Bye Bye, Baby

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It had been almost six weeks since I’d broken up with Stuart. The bastard had ruined my birthday right after by sleeping with my sister. He’d ruined my Christmas too, by sleeping with me. I knew I should have said no, just like I should have the other four times I’d let him talk his way into my bed since we split, but I found the guy irresistible.

Even now, standing here in the backyard with a black bag full of rubbish hanging from my hand, I could feel my body responding to the way he was watching me from the gate.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

I put as much venom into my words as I could, but they didn’t stop him from opening the gate and letting himself onto my parent’s property. He didn’t speak to me. We just eyed each other for a minute in silence, almost like we were locked in some kind of standoff.

I could see all the signs that told me he was as turned on as I was. Maybe… no, I couldn’t. Could I? We were over. He’d betrayed me so many times, I shouldn’t want him anywhere near me.

But I hadn’t had sex, or even an orgasm, since Christmas Day, and I really was in need of a good fuck. I thought about it for another thirty seconds or so. My decision was to stick to my no, but then he did something I couldn’t resist.

He had this little shrug that he did when he was nervous, and he always followed it with a quick suck of his bottom lip.

“Damn it, Stuart,” I whispered, dropping the bag.

Covering the yard in three steps, he pushed me up against the wall, face first into the dirty bricks. I could smell damp and mould, and the beer he’d thrown against it on New Year’s Eve when my father chased him from the house. I hadn’t seen him that night, because he’d been there looking for my sister, not me.

Forcing my knickers between my ass cheeks as he rubbed his hard cock against me, he breathed a plea into my ear. “Please take me back, Luna. Please.”

I could hear the desperation in his ragged breaths. The asshole had thought he could play with two sisters, and now he had neither of us. Layla wanted nothing to do with him, and neither did I. The best part of it was, he thought he was winning me over. He thought I was letting him suck red marks onto the back of my neck because I wanted him back. My father had always said he thought him a fool.

My name. He was panting my name under his breath, dragging my damp t-shirt up until it was wedged beneath my chin. His hand snaked into the right side cup of my bra, snagging the nipple between his thumb and middle finger.

Rubbing firmly with his index finger he murmured, “You used to love it when I’d stroke your clit like this. Remember?” He pulled my bra forward, releasing both breasts and grabbing them with both hands.

God, yes, I did. I remembered it all too clearly, and I vividly remembered what always came directly after the rubbing. And so did Stuart. I knew he was thinking about it, because he always squeezed my nipples hard when he thought about going down on me. Oh, he was so good at that! Every part of his face got involved, and he used his hands to good effect too.

That wasn’t happening here, though. Or ever again. Stuart and I were over. He might think this was a new start for us, but it wasn’t, it was just an affirmation of goodbye. I knew that for certain because, unlike every other time he’d touched me in the past, my heart wasn’t swelling with love. The only thing that was swelling for him was my clit.

Aah, the shoe was on the other foot now. Let’s see how he liked being fucked for the sake of it.

“Fuck me, Stu,” I whispered, shoving my sweatpants down my legs. “Please just fuck me, I need to feel your cock inside me.”

“Oh God, baby, yes!”

I waited, listening to the tearing of a condom foil, watching Stuart’s white puffs of breath hit the wall and evaporate. A little wriggle, pressure, and then his cock was sliding cleanly into my soaking wet pussy.

“Fuck, I love how you feel,” he grunted.

Every time he thrust into me I was forced forward, my nipples scraping against the rough surface of the bricks. My knees were scraping too, and banging against the wall, so no prizes for guessing the state they’d be in tomorrow.

Stuart fucked fast and he fucked hard, not stopping even once to ward off impending orgasm. He could go on and on as long as I wanted him to, and that was a large part of his appeal. It was also his biggest downfall, because he couldn’t bring himself to save all that performance power for one woman.

His hands were everywhere. On my tits, on my face, between my legs. As soon as his fingers found my clit I knew it was coming. Right on cue, his cock slipped out of my pussy and slowly into my ass.

I had to fight to get my arm up, but I managed it, covering my mouth just in time for the screaming to start. Orgasm weakened my legs, but Stuart just leaned into me, carrying on with his fast paced fucking. His balls slapped off my skin, his teeth sank into my shoulder, and finally with a long moan, he came.

As soon as he straightened up I slipped away from his grasping hands, quickly putting my clothes back in order. Our eyes met and I almost felt guilty at what I was about to do. He looked so expectant. The only thing that made my resolve hold was the little tilt at the corner of his mouth. That wasn’t expectation or happiness. It was triumph. Even now, after he’d come sniffing around my back door with his tail between his legs, he thought he’d conquered me.

“So we’re good now?” he asked, taking a step toward me.

Hand out to ward him off, I shook my head. “Nope. That wasn’t a reunion, Stuart. It was a ‘for old time’s sake’ fuck. We’re done for good. I move into my new place on Friday, and I start my new job on Monday, and I’m going make it work. This year will be my year, and I’m not having you destroying everything for me again. I deserve a new start, Stu. You know I do.”

Decision made, I pulled the wedding ring off my finger and handed it to him.

“So this is really it, is it?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Wow. Well, there isn’t much left to be said, is there?”

Shaking my head, I backed away to the door. Just before it closed I smiled my first genuine smile for months and said, “Bye-bye, baby.”

Wicked Wednesday
Prompt #204 – New Start

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