On Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen

If there was ever going to be a guy I gave the ‘you’re the love of my life’ badge to, it would be Kris. I adored him. There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him, and I’d be lying if I said he didn’t abuse that knowledge every now and again.

I didn’t mind, though, because even though he didn’t know it, I loved to please him. I lived for it, and those odd occasions when he asked me to do things that were entirely unreasonable were the times when I felt most connected to him.

That’s why I was standing beneath a copse of trees at the edge of a snow covered meadow that was illuminated by the harsh white beams of a dozen cars’ headlights. That’s why I was naked and freezing my ass off, just like the other girls beside me. It was all because Kris wanted me to.

“Bloody hell, it’s freezing.”

I nodded at my friend, Mary, and stomped my bare feet, glaring at the falling snow as if trying to melt it with my eyes. What I wouldn’t give to be wearing my warm, fuzzy coat right now. But there was no chance of that. Not with what I’d agreed to.

Maybe jogging on the spot would warm me up. I gave it a shot and Mary laughed when I jingled. Damn, I was so numb I’d forgotten all about the red and green bells she’d helped me clamp on to my nipples.

“You’re such a stall walker, Donna,” she snorted.

Laughing with her even though I had no idea what she meant, I reached up to make sure my headband was still in place. It was, but I couldn’t say how long for. The antlers may have been made of foam and felt, but they unbalanced the band like crazy.

“How long will they be?” My words came out on a shiver that made them sound like a hiss.

Mary rolled her eyes. “Don’t be so impatient. They’ll be out soon, I promise.”

And she was right. Car door after car door slammed and bodies passed in front of the lights, casting shadows that made the snow seem like it was crawling with mythical creatures. Eight of them peeled off and came toward the copse.

My heart began to race, and all of a sudden I was sweating. Even though I could only see silhouettes, I knew which one was Kris. He had the widest shoulders I’d ever seen.

Once he was in front of me wearing just his Doc Martens and black jockey shorts, I felt every nerve in my body reach for him. And he reached for me. Using the darkness as cover, he slipped his hand between my thighs and, dipping a finger in and out of my quickly soaking vagina, he whispered into my ear.

“Promise me you’ll help me win.” His breath was hot on my chilled skin, making it damp as he spoke. “If we do I swear to God that I’ll go down on you for three hours straight tonight. I won’t even make you wait until we get home, I’ll do it right here in the car. Damn, I’ll do it on the fucking ground in the snow if you do this for me.”

He was so good with those fingers! I grabbed his wrist, pulling him away before he accidentally made me come. “I don’t need an incentive, Kris. I don’t need a reward. I’ll do this for you.”

Stepping back, he double checked that my clamps were still in place. I blushed a little when he purposefully jiggled my boobs to make the bells tinkle, then deeper still when he whipped a bit gag from his pocket. Ensuring he didn’t catch my hair, he buckled it around my head before slipping the reins that hung from the chest harness he’d made me wear through the rings on the gag’s straps.

Finally, he took up his place behind me and tugged the stubby little tail that poked out from between my ass cheeks, then pushed to make sure the butt plug he’d told me to wear was still firmly in place. “You’re gonna come so hard when I yank this thing out of your ass,” he chuckled. “But don’t drop it during the race or I’ll beat your ass before I fuck it.”

Oh hell, I couldn’t believe I was doing this! He’d always said he wanted to take me to the hush-hush reindeer races his friend, Nick, held every year, but it never once occurred to me that I’d be the steed.

“You guys ready?”

Kris waved over my head, signalling to Joseph – the official – that we were. “Good luck, Donna. Or should I say, Donner.”

Joseph clapped his hands and I joined the other seven naked girls in forming a straight line beneath the trees. In one fluid movement, we all dropped down to all fours while our riders took their reins.

Then Joe whistled and shouted, and he called us by name.

“On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen. On Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen!”

Some asshole fired what I hoped wasn’t a real gun, and we all lurched forward.

The snow was more than a foot deep, but it still stung my palms and knees. I despaired, seeing seven asses wobbling on ahead of me. But then I felt something sharp zing across both of my ass cheeks. Kris had whipped me.

“On, Donner!”

The accompanying swat of the whip was all the incentive I needed. My breasts swung wildly, sending the bells into a frenzy, as I clawed my way through the snow. I over took Prancer and Comet, dropping back a bit when Blitzen – Mary – came bearing in from the left.

Soon, I was in third place. Every time Kris brought the whip down on my skin I squealed, but I didn’t stop.

“Come on, you sexy little bitch!” he hollered, flicking the whip across my shoulders.

My thighs mashed together as I crawled, pushing my labia against my clit, and I had to squeeze my butt muscles to make sure the plug remained where it was. It occurred to me then that I was on the edge of orgasm. A few more strikes of the whip and I was going to come.

Everyone in the crowd cheered for me and for Kris. They wanted us to win because it was our first time. Kris wanted us to win too. He brought the whip down over and over, until I found the will to push. Going all out, I forged ahead. Just as my pussy started to contract, a roar went up. I’d won by a nose.

But I didn’t get time to celebrate my victory or enjoy my orgasm because Kris threw me over his shoulder. Then I was on my back in the car, legs just wide enough to accommodate my lover’s head. Kris was being true to his word, but it wasn’t necessary. I’d seen the look on his face. He was delighted, and his pleasure was all the reward I would ever need.

Wicked Wednesday
Prompt #237: Pleasing

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