Bound & Gagged

Mascara stung my eyes. Salty, chemical spiked tears tripped over my tongue. I curled my knees to my chest, hearing tape creak as it rubbed against itself and found more places to stick together, ensuring that with each and every wriggle, escape became less likely. All I could do now was make myself small as I could in the hopes that, when we finally stopped, they’d forget I was here.

It was dark outside. Streetlamps lit the backseat of the car in pulsing waves as we passed beneath them; orange, black, orange, black. It wasn’t soothing, though. Each flare of light brought the driver – one of my captors –  into focus. Pale skin, bearded jaw, wide nose with flaring nostrils. His blonde hair flopped over his forehead but I could still see his left eye. It looked glacial, almost reptilian in this light.

A black hand reached out from the seat in front of me, stroking that mop of unwieldy hair away from the perspiration damp forehead of the driver. He turned his head, kissed the wrist of his companion, looking right at me as he did it.

“Won’t be long now, whore,” he said.

His voice was deep and low, as intimate as a lover’s voice is in the silence of a shared bed during the small hours of the morning. I wanted to spit on him, to scream and thrash like the wild thing they’d accused me of being. All I could do was thrust my chest forward and growl through the rag in my mouth, making sure I bared my teeth at him.

My defiance delighted him. Both of them, in fact. As the driver turned his attention back to the road with a laugh, a dark face peered over the back of the passenger seat. This is what had caused all the fucking trouble; green eyes in a black face. His beauty was indescribable, and I hadn’t been able to stop staring. When I’d tried telling him just how beautiful he was, well…that’s when I’d been coaxed from the bar, gagged, bound and thrown in the back of this junk heap I was lying in.

I tried to sit up. What for, I don’t know. Probably to smack my forehead off his nose, to see that beauty marred for daring to do this to me. But I didn’t make it a foot off the seat, because we hit a bump and I flopped back.

The passenger reached out, checked my wrists, repositioned my gag, then disappeared behind the headrest. He hadn’t stopped laughing for one second.

I heard the driver ask, “Is she okay?” in a hushed voice, but I heard no reply.

The car slowed to a roll and then the car went dead. The lights on the dashboard went out, and so did the headlights. I had no idea where they’d brought me, but it was pitch black. Panic built in my chest as they just sat there in silence. Were they looking at me? Could they see better than I could?

The driver was first to open his door, and then the door at my feet swung wide. Cold air raced up my aching legs, chilled the fluid that had soaked my thighs and ass. I stilled completely. Played dead. Waited. And I waited and waited, seeing a dark silhouette blocking the door.

Everything was so quiet I couldn’t keep in my scream when the door behind my head was wrenched open and my head flopped out. I could smell the passenger, breathed in his Gaultier aftershave and the Jack Daniels I’d spilled on his jeans while I’d been telling him what a pretty guy he was.

But still, nobody touched me. They just let me wallow in the pain and discomfort of being bound and lying in my own juices. As my breathing slowed, I heard something. It was a quiet, wet sound. Rhythmic squelching, heavy breathing, with a quiet murmur that got louder and louder until I could make out what they were saying.

“Slut. Dirty bitch. Cum hungry, filthy, desperate little whore. Wanton, greedy, teasing beautiful fucking disaster. Now you’re for it.”

The passenger’s nails dug into my shoulders as he yanked me closer. The rag snagged in my hair so he left it there, too caught up in his desire to get his cock in my mouth. I’d known this was coming, so I’d prepared myself. The first thing I’d done when that gag came off? I’d licked my lips. Coated them in what saliva I could so that, when that throbbing head passed my teeth and made its way down my throat there’d be nothing stopping it.

He was so thick! Veiny, hot and so sweaty his balls made a peeling sound every time they slapped off my face. I wriggled, tried to get away, made loud, furious sounds. He hesitated when I bit down, just to teach him, but a sharp slap put me in my place.

“What was that for?” the driver asked. “What did the little bitch do?”

“She bit. My. Cock.” Each word was punctuated with a thrust do deep my jaw ached and I gagged.

“Did she now?” the driver chuckled. “We can’t be having that, can we. What do snappy little girls get?”

I choked on a scream when he clambered into the car, shoved my legs in the air and sank his cock into me.

“They get their hot little cunts fucked.”

No careful thrusts, no gentle introduction to his shockingly long length. Balls deep straight away, and he didn’t fuck me slowly. He fucked me like he hated me. Like he was punishing me for every wrong that had ever been done to him.

They slapped me, nipped me, scratched me until I bled. Soon enough every nerve in my body felt like they had redirected themselves to the two places these two bastard men were invading. Hard cocks in my mouth and pussy, hammering away like I was nothing more than a plastic doll.

Then, without warning, they stopped, both still buried deep inside me. I listened as hard as I could, and after almost a minute I heard it. Soft moaning, tongues moving together, lips smacking off lips. Oh so slowly, they started to fuck me again, and I didn’t even pretend to put up a fight. They got faster and faster, one grabbing my tits while the other cut the tape that held my legs together while rubbing my clit.

As soon as my legs were free I widened them, feeling my driver shuffle in closer. “Come,” he gasped, reaching up to wrap his hand around my throat. He tightened it and our passenger roared. I could feel him pumping in my mouth, hear him banging on the roof of the car as he came.

That had me grasping at my driver’s shirt with still bound hands, sobbing through my nose as my pussy clamped down on him. He pulled out, climbed up my body and moaned my name as he let go in my face.

When they were finished, they cut the tape at my wrists, sat me up and got back in the car. My driver looked over his shoulder and laughed at the state of me. I grinned back, licking at the blob of cum that was slowly rolling past my mouth.

He looked at our passenger, smiled warmly and said, “We have to be back by twelve for the babysitter, so I can only drive you as far as the train station. There’s a clean-up kit in the glovebox, could you pass it to my wife please?”

Prompt #263 – The Backseat

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