Friendly Fingers

I don’t think my heart has ever beat as fast as it is right now. It’s throbbing so hard it hurts. Tuesday will be my thirtieth birthday and, while I’ve pulled some strokes in my time, I’ve never done anything like this before. It could all blow up in my face, and in the worst of ways. I could lose a friend, end up with at least one black eye and some broken bones.

But, despite the risks, I’m doing it anyway. I can’t not, it’s irresistible.

The floorboard outside of the spare room door creaks. Cursing under my breath, I pause, hoping nobody heard it. By rights they should have, cos it was a fucking loud one. But all that drifts from the crack of the open door is a spluttered snore that settles quickly back down to steady breathing.

That’s my cue. DJ’s the one snoring his head off, and that means it’s time for me to go in there.

My fingers leave damp marks on the brass knob when I push the door open. Not wide open. Just enough for me to slip through without letting in the light from the window in the hall.

The room smells strange. It has that rarely used, dustiness about it, but there are new, invading scents layered over it. DJ’s aftershave and Nicola’s perfume. The tell-tale spicy whiff of an end of the night kebab. If Deej has left it under the bed there’ll be fucking war on tomorrow, he knows not to eat upstairs in my damned house.

I still at the bottom of the bed, taking a few deep breaths. There’s another scent here, too. I move again, and the closer I get to Nicola’s side of the bed, the stronger it gets. It’s a powerful mix of sweat and musk with a sharp, chemical tang.

He fucked her. DJ fucked Nicola before they went to sleep, and they hadn’t used a condom. He’d come inside her, I could smell the heady aftermath of bareback sex drifting from between her parted thighs.

In just a few strides I’m right beside her. Her arm is dangling off the side of the bed, and there are black smudges on the white pillow her face is smushed against. Oh God, she smells so fucking good! I can feel her warmth, taste her cheap perfume on my tongue.

Her shoulder is cold beneath my hand. I shake her, trying to wake her up, but she just turns over. Those tits! I’ve wanted to see them for so long I struggle to believe they’re there, right in front of me, right now. One stands firm from her chest, but the other sags to the side a little. It’s bigger than the perky one, and the nipple is bigger than the one on the other side, too.

It’s so similar in colour to the rest of her skin it’s hard to see in the darkness of the room, but I stare at it, watching it shrivel and lengthen in the chill of the room. Rubbing my cock through my sweatpants I imagine placing my teeth at the base of it, dragging them up to the tip and biting. Stretching it until it won’t stretch any further, listening to Nicola gasp when it springs free.

She’s got me so fucking hard I can’t stand it.

I shake her again, and this time she wakes up. She raises her head. Reaches out, patting my face to identify me. She knows who I am as soon as she feels the hoop that curls around my bottom lip.



Moving slowly, I place my hand on her tit. Squeeze it a little, scrunch it up until it slips through my fingers and I snag the nipple. It’s wrinkly and warm, and when I twist it I see Nicola’s legs part as she arches her back.

I can’t see her eyes but I know she’s staring up at me. It’s now or never. My hair flops over my forehead when I lower my face to her chest. I’m almost there, but she’s grabbing my hair, holding me off. Our faces are so close now. I can feel her breathing on me, and I know she can feel my breaths, too.

I wonder if she’s going to stop me. To tell me to leave. The longer I hover above her like this, the more likely it looks. But then I see her turn to face DJ, and as she does she guides my head to her tit. That nipple is fucking delicious in my mouth. My lips close around it and I start to suck. I can feel it swelling, getting hotter and harder.

And then I clamp my teeth around the base, doing exactly what I’d imagined myself doing. Biting it, scraping it, stretching it until it pops from my mouth. My cock bounces when I get that sexy fucking gasp.

I could suck on those things all night long, but that’s not why I’m here. My prize is a bit further down this soft, fleshy body. It’s between thick thighs, covered in wiry black hair. No, I’ve never seen Nicola’s tits until now, but I have seen her cunt.

