Gilded Cage


Heart beating a painfully fast rhythm behind my breastbone, I steer my friends further into my maze. They’re excited, but not as excited as I am. All they know is that I have a surprise waiting for them at the centre of this labyrinth of dark hedges and softly glowing fairy lights, but I know what it is.

One of my older guests giggles. She’s a charming woman and her exuberance spikes my anticipation, making my pulse race faster still. I can’t help but wonder whether she’ll giggle harder once she sees the heart of my maze or if the sight waiting for her will stun her into silence.

I catch a scent on the breeze. Sweet and intoxicating with just enough musk to keep it from being cloying. It invokes memories of soft skin and gentle touches. Of musical sighs which morph into melodious cries that always seem to be in harmony with my rumbling moans.

One more turn and the cage at the heart of my maze comes into view. The creature inside lifts her head and, as one, my guests all gasp. Feathers unfurl, limbs stretch, and ever so slowly the creature begins to move.

Her arms raise as she dances, reaching through the bars, the longing in her expression openly shown to them but aimed directly at me. The muscles in her stomach flex, her back arches, and her knees bend as she twists and spins, but all the while her eyes remain fixed on mine.

Her observers clap and crow as she sheds her jewelled bra, asking where I found such an exquisite woman, but I don’t respond. I’m too busy flexing my hands at the sight of a glittered nipple, licking my lips because of a sweat beaded thigh.

They’re entertained by my bird of paradise’s performance, but I’m beyond that now. The act of bringing them out here, knowing they were about to see my most splendid possession for the first time…that was my entertainment. Now that she is in front of me all I feel is an all-consuming arousal. I’m the only person alive who knows what it is to bend the bars of that gilded cage and witness the beauty inside roaming free.

And that is the climax of the show.

As soon as she sheds the sparkling triangle that covers the only private part she has left I stride forward to open the cage door, shuddering when her fingers skim mine as she glides past. I smile when I hear someone wonder aloud why I didn’t keep it locked. I could tell them that I don’t have to because every time I lock my beauty up I set her free, but those who have never been constricted will never understand willing captivity.

Palms against my chest she rises onto her toes and brushes my lips with hers. As always, she leads the way and we head back to the house. Once we’re there they’ll see more of her magic, but for me the spell has already been cast. Now that she’s out of her cage, I feel so much happier being in mine.

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