Fallen Leaves


Autumn is a beautiful season. I’d always loved the way nature seemed to catch fire, everything that was green becoming orange, red and golden as though the world knew it was getting colder so was making an effort to feel warm.

Ever since I was a kid, one of my favourite pastimes had been slipping on a pair of chunky boots, putting on a hat and scarf, and taking a walk through the woods just over the back from my parent’s house. Spotting toadstools, fallen fir cones and conkers never failed to fill me with joy, but not as much as staring up at visible patches of white and blue sky through a canopy of flaming leaves did.

But I wasn’t looking up today. I wasn’t even looking down, trying to spot signs of the woodland natives preparing to hunker down for the hard winter months. No, today I was looking at the space directly to my right. All of my attention was fixed there, unwavering, because that’s where Lisa was walking.

This was our fifth date, and the first time I’d ever shared my favourite place with another person as an adult. Picking Lisa up at her workplace had been nerve wracking. Our other dates had been filled with expensive restaurants and exclusive nightclubs, so I’d had no idea how a girl who revelled in the glitz and glamour that life had to offer would respond to something like this.

Something beautiful. Something serene and simple. Something free.

She’d given me the oddest of looks when I’d parked the car in the fenced off dirt square that passed for a carpark. I could tell from the silver sparkle that peeked out from behind the gap her scarf made just above the top of her duffle coat that she’d gotten changed at work, and that she’d dressed for something fancy.

But I’d taken the fact that she was wearing the coat and scarf, as well as gloves and a cute bobble hat, as a sign that she’d be open to spending a little time outdoors. After her initial confusion, she’d shrugged and taken my hand, leading me onto the beaten track.

It’ll be an adventure, she’d said, and I was soon to learn that a truer word had never been spoken.

Bumping her hip against my hand, Lisa spoke for the first time since we’d passed beneath the reddened boughs. “How often did you say you came here?”

I loved hearing her say my name, so I knew my already wind flushed cheeks were turning a deeper shade of pink. Adjusting my grip on her hand I replied, “Uh, every couple of weeks, usually, but at this time of year I come weekly. It’s quiet and relaxing, and I can think better here, you know?”

“Do you come here to think about me?”

She was acting coy, but she must have known the answer to that. I’d told her in the car that I’d never brought anyone here with me, and that I wanted to share it with her. But she was eyeing me through the tight, corkscrew curls that her hat couldn’t contain, and I knew she wanted me to answer anyway.

“Yes,” I said simply.

I’d planned to leave it there, but something about the gravity of the situation spurred me on, and I found words tumbling, unchecked, from my mouth. “You’ve been the main reason I’ve been coming here so often, I’ve been like, five times this week alone. I’ve thought about how I feel when we’re together, about how beautiful you are when you laugh, how hot you look when you dance, and crazy, smaller stuff like how your lips pucker when you take food from a fork. I think about you all the time, Lisa.”

I was pleased to see her cheeks turn a rosier shade of brown as I spoke. It was good to not be the only one blushing for once.

Lisa exhaled shakily, sending a little white cloud puffing up into my face. I could smell something minty mingling with the faint tang of smoke from a wood fire in one of the back gardens at the edge of the woods.

“I think about you a lot too,” she said quietly. “I especially think about bonfire night, and how you wrote my name with a sparkler then bought me candyfloss. And I think about the way you looked at me when you told me how much you loved candyfloss and that you wanted to taste it right then, even though I’d already finished mine.”

Damn, I was such a cheeseball. Bonfire night had been our third date, and the candyfloss had been my way in. I’d said all that stuff then waited until she turned her face up, telling me it was okay to kiss her. I’d tasted the candyfloss alright, and it had taken my father’s quiet cough to realise that I was pretty much devouring my date, right there where everyone could see.

I peered down at Lisa again, and I instinctively knew she was thinking about that kiss. We’d kissed a few times since then, of course, but not with the tenderness – or the intensity – we had by the bonfire. Her cheeks darkened a little more, and I was left, arm outstretched, as she pulled away and dashed off.

What else could I do but give chase?

Lisa crunched through drifts of leaves, the harsh crispy sound getting softer as she slowed. She came to a halt beneath a tree laden with large copper coloured leaves, her breaths puffing around her so much it looked like she was standing beside a sleeping dragon. She was as fit as I was, so it wasn’t exertion that had stolen her breath. It was excitement. What did this girl have in store for me?

I had no way of knowing, but I was suddenly certain of what I had in store for her, if she wanted it.

I slowed my pace and approached with a deliberate, measured stride. Each footfall was accompanied by the crunch of crumbling leaves, and I knew from experience that my eyes would be narrowing to wolfish slits.

