d left her. I took in the position of her arms, the angle of her head…she really hadn’t moved. Her nipples were soft now, but that didn’t mean she’d lost interest. They needed constant attention if they were to stay hard, and while that annoyed her in some ways, the fact that she could climax from nipple stimulation alone more than made up for it.

But even if I didn’t know that, I still wouldn’t have thought she’d grown bored. Not when I could see the pool of fluid that had dripped – was still dripping – from her swollen pussy. Sam thrived on anticipation, and I could only imagine how listening to me suck and fuck Jake must have played with her mind. But the simple fact was, she was as ready as I’d hoped she’d be, and for that she deserved a reward.

I wasn’t great at giving a woman oral sex. Mastering the lick, suck, blow, flick rhythm that Sam had down to a fine art had proven difficult for me, but I was nothing if not enthusiastic. Luckily for me, Sam had one of those clits that was always exposed, and I could see it so clearly right now. It was shiny and pink, and at least twice the size it had been while I’d had my fingers on it earlier.

Pursing my lips, I covered it, pushing my face closer and pulling away, moving her clitoral hood over that sensitive little nugget of hers as if it were a foreskin over a cock. I kept my tongue pressed flat against her, undulating it in waves of pressure rather than lapping.

Oh god, she tasted so good. I knew my own pussy juices were slightly salty, but Sam was clean and sweet. She shaved, but kept a small tuft of dark pubic hair right in the middle of her mons, and it always smelled like the honey and vanilla lickable powder she dusted her belly and thighs with whenever she knew sex was on the cards. Most of it had rubbed off on her clothes, but her pubic hair still glimmered a bit in the torch light.

I couldn’t help but grab a handful of it, pulling it toward her navel and stretching out her vulva. I loved how tight it made the opening of her pussy feel as I slipped my fingers in. I pushed in quite roughly, not worrying about snagging her with my nails – I always kept the ones on my right hand short for this exact reason.

As was usually the case, I ended up on my knees above her after just a few thrusts, ramming my fingers into her so hard I knew my knuckles would bruise her thighs. To my surprise, she didn’t move an inch.

In hindsight, it had been a given that Jacob would be good at this, but I’d expected Sam to come undone as soon as there was penetration. She was a squirmer, my Samantha, so to see her lying as still as the grave while I rubbed the shit out of her g-spot amazed me.

I spun around, putting my pussy in her face. Her nose was cold and firm on my clit, but no matter how hard I rubbed myself against her, and no matter how expertly I fingered her and licked her clit, she didn’t fucking move.

Damn, they were good!

Throwing myself off the table, I backed up a bit, knees slightly bowed, eyes flicking from one naked body to the other, circling my own clit with one finger. I was going to cum, and I was going to let them both hear me do it.

Jake was the first to twitch at the sound of my loud pants, but just as the first warning spasms began, the oddest, or should I say eeriest, thing happened. A chill breeze tickled my skin, making the fine hairs on my arms lift. I straightened, staring wildly around the room as the breeze became a gust of wind that whipped our hair around our faces.

The crone’s words came back to me and I realised my mistake. She hadn’t meant the cemetery when she’d said ‘the place where the dead lie’ at all. She’d meant the morgue. And I’d walked right into it.

An afternoon spent reading about the history of Chillington Town with my father flitted through my mind, and something else the gypsy said occurred to me. She’d told me to beware the wild winds of Wicked Wenda.

My father had told me during that history lesson that the morgue had been built on the site of an old apothecary, and witches had supposedly shopped there back in the old days. The woman who had owned that apothecary had been called Wenda Rowland, and… oh my god! And Lucretia Cleveland had shopped there!

No sooner had I come to that understanding, than the winds ceased and my hair tumbled into my face. Nerves kept me still. I wanted to move my hair so I could see what the winds had brought with them, but at the same time, I didn’t want to look. Wenda Rowland hadn’t had the best of write ups in my dad’s book, and if this wasn’t a prank devised by Jake, I didn’t want to know how she planned to ‘punish’ me on Lucretia’s behalf.

The scraping of something metal on ceramic tile was more than I could stand, though, and I whipped my hair back with one hand. Relief surged through me when I realised it was just Jake getting off his table. Sam was rising too, but she had so much more grace, she was doing it silently.

“What the fuck do you think that was then?” I laughed. The sound was off key, my bravado unconvincing.

Neither of them answered me.

I looked closer, noticing things slowly, my brain processing them even slower, or not at all. Jake was slouching, hunch shouldered, and Sam was dragging her right foot as she ambled slowly forward. Their heads were bowed so I snapped, “Look at me!” They did, and I wished they hadn’t.

They were both my blue eyed darlings, so to see muddy red pupils and swampy green irises staring back at me… through me… it was horrifying.

Jake reached me first. I half laughed again, this time sounding more confident, because of all the things he could have done, he’d chosen to slide two fingers between my pussy lips. His shoulder was touching me, and his hip, but that was it. He kept stroking and stroking until the knot of fear in my belly unravelled.

Orgasm forced a shriek from the depths of my body, and Sam grabbing me by the hair dragged out another. My ankles twisted as I was yanked to the table and shoved face first into the pool of pussy juice she’d left there.

The next thing I knew, Jake’s cock was forcing its way into my ass. I loved anal sex, but I usually liked a warm up first. There was none of that now, though. His hand was in my hair, mashing my face against the wet metal, lifting my head and bouncing it back down again every few seconds. Every inch of his cock was slamming into me, inching the table across the floor at such a pace I had to practically jog to keep hold of it.

