C is for… Celebrity Skin

“I don’t want to go, and if I don’t want to do something, I do not fucking do it, so they’re gonna have to find some loser to accept the damned award on my behalf because I will not be there to do it myself.”

“But Miss Val–”

“No buts! When I say no, I mean no. You there?! Get Johnny on the phone. You?! Cancel everything in my calendar for the next five days, then book me a flight to Paris because I want escargot and I want it now. And you?! Get me a latte, and do not dare make it skinny.”

From his chaise by the window, Harrison watched Valerie breeze around the room. She barked order after order, stalking from one flunky to the next, grabbing arms, shoving, snarling. Raising an eyebrow in disapproval, he pursed his lips as she hollered at some cowering kid, pointing accusingly from him to the splashes of dirty martini that were seeping into the feathered hem of her robe. Poor kid hadn’t been anywhere near her, she’d done that herself with all her ill-tempered gesticulating.

How long had she been exhibiting such behaviour? Harrison was well aware that she could be petulant, and that her fuse was shorter than most, but never before had he seen her go off the rails quite this spectacularly. Though he was loathe to defend her, he knew inside that something must be weighing on her. Valerie was a lot of things, but she had never been cruel.

One by one, the swarm of worker ants who were always in attendance filtered through the door, bumping into the frame and each other in a bid to escape Valerie’s wrath. Soon enough there was just the two of them left.

Legs crossed at the knee, arms folded over his chest, Harrison waited.

Valerie swanned over to the bar. She tipped the martini she hadn’t even sipped, mixed a fresh one that she wasn’t going to sip, before spinning to face him. Her pink tongue snaked out to moisten her pink lips and she took a breath, but she didn’t get a chance to let loose her words.

“Don’t even think about it.”

When he met her gaze, he noted that her lids had narrowed to mean little slits that did nothing to veil the calculating going on in the baby blue orbs behind them. Would she challenge him? Did she have the gall? Harrison wasn’t convinced that she did. Of all the people she surrounded herself with, he was the only one – other than maybe her mother – that she’d never snapped at. In short, he didn’t think she’d dare.

Hands on hips, throat rolling as she swallowed non-existent lumps, Valerie raised her chin. “Oh yeah?” she said. “And what, exactly, are you gonna do about it? Nobody tells me what to do, nobody –”

“Be quiet.”

“What did you say to me?”

“I said be quiet. I’m giving you the opportunity to close your mouth before it gets you in trouble.”

Valerie’s jaw worked and Harrison imagined her biting back words. She took a few steps towards him, stepped back, then advanced a little more. He could see her warring with her anger, the struggle to behave telling in a pained little V between her brows. Just when he thought she had brought herself to heel, her martini glass shattered on the fire grate, its alcoholic contents sending flames roaring up the chimney.

“Up yours!” she wailed.

In three quick strides, Harrison was upon her. He’d intended to hold her, to calm her enough that he could get to the root of her outburst, but that isn’t what he did. Because just before his hands gripped her shoulders, he saw her smile. It was just a tiny quirk at the corners of her lips that vanished as quickly as it had appeared, but he knew it for what it was.

Valerie fought him as he dragged her across the floor. She thrashed and struggled as he picked her up, bellowed when she heard the flimsy chiffon of her robe tear. Pink kitten heel slippers scudded across the carpet, Harrison tripped on a rug, but the chaise by the window stopped them both from hitting the floor.

And then Valerie was bent over that chaise. Rosy feathers floated on the air, escapees from the robe Harrison was busy shredding. Any other day he would luxuriate in the silky babydoll that covered his love’s soft skin, but not today. Today he wanted at her bare flesh.

Pooling the silk at the small of her back, he gouged his fingers into her lace knickers. Almost immediately, her skin started to blush. He could see it turning pink where the lace had rubbed, could see three lines where his fingernails had scratched her.

“Oh, this fucking ass,” he groaned, stroking, kneading hard and deep.

Valerie’s right cheek felt warm beneath his palm. Her left was tender and fragile in his mouth. He didn’t bite hard. Just hard enough to let her know that this was more than just play. It had the desired effect. Her ass raised high in the air and then she fell still. Poised, positioned, ready.

Harrison knew that he should start softly, he knew that she’d need warming up, but he wanted the first touch to make an impression. His hand connected with the fleshy part of her cheek, right over the bite marks he’d left. It was a smooth strike, clean but harsh. Harrison wouldn’t have been surprised if it had echoed.

It didn’t, but Valerie’s yelp did. The sound was full of shock, her jerk shifted the chaise an inch across the floor, but all she did was deepen the arch of her back. He struck her again. Not as hard this time, but over the same spot. The warmth of her skin was now a blaze. Pink was quickly becoming red.

Kneading. Stroking. Spank followed by spank after spank. Once he reached ten, Harrison paused. Let his stroke follow the curve of Valerie’s ass all the way to her thigh, between her legs, to her cunt. He didn’t have to part her lips to feel how wet she was. It dripped freely into his hand. He rubbed it in, covered his fingers in it, then spanked her again. Oh, he liked the look of that! A hot red rash, glistening with streaks of pussy juice. He wanted her to know he liked it, pressed his cock against her hip so that she would understand.

“Five more?” he rasped, almost as breathless as she was.

“Oh God, yes! Yes please!”

Now it was time to take it slowly. Five wasn’t many, so he wanted to eke it out, tease her a bit, make her writhe and plead for every single strike.


Valerie flicked her hips and moaned.


Harrison ground his cock harder into her hip.


She swallowed a sob, but he heard it, felt his ass twinge in response.


In the expectant stillness that followed, it dawned on Harrison that this is what Valerie had wanted. She’d back answered intentionally, baiting her hook with insolence, knowing he’d take the bait. He must have wanted to, because he wasn’t usually one to allow himself to be manipulated. But manipulated he had been.

He’d given her what she wanted and now she was close to orgasm. He knew the signs well. One more spank and she’d come undone.

Sucking his lip into his mouth to corral a smile, Harrison tugged at the cuffs of his shirt and walked away. It’s about time Little Miss Superstar learnt what it is to want.

Prompt #357 – Tantrum

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