Stopping when there was only a couple of inches of space between our chests, I peered down at her. She took a step back, closer to the tree, but I didn’t follow. I just waited, wetting my lips with the tip of my tongue, just in case.

Curiosity was almost as strong as my desire. What would she do? Would she take what I was so obviously offering? I hadn’t brought her here for this. In fact, I hadn’t dreamed of turning my place of sanctuary into one of sexual conquest, but now that I was here with my girl panting softly in front of me? I wanted it. I wanted her.

Lisa’s mouth quirked into a tiny smile, and she licked her plump bottom lip. I stayed stock still as she pulled off her gloves and tossed them onto the stump of a long gone tree. Her hat followed, then her scarf and coat, until she was standing in front of me in black leggings and a glittery halter top.

I could have moved in then, but I didn’t. I just waited, taking in the smooth, dark skin of her bare arms, then her flat stomach and – surprisingly – her perfectly formed breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and quite clearly didn’t need to. Her nipples were already puckered due to the cold, and her areolas were almost black. Two boots hit the side of the tree stump, and then all of a sudden, Lisa was standing in front of me wearing nothing but a pair of grey and black fluffy socks.

“You’re beautiful,” I whispered. Not very original, but completely true.

She smiled again, her shoulders relaxing, and she walked toward me. I remained still, only moving so that she could take off my gloves. The sound of my coat’s zip lowering seemed harsh in the quiet of the woods, but my breathing was probably louder.

My coat joined the pile on the tree stump, swiftly followed by my shirt and t-shirt. I moved then, kicking off my boots and pulling off my jeans until I was almost as naked as she was.

Stepping in, Lisa whispered my name, “Brandy.”

Goosebumps that had nothing to do with the cold rushed across my skin as her arms wrapped around my waist, and a second later she was drawing my bra down my arms. Tossing it to the side, she stepped back and gave my naked body an appraising look.

“I’m not the only one who’s beautiful,” she whispered.

Then our bodies pressed together, our mouths sealing each other’s moans in our throats. She was the one who took me to the woodland floor, into a bed of copper leaves. They prickled against my skin as they disintegrated under my weight, and it felt glorious.

Nothing could have prepared me for just how good having Lisa’s mouth on my nipples was going to feel. I stared up at the sky through a chink in the leaves, digging my hands into her tumble of black curls, pushing her face into my chest, hissing in satisfaction when she started to bite.

I wanted to taste her, to fill my mouth and nose with the scent that couldn’t ever be anything else but Lisa. She was smaller than me, so flipping her onto her back was easy. The ground was soft beneath my knees, but bits of bark from the tree dug in anyway. Lisa was sprawled out beneath me, and watching her fondle her own breasts while licking her lips in anticipation was the hottest thing I’d seen in months.

Her nipples were cold in my mouth, but they soon warmed under my attentive care. I sucked on them like they were all I needed to survive on, laughing in surprise and delight when an orgasmic shriek exploded from her mouth, sending a dozen birds squawking into the air from the branches above us.

As delighted as I was that I’d given her an orgasm just by sucking her nipples, I was insanely jealous. I’d never been able to orgasm from nipple play, though I did get close whenever a lover slapped my breasts hard. That was a revelation for another day, though. Right now I was caring less about my own orgasms and dying to give Lisa another one by different means.

Her stomach flexed with each kiss as I moved lower. She was writhing, lifting her hips for me, widening her thighs, showing me where she wanted me to go. I could see her inner lips and clit, hot pink against the shaved black skin of her vulva. But I didn’t go there. I kissed her knees instead, bit her thighs, held her pleading gaze with a wicked one of my own as I licked the mound that rose not even an inch from where she wanted me.

But then her hands were in my blonde hair, shoving my face down, muffling my laugh in her soft flesh. Her pussy was so warm, the heat making the rest of my body feel freezing. She’d been right earlier; discovering how she liked to be eaten out was definitely an adventure. I quickly learned that she liked having her inner lips nibbled, and that wrapping my lips around her clit and sucking while moving my face closer, then away, then closer to her body made her arch her back and dig her nails into my scalp.

So I kept doing it, waiting until her body started to stiffen before sliding my face down and plunging my tongue into her hot opening. I wanted my fingers in her, but they’d been digging into the mulch beneath us, so that wasn’t happening. All I could do was switch between clit sucking and tongue fucking, but as simple as that was, it paid off.

“Oh my fucking God, Brandy!” she panted.

I knew she was hollering other stuff too, but it was muffled by her thighs. She’d locked her legs around my neck, and my face was feeling every pulse of her orgasm. Damn, my baby came hard!

The next thing I knew I was being shoved away, rolled onto my back. Lisa laughed at me, trying to wipe away the muck that had adhered to my breasts with quick little slaps. She stilled in the act of pressing her pussy against mine, watching my face with narrow eyed curiosity.