Once it hit the wall, he fucked me harder. I was screaming for Sam, but never once did I scream stop. Something pressed against my legs from beneath the table, pulling them further apart. It was Sam. Three of her fingers were wriggling into my pussy, and her mouth was on my clit.

“Jesus, what are you doing to me?” I sobbed.

I hated what was happening, but I loved it too. Confusion ripped through my mind, made all the more powerful by the perfect balance of pain and pleasure my body was experiencing. I’d had a lot of sex with a lot of people, but I’d never not been the one in control. I had no control at all now, I was helpless, and I was cumming.

“Oh god no, please don’t…”

Neither of them stopped their onslaught. I screamed again, wriggling in Jake’s grasp, but all that got me was a hand around my throat, cutting off the sound. Jake pulled me back against his chest, sinking his cock deeper into my ass at the same time as he grabbed my right breast and squeezed. His nails dug in one at a time, letting me feel every single puncture.

Jake thrust so hard he lifted my feet off the floor, and Sam chose that exact moment to bite my clit.


The orgasm tore through me. I vaguely knew I’d gushed in her face, and for a split second I genuinely hoped the bitch drowned in it. But I soon changed my mind when she returned to her softer sucking, and three fingers became one. She’d found my g-spot, and I knew now that I wasn’t going to ask them to stop, because I didn’t want them to.

Blood dripped from the scratches Jake was making on my arms, my chest and belly, and Sam’s bites were so harsh I was convinced she was eating me. But they fucked on, and I came again and again, until I couldn’t even support my own weight.

Collapsing wasn’t enough to deter them though. Sam was already on her back, waiting for me, taking my hair and stuffing my face in her groin. I ate that cunt as though I believed I’d never eat anything again, trying my best not to lose contact when Jake sank to his knees and committed a sin. He knew I hated ass to pussy sex, and he’d be fucking sorry for it. If I lived to make him sorry, that is.

The sound of Sam cumming was like the screeching of car tyres on a wet road. She never really cried out loudly at all, but now she was groaning like she was either unwillingly taking her last natural breaths, or relishing her first unnatural ones. I liked it, and when I started to cum again, I let my voice rise to join hers, wailing like a banshee.

Jake lifted me like I weighed nothing. He hit the floor, pulling me onto his face, groaning when Sam rolled onto him, taking his cock in her ass in one quick lunge. I was stunned. Sam didn’t do any more than a cheeky probe of the tongue when it came to anal, but there she was, perfect – if a little pallid – tits bouncing as she rode the fuck out of that dick.

My cocky boy lover was getting his wish; one of us on his face and one on his cock. I decided to give him the whole package, dragging Sam forward by her nipples so I could kiss her. Her tongue slipped past my teeth, and I immediately realised that something about it was wrong.

It didn’t just stroke the roof of my mouth, or trace the natural points of my canines like it usually did. It kept going, slithering past my tonsils, down my throat. Her hands held my head steady in a vice like grip, and I squeezed my eyes closed as that abnormal tongue fucked my mouth.

Somewhere in my head I could hear Jake laughing, saying something about cumming, and about Sam’s cunt being tight enough to cut off the circulation in his cock. I could hear her laughing too, and panting ‘fuck me, Jake’ over and over.

But I was lost in the horror and beauty of what they were doing to me, my exhausted pussy pulsing out a final limp orgasm. Ringing filled my ears. It was so cold. So dark, and so utterly freezing, my right side felt numb. I was shaking too, and my shoulder ached.

A few minutes passed before the haze in my head started to clear. The ache was Jake’s grip, and I shook because he was shaking me. My right side was freezing because I was lying, completely naked, on a metal table.

Sam helped me sit up, and when I opened my eyes they were both stood beside me, fully clothed. “Welcome back,” Jake chuckled, handing me my clothes.

“What…” My words trailed off. I didn’t even know what to say. They both looked normal, blue eyed and bushy tailed, just as they should have.

And I looked normal too. Checking myself out, I found that my skin was completely clear. No scratch marks on my stomach, no fingernail punctures on my breasts, and no chunks of flesh bitten out of my thighs. My body ached, sure, but no more than it usually did after sex.

Sam brushed her hand over my forehead, looking concerned. “Are you okay, sweetie? You went a bit crazy there.”

“What happened?” I asked. I must have been calming down, because I sounded confrontational and accusatory, which was classic confused me. “What the fuck did you guys just do to me?”

Jake looked puzzled. “What did we do to you? Exactly what you told us to. You said you wanted us to play dead, so we did. You went buck wild and fucked yourself into a stupor. You were yowling on about wind and Wonky Wendy or whatever. But we’ll forgive you for going a little Megan Walker on us, cos that fuck was amazing.”

Sam nodded eagerly. “We cleaned up while you slept it off, so all you have to do is get your kit on and get us past the security guard. He came in, you know. We heard him upstairs and Jake had to stuff his dick in your mouth to keep you quiet.”

“Was that close enough to being caught to keep your imp satisfied?” Jake chuckled.

“Yeah. Yeah, I guess it was.”

They chatted amongst themselves, leaving me to dress in peace, and soon we were back in the car and on our way home. I couldn’t stop thinking about the gypsy hag’s words, and what had happened – or what I thought had happened – in the morgue. I may have been the mortician’s daughter, but there was no way would I be following my brother into the family business. The next time I entered a place where the dead lay, I’d be one of them. For now my place was with the living, and I’d make sure I was a little nicer to them from now on. Especially old gypsies who called themselves Lucretia.

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