It was just the once, and Deej was pummelling it with his cock at the time, but I got a good look at it before they saw me and chased me away from the window with a thrown pillow and a laugh. I loved the look of that cunt as much as I loved the look of DJ’s asshole, and as I’ve already fucked his tight little hole it’s time to discover the deep delights of one of hers.

Stroking my hand down her body, I grab mounds of flesh. I squeeze her rippling belly, nip her podgy hips, revelling in how lovely she feels. As a rule, I love all bodies equally, but there’s something exciting about rounder ones. They move differently, make noises that more streamlined bodies don’t.

When I reach that black pubic hair, I take a handful. It’s damp, some of it warm, some cold. I know the cold is probably DJ’s come and that fucking inflames me. Massaging it in, I part those thick labia with my fingers, mash them around in hot, wet skin. I can hear the squelching already, and Nicola’s panting, too.

She’s a noisy one when she comes, so I make sure I have a hand free to cover her mouth when she starts. And then, curling two fingers, I sink them inside her. I don’t waste any time playing with her. The longer I fuck about the more likely she’ll wake DJ. Besides, she doesn’t need priming, she’s ready for me.

I close my eyes, letting myself concentrate on my favourite thing in the world. Gender doesn’t matter to me and never has. I’ll fuck anybody, anywhere. I love sex, love having my cock sucked, my ass fucked, and I love sucking cocks, fucking asses and eating pussy. But my favourite thing of all isn’t having my cock buried in someone, but my fingers.

Feeling bumps, ridges, ripples and patterns on my fingertips drives me wild. Everyone feels different. Some bodies are tight, some not, some are wet, others dry, soft, rough… They all behave differently, too. DJ’s ass had clamped around my fingers, and now Nicola’s cunt is doing the same thing.

I’ve found her g-spot. That patch inside her that DJ told me was insanely responsive. And look at her! She’s responding, alright. Her hands are wrapped around my wrist and she’s lifting her hips, riding my fingers even as I jam them against that swelling spot.

How DJ hasn’t turned over I don’t know, because his girlfriend is leaping around this bed like I’m electrocuting her. She’s grunting, panting, snapping her hips, trying to shove the rest of my hand in her cunt to join my fingers. If she could take it I would, I’d fist the squirt right out of her, but she’s struggling to take this third finger she wants so much.

My cock is rubbing on her leg. I know it’s leaking, staining a big wet splodge onto my sweatpants. I’m thrusting, she’s writhing, and we’re both making so much noise now.

DJ turns over, making silly little sleep noises. They’re loud, and entirely fake. Nicola hasn’t even realised he’s moved, she’s too busy pushing her face into her pillow to smother the cries that come each time her pussy splatters fluid up my wrist.

I knew Deej wouldn’t be able to ignore this, the randy fucker. The whole point of it was for Nicola to not find out he was awake, but she’ll know as soon as she stops coming. I mean, he’s wanking against her ass cheek and already sounding like he’s reached the finish line, so she’s going to feel all that hot cum dripping down her leg.

Oh fuck! She’s coming so fucking hard I’m struggling to keep my fingers inside her. When DJ said she was like a vise I’d thought he was exaggerating, but now I know he wasn’t. She’s jerking, reaching for my cock, stroking it through wet fabric. I thrust into her hand, still ramming my fingers in her as she wriggles against me.

I laugh when DJ reaches over and starts rubbing her clit like he’s using an eraser on paper. She hasn’t even noticed a third hand is in play.

Just as her cunt grabs my fingers again my cock lets go. We come together, all three of us. Once everything stills, I pull my fingers out of her. There’s a wet sucking sound, and they both moan. Then they’re kissing, and DJ is rolling on top of her. I watch his ass rotate as he tries to find the entrance to Nicola’s pussy, then see it start to pump once he’s in her.

I shift, making to get off the bed, but he reaches out to grab me. Smiling, I suck my pussy slicked fingers to add a little more wetness. It would seem that my finger fucking skills are still required, and that’s a bonus. After all, my best friend had only paid me to fuck one of them…

Prompt: Fingering

Smutathon 2017

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