Stretching out one hand, she did it again. The slap rang out loud in the quiet, but not half as loudly as my own. “Oh my,” she whispered, doing it again. I bucked against her, feeling my pussy lips part, my wetness mingling with hers.

Lisa groaned and started to roll her hips, stroking her clit over mine. Her hand kept snaking out to slap my breasts or pinch my nipples, making my white skin turn as red as any autumn leaf could hope to be.

We rocked together for what felt like an age, touching and feeling, indulging ourselves and each other. Lisa came again, crying my name into the wind, and I wondered how many times she would do it before she needed to stop. I could only orgasm once, so I was fighting it, refusing to fall over the edge so that this didn’t have to end.

But that wasn’t going to work for Lisa. As soon as she finished shuddering she lifted off me, dropping onto her front and growling as she buried her face in my pussy. “Jesus Christ,” I gasped, grabbing her hair. She was fucking mauling me and it felt incredible.

I’d noticed that she had quite a long tongue when we kissed, but I hadn’t realised just how useful that would be until she was fucking me with it. I tilted my hips, lifting my ass off the ground, just so I could watch her. Seeing the long pinkness of that tongue penetrating me was driving me mad, but didn’t want to come. I wanted this to last forever.

Lisa peered up at me and I knew she knew. She was aware that I was holding orgasm at bay, and she wanted to make me lose control. She wanted me to come, and I could see in her eyes that she was going to make me.

She rose up onto her knees and parted her thighs, playing with herself for me. I loved watching the shafts of sunlight that broke through the branches of the tree make the beads of sweat glitter on her lush black skin. I loved seeing her chest heave as she tried to fill her desperate lungs with crisp, fresh air, and I loved the way she dug her nails into my knee as she groaned her way through another orgasm.

Then she was falling forward again, her lips landing right on my clit. Her nails scraped up my belly, and as soon as she had my breasts clasped completely in her hands, she sucked, drawing my clit into her mouth. Her tongue whizzed around my swollen pink bud, her teeth nipped it, and her hands squeezed my breasts tighter and tighter until I couldn’t take it anymore.

I grabbed her head and rubbed myself against her face in spasmodic little jerks, crying out her name in soft little pants as my orgasm curled me into a ball. I’d known I’d come hard for her when we finally had sex, but I didn’t think it would be quite like that. My thighs were shaking, my head spinning, and I wanted to roll over and fall asleep with my love in my arms.

But my love wasn’t ready for that. She was pushing me back down again, closing her mouth over my clit and making me yelp. I was about to say, you’re wasting your time, baby, but she did something I would never have expected her to do in a million years. Two of her fingers were already in my pussy, and her thumb was pushing into my ass.

“Fucking hell, Lisa!” I choked.

It was on the tip of my tongue to tell her to stop, but then her thumb slid home. Crossing my eyes, I let my head fall back into the bed of leaves and pressed my heels into her bony back. Those fingers and that thumb moved against each other, and to my surprise I loved it. I’d never wanted anything in my ass – ever – but now that Lisa had part of herself in there? I could see this becoming my most requested thing.

I lifted my head again, watching her curls bob around as she ate me out and fucked both of my holes with her hand. Frigid air chilled the sweat on my skin, dry leaves broke and prickled beneath me, and before I knew it I was coming in Lisa’s face again.

Once I’d finished pinching the life out of my nipples to prolong the delicious orgasm, Lisa lay flat on top of me, her cold breasts soothing against my hot abused ones. I could feel my own fluids trickling into the soil, and hers trickling onto my thigh.

“Will you stay at my place tonight?” she asked quietly.

I raised an eyebrow. “Like, in your bed, stay with you, or just in your house?”

Oh, what a beauty she was when she blushed. “Like, in my bed. All night.”

That was a first, and it was a big, no, a majorly big thing. She’d told me not to go expecting overnighters until at least our tenth date. But then and again, she’d told me not to expect sex until our eleventh, so I shouldn’t have been surprised. But staying the night? That was huge.

I nodded, pushing her curls out of her pretty face. “I’ll stay with you, babe. All night.”

Wow, this really was huge. I was openly lesbian, but Lisa was still closeted among everyone but her parents and older brother. Letting me stay the night would out to her housemates, and the knowledge that she had a girlfriend would spread like wildfire.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

She leaned in and kissed me. “I’m sure. Being out here with you, beneath the trees, has made me realise that I’m tired of living out our relationship in the dark, Brand. I want to always be in the open with you from now on.”

And that’s exactly what would happen. But for now I was happy to lie there in my favourite place on earth, with the girl I knew would always be my favourite person.

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